Prophetic Word for March 2020- Adar – Discern your Timing

prophetic word march 2020

This is the prophetic word for the month of Adar and March 2020.  On the Hebraic calendar Adar is February 26th to March 25th.

It is a short and sweet word.  I’ve bolded all the things you need to sit with and meditate on to know how to apply this to your own situation.

The fascinating thing about the word of God is that every time you read a scripture you can get something completely different from it.  God can highlight one thing to one person and something completely different to another.

To understand this month we have to look at what is outlined in the bible for the month of Adar. It is mentioned in the book of Esther.  So, this month you should read the book of Esther to get a better understanding and perhaps God will outline even more to you that we have written here.  It is not when she enters the palace but when she comes up against the opposition of Haman and the possibility of the annihilation of the Jewish people.  So read, Esther 3 through 9.

Here are a few points on this text:

1)When Haman plotted to kill the Jews did you know that He did the planning for a whole year?  Put yourself in the story and

imagine what it would feel like if you were Jewish waiting for a year to die.  As the months ticked by I’m sure they all had migraine headaches! What a horrible feeling it must’ve been to be notified that you and your entire family will die on a specific date.

2)He chose a specific date when all of them would die which is 13th of Adar.

3)He had no clue that Esther was Jewish

4)She went on a fast for 3 days, no food and no water.  This is known as a dry fast  which is for deliverance and turnaroundsDaniel fasts are for wisdom, revelation and understanding.  Not all fasts are the same and you need to understand which ones are needed for own situation.

5)Esther had to accurately discern the timing of her actions. When to speak, how to speak, what to speak.

We can take something that is right and turn it completely wrong by moving outside of the timing of God.

Many times we can believe that we missed God or didn’t hear correctly when the real problem is that it was a timing issue.

6)Esther waited until the end of her 3 day fast, approached the King, told the King she wanted to host a banquet, then told him she wanted to host another banquet before she actually made her request.  If she told him the first time he told her to ask for what she wanted the timing would have been wrong.  Why?  Because it wasn’t until the night before the 2nd banquet that the Lord brought it to the King’s attention that he was to honor Mordecai.

This tells me that Esther was discerning the timing perfectly so that she knew when to speak.  Note, it wasn’t when the King said she could speak that she spoke but rather when God said it.  You see God had to clear the way for her before she opened her mouth.

Please catch that.

Discern your timing. 

I know some of you would love to jump into what the Lord has for you right now but there are things that need to be in place before

things line up exactly as the Lord told you they would.  And, sometimes even though you already know what the outcome will be…you still need to wait.

I’ve said to the Lord before “I’m not sure which one is worse, not knowing where I’m going and what comes next or having to wait for what I already know is going to happen”  Either way, you can’t escape the waiting.


So what happened in the end?  The entire plot of the enemy backfired.  This is why we must never salivate at the demise of prophetic word march 2020our enemies.  Leave them to God.  If you sit and plot how you are going to destroy others, I don’t care how bad they are, it means you have a spirit of Haman.  Unforgiveness. Hatred. Bitterness. Anger. Murder. Sometimes we can end up  hating our “Haman” just a little too much!  God will never move on our behalf when we harbor this kind of spirit.  There’s a prayer for you at the end if this part resonates with you.

Funny enough!  The Jews waited for another year for the laws to be put in place where they could annihilate anyone that came against them.  Were they plotting this?  No.  It wasn’t their intent, it was God’s! Again, in the month of Adar one year later.  On the 13th and 14th they killed their enemies and then on the 15th they rested and celebrated their victories.

What a difference a year can make!!

So here’s the prayer for you:

Holy Spirit, breath upon me so that I may accurately discern the timing of all the promises and prophetic words that have been spoken over my life.  Help me to understand it.  Give me the grace and strength I need to wait patiently upon the Lord.  Show me what I need to do in this season of preparation and waiting.  I thank you that not one of your promises shall fall to the ground because they are Yes and Amen!  When you send forth your word it shall not return void but will accomplish everything it was sent forth to do.  I pray even now you would quicken my spirit with a renewed hope in your promises.  I trust you to handle all of my enemies in your timing because they are not fighting against my destiny but against Yours, in Jesus name, Amen.

This is a prayer for those who may be having trouble letting go of people who hurt them:

Father God, I give you my heart and I ask you to heal the pain, hurt, woundedness and trauma I have suffered at the hands of _______.  I pray Lord that you would work Your forgiveness through me.  By Your Holy Spirit forgive them through me.  I release them into Your hands today and I wait for You to do what You know is best in this situation.  I bind up the spirit of hatred, I bind up the spirit of murder, I bind up the spirit of anger, I bind up strife and I cast them all out in the name of Jesus.  I loose the peace of God in my life.  I loose Your love in life.  I loose Your forgiveness in my life.  I repent for holding on to these feelings for so long.  Please forgive me and release me from the bondage they have brought to me.  I thank you the way is now clear for me to discern Your timing for the promises You have for my life, in Jesus name, Amen.

Here is a post on understanding the timing of your prophetic words.


9 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for March 2020- Adar – Discern your Timing”

  1. Amen and Amen to this prophetic message. Thank you MOP warriors… i used to read God’s Word on Bible gateway online but yesterday there was an urge of me to open my physical Bible, then i stumbled at the book of Easter but i don’t know still didn’t read anyway. God may forgive! now i will read them! thank you for the prayers along with this..i am now in the 30 days dry fast of 6am to 6pm.
    Thank you & Shalom!

