Prayer For Help

The following Prayer for Help will assist you on how to approach God especially in troubling situations.

Since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, the entire human race became imperfect and subjected to a world that is decaying, fallen, and depraved. With this condition and the natural reality, mankind is in the worst situation imaginable making him susceptible to sin, sickness, death, and hell.

God with His redemptive plan provided a way out so that man will be reunited back to Him and His soul will be saved from eternal damnation and all the consequences of sins that come along with it. However, despite the truth that the Son of God, Jesus Christ paid for all the sins of mankind on His death on Calvary’s Cross and triumphed over death in His resurrection, man still lives and exists in this world with his free will and intention to make his own choices for himself.

Even those who have received God’s gift of salvation are not exempted from the troubles and problems pervading in the society nowadays. How much more those who have not heard of the gospel?

Everywhere you turn to, you will see the hopelessness and helplessness of people. You need not look far to find homeless folks on the streets begging bread but addicted to drugs, young teenagers dropping from school and committing fornication then abortion, married couples filing divorce again and again changing spouses so many times, families struggling in debt and financial woes, young people suffering from terminal, chronic or mental diseases that the medical authorities find no cure, children and the young being abused verbally, physically, and sexually by their own parents, degree holders being jobless or underpaid, loved ones in conflict and hurting each other. The list is endless. A prayer to God for help is the answer to these predicaments.

Every person no matter how close to the Lord or how peaceful his life has become definitely needs help. Each individual is confronted with problems albeit daunting or small. There are moments that no matter how supportive our families are or how huge our faith in God is, we are still desperately seeking divine intervention to escape from or end all our suffering.

We may not know of your exact condition and situation right now but just the same, we want to encourage you that help is just a prayer away. You may be praying the same prayer for many years for the salvation of your family or asking God for a spouse or a child. Or you may be believing for new opportunities, open doors, promotion or new contracts in your career or seeking God for a direction in your church or ministry. Perhaps, you are grieving over the death of a loved one or the death of a dream or asking God for help to grant you your own house, car or business to improve your life. There are people who are praying for help for healing of a broken heart or an emotional upheaval and some are in deep bondages and addictions to food, alcohol, drugs, pornography, sex, or negative mindsets, behaviors, and habits.

God can and will help you if you ask Him to. We need to come to God in humility, sincerity, honesty but boldly for all our needs knowing that He will answer according to His Word, will, ways, and His timing. A prayer to God for help is what you exactly need.  We know that His word says in Jeremiah 33:3 ‘Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’  So when you cry out to in prayer “God help me”  you know that He is there and He will answer you.  Take confidence in that!

Let me pray for you now and agree with you in your prayer for help—

Abba Father, you know the real situation of this person who is reading this at this exact time. You have heard his or her prayers in the heavens and we want to agree with him as he steps out in faith believing that you will certainly answer his prayer for help. We recognize that it is only You who can help us in our time of need. We may feel that we are alone, helpless and hopeless in our situation but we choose to believe the truth about You, Your Word, and our situation. Cause this person to bow down on his knees when he is too weak to stand and face all his challenges. Allow him to clasp his hands in prayer instead of struggling and striving to provide a solution to all his problems. Speak to him clearly for the root of his troubles and give him wisdom and discernment to hear, obey and follow You and Your leading for his life. You have heard his incessant cries and the desperation in his soul. All these miracles and answers he has been praying for are known to You even before he utters them or thinks about them. You are fully aware of his need for help so Lord, have Your way in His life. Strengthen him with the power of Your Holy Spirit to overcome hurdles and hindrances and to win successfully in all His battles as he depends and trusts in You completely. We thank You for extending Your mighty hand and imparting to Him your presence and heart. We glorify You for coming to His rescue today. You are indeed the God of YES and Amen and that we affirm that no good thing will You withhold from those whose walk is blameless. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

If you have prayed this prayer to God for help, believe that God is already reaching out to you right from this moment. He is close to the brokenhearted and those in need. He promises in His Word that all those who hope and trust in the Lord will never be disappointed (Romans 10:11) and will never be put to shame (Psalm 25:3).

So, rejoice, take heart and do not be discouraged for God is and always will be on your side. He will never leave you nor forsake you (Joshua 1:5) and He will always be faithful (1 Corinthians 1:9) to us though at times we are faithless.

Please return to this website should you have specific prayer needs or need us to be in agreement with you in your prayers to God for help. We will be happy to pray with you as you seek God’s heart and intentions for your life.

11 thoughts on “Prayer For Help”

  1. I am a decorated veteran who is 100% service-connected disabled I lost my only child years ago and even though where she is I miss her especially at this time of the year Also I have great problems with my family who live elsewhere due to the fact that my mother had terrible problems of her own and took those feelings on me and disparaged me with the family to the point that I cannot even talk to them I have no friends and cannot go anywhere because I have no money for a car Many times I have no food like now While I love the Lord and know that He loves me I get sad because I spend most of my time alone with only the love of my dog I got saved in the military and God used me and my witness to bring many to Him Because I was wounded severely in the military I am limited as to what I can do and I receive no help with anything Please pray for me

  2. Please hold me in prayer. Recovering from alcohol. Strayed away from church because of so much strife. Broken relations with my sisters since the passing of my mother. Here lately came and renewed my relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ. Since then I keep hearing blasphemous voices within my ears. Have prayed. Cleansed spiritually my home. This keeps me up during sleeping hours. I already suffer from insomnia. I’m in my late 60s. Thank you for your help.

  3. A close friend wants to commit suicide. Pls help her. If I should be the instrument to bring God’s love, please teach me how. If not, then help have faith that God will save her permanently.

  4. my name is juan and i am in financial hardships i am looking for work have no one to turn too please pray for me and my family i feel hopeless.

  5. I need prayer warriors.

    My God knows what I am going through. I lost my job on August 20, 2014 due to a false accusation and decided to challenge the judicial system and since then I have not been able to find a job.

    I have been raising my nephew as a single father since he was 3 mths old and I have to find a job to make sure that he has all he needs for school, a place to sleep, and food on the table.

    I have an education and I know that god never puts Moreno our shoulders than what we can handle but I feel like giving up.

    I ask that you all pray that this legal matter is acquitted on October 23, 2014 and that I can find a job very soon. I know God is in control but I’m losing faith and this is something I never have lost. I need all the prayer warriors to please come together and pray for me.

  6. Prayer request, for agreement: Matthew 18:18-20, perfect wisdom/discernment/activity & motivation 1. Mind , body, soul, & financial wholeness, freedom, and healing -in this life, James 5:13-20, 1st Peter 2:24, & God’s/man favor over all matters & facts.
    I ask for confirmation and perfect academic, and study ability to successful completion -uniquely-above and not beneathe, confidential for my safety,Psalms 91, psalms 103, preparadness, begin perfect, and perfect/excellent no fault application-full time -debt free& excellent completion of a bachelors degree-on lineuntil2016-complete as an honor level “A” graduate , In Jesus name I ask God’s power /anointing to complete& to live above poverty and human extortion, Yes and Amen, in Jesus Christ name I pray, daily, Amen.

    1. We come into agreement with your prayer Gina and know that on the word of two or more witnesses a thing is established! In Jesus Name, Amen

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