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      I witnessed an accident from my office building on the fourth floor.
      A container truck came though the entrance, did a risky u-turn and while heading out through the main gate, the trailer had imbalanced. It went rightward, which is not the route to the main road. It did another u turn. By this time the truck capsized.

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      Hello Nii, I believe this is your ministry. It is a very large ministry and you know this from the size of the truck & also from the number of the floor where you were standing – fourth. This is the four corners of the earth – east, west, north and south. Notice your vantage point is high so you are going to cover the world with this ministry.

      As such you need to be mindful of how you move. You need to gain skill in maneuvering this ministry. You need to ask the Holy Ghost to guide you. Also, when we make U Turns our intention is to go back in the direction we came from. God is clearly showing you, do not do that. You will have an accident. It is too late to backup, back down or go back to what is comfortable for you.

      You must move forward through the main way which He will show you.

      Be blessed and congratulations on your ministry! New Year, New Beginnings, New Ministry, New Directions, New way of doing things, New way of thinking, New way of seeing things, Ask God. Read our 2018 prophetic word and this will give you some additional insight.


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