  2. Amen! Awesome word. I’ve been reading the book of Esther. It’s like the Lord keeps having me to focus on it. I went to the bank a couple of weeks ago and was getting ready to step in line. The manager of the bank grabs me and says I can help you and took me back to her office. That has never happened the years i have been at that bank. We begin to talk and discovered that we were both believers. She mentioned how she had read the book of Esther that day and I made mention how I had been reading the book of Esther as well. We fellowship for awhile and I left. That Sunday I get up with the intent of not going to church because it was rainy and cold. The Lord kept nudging me to go. I got there just right before my Pastor gets up to preach. He stands up and says “I was ready to preach a new series today. But for some reason last night the Lord brought my attention to the book of Esther” and he began to preach from the book of Esther. I thank the Lord for His faithfulness to speak to those of us who have ears to hear Him speaking.

  3. Dear MOP,
    Thank you very much for this timely word. Ruth is my favourite female Biblical character and Esther is the second! I have dissected and studied the story of Esther for various purposes over the years.
    Yes, I agree that timing is of the essence for discerning prophetic words and I had to make an apology last week regarding speaking before the time was right, more or less, and the “mess” it created! This article brought this recent apology to the forefront but I would also like to encourage anyone feeling regret(s) to listen to the song: “Greater than all of my regrets” by Tenth Avenue North and the scripture “blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God” (Matthew 5:9). The song and scripture gave me the courage to make the apology.

    Thank you for providing an explanation of “why” Esther waited until the second banquet to make her request. I have been puzzled about this for years! Yes, the King needed positive information about Mordecai and I also believe that it was God that made the King sleepless so that the scrolls were read to him 🙂

    I debated whether to share what I am about to here, but decided to and remain anonymous. I had a dream last year on October 8, 2019. Basically this was it:
    “I was sleeping and my younger brother was in the dream. I felt a presence in the room although it did not try to stifle me as in the past. I then saw ONLY a dark coloured gnarly finger (? index or middle finger), suspended in the air, pointing. I heard the name “Memucan” and then woke up.”
    I went into prayer right away as prior to Googling “Memucan,” I had a strong sense to pray against the spirit of slander, specifically and raised two issues that readily came to mind.
    The name Memucan sounded very familiar but I could not readily place it and did some random research by just typing in “spirit ofMemucan”. I came across this online that made me freeze in my tracks!!!
    *** Please take note of the picture!!!
    My question though is in regards to the individuals Memucan and Haman. Some resources state that they are the same individual. The Biblical story of Esther in the Bible gives me the impression that they are separate characters. Thoughts?
    Thanks and Shalom!

    1. Anon, very very interesting! That was a good find. We must always remember that our war is not against flesh and blood but against rulers and principalities. Therefore, as we go through the bible we can identify the same spirit in different biblical characters. Bottom line, it is the same spirit. The description and outline of this Memucan sounds the same as Haman. It’s a spirit and not the person. Just as Jezebel shows again in the gospel of John operating through Herodias, likewise we still come across these spirits today. They just transfer from one person to another to carryout the works of darkness. We just have to ensure that as the body of Christ we do not leave ourselves careless to be used by the enemy. Hence, the repentance is so important if we see that we have some of the same characteristics. Thank you for sharing that. Now thinking strategically, since you had a dream that showed this spirit was lurking you should follow the example of Esther and how to Lord destroyed it and pray to that end. Blessings

      1. Thank you, MOP! Yes, I agree that God gave me a sneak peak of what was happening by giving me that dream. I have been meditating on your response since I got it. I had mentioned that two issues came to mind upon rising from the dream and I lifted them up in prayer. One of the issues have been resolved in my favour, thanks to our Faithful God, Yahweh Sabaoth. The second issue, in my opinion is still pending. Numbers 23:19 and other rhema words the Lord has given me give me hope and the encouragement to steward the promise until it is birthed.
        My question though is with regards to your comment about acting strategically by how Queen Esther addressed things. Are you referring to both hosting the banquet and fasting or only the latter? Thanks!

        1. P.S.
          The apology that I alluded to earlier on in my initial post is tied to the second issue raised in prayer post “Memucan” dream. Perhaps the apology already made, may be likened to Esther’s banquet? 🙂 Either way, I am glad that I obeyed the Lord’s leading by making the apology.

        2. Hi Anon, you need to ask God to what extent you follow the model. You have to look at the scenario in the bible and see what will apply. For sure Esther knew the whole time and pretended like nothing was wrong – she didn’t attack or accuse or get angry. She fasted. And the final outcome you can turn into a prayer. Whatever plot the enemy has planned he will fall victim to it. You need to formulate the prayer based on how Esther responded and what God did. She also had a sign from God BEFORE she opened her mouth. It’s the same spirit the ending will be the same. Remember the war is not against flesh and blood.

  4. The Holy Spirit gave me a word from Esther in 2018 and again in 2019. Last week I was silently in the Book of Esther, my 10 yr old daughter choose to read it off one afternoon, and since week I went to it again. I have been expectantly waiting on Purim. This prophetic word tops it all off.
    I honestly don’t know why I came on the site. My finger touched the icon on the screen and I was about to cancel the search and the Lord’s will prevailed. I praise the Lord for His Providence – as usual, I have no idea when the Jewish months begins or ends

  5. Yesterday I was listening to the prophetic words spoken over my life and getting slightly frustrated. Today, as I was lying on bed, I thought of 3 years ago (don’t know if I thought or it was put on my mind) when Lord brought to my attention the book of Esther and festival of Purim. I was wondering why nobody wrote on Esther till now this month and then checked Missionariesofprayer website:-))). Thanks be to God. Hallelujah!

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