Prophetic Word for July 2020 – Divine Appointments

Prophetic word July 2020 divine appointments

This prophetic word for July 2020 is based on a dream I had a few months ago.  God has brought this back to mind twice this week so I know it’s time to release it. It is entitled Divine Appointments.  When I say appointments I am referring to the people that God are appointing to certain positions in this hour.

I dreamt that I was with my Uncle Mike and other family members and we wanted to see a movie.  There were only 3 movies playing in the theaters.  Uncle Mike said that it would be best that we see them as a matinee because they weren’t that great.  The reason they weren’t good was they were old from the 80s.  I don’t remember the exact movies but it would be like someone going to the movie theater to see “Back To The Future” or one of the “Beverly Hills Cop” movies.  It was old and therefore not worth paying the same ticket price as a new release movie.

I noticed on a counter in the room that we had candles that were burning out and we needed to get new candles.  Uncle Mike told me to wait and went into another room where he opened a cupboard and lit a few candles and put them back under the cupboard/cabinet.  There were many candles under the sink.  I walked into the room where he was putting the lit candles under the sink and wondered why anyone would light a candle and put it under a sink.

A group of men walked into the room and they were having a discussion.  It was as if they couldn’t see us or perhaps we weren’t a part of what they were discussing so they ignored us.  I don’t know these men but I know they were not family members.

The gist of their discussion was that a new leader was going to be selected.  Among this group of men was the current leader as well as others from Prophetic word July 2020 divine appointmentshis senior management team.  They were basically planning and strategizing how this current leader was going to assume his same position for the years to come.  The idea was that the leaders were selected for a certain amount of years or terms and his term was coming to an end and they were planning how he would be selected to get the next term.  The leader was saying “I know the owner always selects the person standing closest to his right, so I think that is where I should be standing”.  Then one of the other managers said “That’s correct and he always looks over to the 2nd person from the left for confirmation on his decision so I will make sure to stand in that position so that when he looks at me I will nod to him that he’s making the right decision and he’ll choose you”.  Then one of the other manager says “but sometimes he looks to the person on his immediate left and asks a few questions so I should make sure I am standing there”

As I am watching them strategize their moves and positioning I thought to myself…this is a really silly discussion because the owner had already selected the leader.  I knew this but it seems like none of them did.

I first need to give you the scriptures related to this word.

(Psalm 33:8-22 The Living Bible)Let everyone in all the world—men, women, and children—fear the Lord and stand in awe of him.  For when he but spoke, the world began! It appeared at his command! And with a breath he can scatter the plans of all the nations who oppose him, but his own plan stands forever. His intentions are the same for every generation.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, whose people he has chosen as his own. The Lord gazes down upon mankind from heaven where he lives. He has made their hearts and closely watches everything they do.

The best-equipped army cannot save a king—for great strength is not enough to save anyone. A war horse is a poor risk for winning victories—it is strong, but it cannot save.

But the eyes of the Lord are watching over those who fear him, who rely upon his steady love. He will keep them from death even in times of famine! We depend upon the Lord alone to save us. Only he can help us; he protects us like a shield. No wonder we are happy in the Lord! For we are trusting him. We trust his holy name. Yes, Lord, let your constant love surround us, for our hopes are in you alone.”


Proverbs 19:21 New Living Translation (NLT) “You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.”

Proverbs 16:9 New American Standard Bible (NASB) “ The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.”


Here is the interpretation of the dream.  The only reason my Uncle Mike is in the dream is for the connection with the name.   Mike, short for Michael.  So he represents the Archangel Michael.  The subtlety of the spiritual warfare I find interesting because the only reason Michael would be in a dream is to signify the impending warfare of protection from it.

So the movies are related to vision.  We as a family (the body of Christ) want to see movies (seers/prophets/prophetic/vision).  The number 3 is also mentioned which generally means the Trinity but in this instance I believe it means resurrection (John 2:19-21, Matthew 12:40) and signifies the resurrection of promises and past prophetic words that you may believe have died but God is bring it back.  He’s resurrecting these promises.  Michael is advising us that what we are seeing is old. Old vision.  It’s interesting that it’s 20 years old. So he’s alerting us that what we are looking at things with a an old paradigm.  The old thing has past away.  Therefore we shouldn’t put too much credence in that because it’s old and not worth what a “new vision” would be.  See it as a matinee that is a much cheaper movie.  Not worth the price.

There is a new vision.  A new way of doing things.  A new way to see things.

I notice the candles burning out and we need new candles.  Again, this is a picture that what we have now has burnt out.  It has died down and now we need new candles.

Michael knows where the candles are.  He knows where the new ones are that are coming.  He knows because he lit them, he struck the spark within them getting them ready for the work/mantle that will be given to them for this new era/move/paradigm that is coming.   After he lit them he put them under a cupboard so they were still hidden.  This tells me that there are many people (candles) that were being prepared in secret and actually hidden on purpose by the archangel so that they would not be attacked as severely as they would’ve been (we all go through warfare).  They needed to be kept safe until it was time.  So on purpose they were hidden.

If you feel like you’ve been doing so much for the Lord but absolutely no one seems to notice, this may have been by design to protect you until it was time.  You were being hidden on purpose for a season.  Like how Moses was protected as a baby as well as Jesus.  When you carry a certain mantle, you need to be hidden for a season.

Matthew 5:14-16 New King James Version (NKJV) “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

So it was correct for me to think why would you light a candle and put it under a cupboard/cabinet.  But Michael was actually protecting them until it was time for them to shine and step into their role.

The time to bring out the candle is now.

Now the men who entered the room were of the old regime/old way of thinking/they are from the 80s!  They are still planning, strategizing and posturing to do it like they’ve always done.  And, they are pretty sure that they will success in their plans because it’s worked that way for the past couple decades.  But it won’t work this time.

There’s no need to plot and plan.  God has already selected the replacements.  Perhaps Michael was also protecting these “new candles” from that same old company of people because they may sabotage the new move.

That’s it.  This word has several applications but it is also very specific.  Watch as God starts appointing people we’ve never heard of or seen before.

These are people who are being divinely appointed by Him.  Absolutely no one is going to be able to stop it. And no amount of posturing or jockeying for position can change it.

If you believe that you are one of those new candles, try not to move ahead of God but instead wait for him to take you from under the cabinet and announce you.  Remember you have angelic assistance in place to help you.  I know these are some high level appointments because it was an archangel and not just one of he other warrior angels.  It is more than one appointment.

I’m smiling on the inside because I can’t wait to see the new candles.  Also would love to hear from you if you get appointed.


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10 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for July 2020 – Divine Appointments”

  1. I thank God for his faithfulness.I thank God for this ministry. I have been greatly impacted. I have been waiting having been by-passed severely in the past. People I gave managed have gone way ahead of me and i used to wonder why.
    My last job was on July 27th, 2019 and I only stayed 3 months there when God asked me to resign and go wait for him as it was not his will for me even thoughi ‘stubbornly’ took took the job.
    I have been waiting and I have had confirmed prophetic revelations that God’s plan for me in soon to be released. God has in the last 12 months ‘processed’ me and changed my thinking, my outlook, prayer life and studying the word. He gave me a new heart.
    I really thank God and i realised that there was no way i could have continued in my previous ways and attitude to enter into God’s plan with what I kniw now.
    I just finished a 6 level interview session (they called me from home) on Saturday ( came in June) and I thought this job should have started. Then I had a dream last week where I went to the supermarket around where I was brought up some 30 years ago and was packing my items when I saw an elderly man with grey hair reached out to assist me. He was so friendly and I had to allow him. Then he asked to carry the items for me. Still smiling and warm, we stepped out and followed me every where. When I informed him that we should go and take the bus, He said to me that I should wait and that he would call the uber. I said okay. We were waiting for the uber when I woke up.
    Last month, after reading the June prophecy, i was led to do the Daniel fast for power and the Holy Spirit helped me so much, it was when I finished my last prayer on day 3, that i felt hunger pangs. I receive Grace to wait patiently for His perfect timing 🙏. Thank you

  2. This is true. Soon we will be brought forward. I’m awoken every morning around 3 am and am called to deep prayer for hours. This has happened since jan 2018. I have lost much. I am so tired of hearing myself say I have lost because I have lost so much since jan 2018 but I believe the turn around is close. The person who wrote this is a good listener. Both of my protective barriers where removed. One was removed in 2018 and the other was removed in late 2019. 2020 now stand with only one Shield. The shield David of old would continually speak of… Yahweh is now my shield.

  3. I have been led to pray for our young people, that God would hide their spiritual gifts from the enemy until the time when God would call them. Thank you for this confermation of what God is doing.

  4. I read it again in detail and this is definitely for me. I will stay in prayer and may God’s will be done.

  5. Yes. I got appointed this morning early this morning. Then I went online and read this! And last month, I moved for real (“we have moved”)! But I was also told I am not yet prepared. The Lord is on the move! Ezekiel 2-3, Torah portion – Korach’s rebellion

  6. Greetings and “thank you”,

    I look forward to your message every month.
    I’ve been broken and in the process of being restored. It has not been easy, but I’m glad I hung in there. The exact appointment date is March 9th 2021. I pray for strength, wisdom and discernment. Thank you.

  7. Our president and his vice have just been sworn in Malawi today.

    Word in season.

    Glory to God

    1. I posted this online 4 days ago:

      How many of you have found yourself composing and deleting posts? I’ve spoken and listened to many Christians who have found the Spirit of God preventing and causing them to remove posts. Instead, we pray and we wait. As I prayed about this last night, God brought the battle of Jericho to mind. The people of God were instructed to remain silent and to march in faith until the command was given to shout. We need to listen carefully to Him. Don’t put something out there that He hasn’t approved. Wait on Him. Keep walking in Faith with Christ Jesus the Lord. He will bring Deliverance in His way and in His timing.
      Joshua 6:10 ‘But Joshua commanded the people, “You shall not shout or make your voice heard, neither shall any word go out of your mouth, until the day I tell you to shout. Then you shall shout.”’

  8. Thanks mop for the timely message, let his will be done,we are just but Clay, he is the Potter.

  9. To the glory of God Almighty, I thank for His Spirit and Grace at Work in this Ministry. I have taken time to review the Monthly Prophetic Releases. They Accurate. This Month I dreamnt, I received Different Appointments to do what the President our nation could not do. Also I solved a problem a Vice Chancellor cannot do. Also, in Exodus 24,32,34. Moses, Aaron and Elders of Israel were given Appointment by God in His Presence. We are in the 4th Month after Exodus from Egypt. this is the season of Idol Worshipping when Aaron was influenced by People to make the golden calf, the bull god. The Lives were the only ones Who did not worship the Idol a new god.Some People died because of idol worship.

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