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    Since I was a teenager I have had a recurring dream that I am somewhere that a tornado is coming.
    Only I can see it and I try to warn others around me. In every dream, every time the storm comes close and is devastating around us but never harms me or my family.

    Sometimes there are more than one, and the fear I have is for others not myself.
    AS I am now in my 30s and married a Marine who went overseas and returned with war trauma issues, I am leaning towards that dream having had a futuristic meaning about my life. Living through a war, and especially a war at home with PTSD and that war always rages but that maybe God is protecting my family. As I’m sure he is but it doesn’t save us from the trials. Can anyone shed another meaning on this?

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    Hi Laura, I think God was showing you since you were a teenager that you have the gift of prophecy and also for intercession. It is the job of the prophet and intercessor to warn the church and people. You have the ability to see things from afar off and warn others of the danger. The tornadoes are not actual tornadoes but rather circumstances, situations and sometimes people who could cause harm to others. The next time you have one of these dreams pay attention to the other people in the dream, these are the people you need to pray for and watch to see what is happening in their lives. Once you know what they are about to do or get involved with you will be able to clearly see what or who the tornado might be. You can also ask God for further clarification after the dream to show you what the tornado might be. You must remember that 99% of the time dreams are warnings. They don’t need to happen and only do when we fail to act. When we don’t pray about what we see in dreams or ask God what we need to do to divert it, then it happens. Don’t wait too long after you have these dreams start praying the moment you wake up and you can put an end to whatever the disaster might be. You can also call the other people who you saw in the dream and let them know that you see something coming and they just need to be careful about the decisions they are about to make. When you start using this gift God will begin to mature you in this gift and you can use it to help so many people. God Bless You Laura.

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    Mayra Ortega

    a few days ago I had a dream about surviving 3 tornadoes. I have a feeling that God is telling me that everything that everything thave I have gone through in these past few years that It will be over. I have had dreams of disasters and the next morning my dream comes out on the the news. Just like I’ve seen it. I also dreamt years ago that I had a beautiful baby girl, and now I have her. Just like the dream. God has given me the gift to see things. I’m thankful for that.

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    For years I have had dreams about tornadoes. About 2 years ago, I had a dream about seven tornadoes. Six skinny tornadoes whirling around one bigger tornado. It was quite violent and scary. I remember not being able to shake the thought of how it made me feel for a very long time. Then, over the next year, seven seperate events shook my family to the core. First, my cousin was killed in a tragic car accident. This absolutely broke my family for quite some time. They are still healing from it. Second, my mother lost her marriage. Third, my Great Aunt passed away. Fourth, her husband, my Great Uncle passed as well. Fifth, my Wife cheated and left me and my children, this is what shook me personally the absolute most. Sixth, my Aunt was diagnosed with cancer. And seventh, me and my children were in a very violent car accident that put my son in the hospital.
    These events took a very long time for my family to overcome. It was as if we were hit with seven literal tornadoes. In the end, the dream rang true in my head. It was a warning of things to come.
    Recently, I received another tornado dream. This one was a little… Different. It began with several small tornadoes whirling around. I remember casting out my hand in frustration, and commanding them to stop and crumble. Suddenly, that’s exactly what they did. I felt overwhelmingly comforted that I just stopped another wave of tragedy from entering my life. It was short lived. Suddenly a huge roar came from beyond a tap tree line. A massive F5 size tornado ripped and arrived through the trees. It was blood red in color. I remember thinking… “A red tornado? That’s new.” It was terrifying. It absolutely shook the ground and all I could do is run. I ran as fast I could. I saw shelter and ran towards it. There was someone with me, but I have no idea who. Suddenly a new tree line enveloped around me before I could reach shelter. It wrapped vines and branches around me and prevented me from escaping the tornado. I remember finally giving up and just accepting my fate. I looked at the red tornado one last time, and then I woke up.
    Any insight?


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    Ben & Mayra! Thank you. You both have a prophetic gift and thanks for sharing it.

    Ben, I believe God is telling you that you have a gift and you need to use it. You have the mouth of a prophet and you need to use it. You were able to tell one tornado to stop and it did. So a bigger one came, don’t run. Speak to it. Tell it to stop like the first one and it will. The person with you was God. The trees are not the enemy, you are protected but God wants you to know that you are not to run. There is no part of the armor of God that covers the back (Ephesians 6). That’s because we are not to retreat. We speak to the storms of life and they MUST obey the word of the Lord spoken through the prophet.

    Use your authority! God has already confirmed through your dreams that you are both prophetic. Whether or not you are in a church that believes and teaches on the prophetic, it doesn’t matter because God has already confirmed that you both are!

    You are both Seers. Study up on it. The more you use it the more He’ll start using you in that area for the body of Christ.

    Be blessed!

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    I am in a taxi. Front passenger. There are 2 passengers at the back. We are driving through the countryside and there are tornadoes all around. I am afraid but then I think, it’s ok. The taxi driver knows where to go and I feel comforted. The taxi driver takes us to a shelter where it is very peaceful. One of the other passengers opens the door of the shelter and we can see and hear the wind howling and raging outside. I yell to him to shut the door and then wake up.

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    I had a dream of tornadoes all my life. New one was about USA I was on gas stadion typical in USA texas therr was all Sand. Typical american texas gas stadion. All People SO happy and pracefully treating others. SuDdenly I See a Hubert tornado everything on horyzon. All People was looking for same place to hide.There was a family Old couple That looking like marrage. They were waiting for tornado sitting and taking each other hand. I asked them do They have any underground shelter, They shacke heads meaning no.. Think They were Scarred but They live a long time, They Just had no place to hide. There were a Huge gargantous place for machines and There were a something like underground shelter but IT was ony couple wooden desek. SO I and same People we hide There waiting for tornado. IT Comes and IT took all the building off but before this i sow Animall wonts to hide where we was somebody open the Windows let them in, They were looking Best place to hide Where the tornado took off the whole building the fundaments IT was something like small place in the ground we get in IT and the tornado took some ground and IT buts the ground on US then we know-how That tornado was gone we was all covered in the ground but we survive. think the couple was dead but not sure There was also a helikopter with two FAT ladies in IT but i thougt They wont take me cause if I am going to Get in IT IT wont fly and we all will die SO They Just fly out alone There were also a man looking for son on field but the son doesent Look like he wonna live.. Just his faber was affraid of his life..

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    I am not sure if anyone is still looking at this, but I have been having dreams about multiple tornadoes dropping down from the sky. The first one happened a couple of weeks ago. My daughter (she is 18) and I were traveling through Kansas (I know, Dorothy/Toto). We were at my husbands family vacation farmhouse, and we couldn’t get to the farmhouse, so we pulled over in a ditch. I laid on top of her to protect her. Then the tornado came and picked me up. I shouted to her to pray for God’s protection. Then the tornado gently set me back down.

    Then we were back in Dallas, driving through downtown, again, trying to escape multiple tornadoes that kept dropping down from the sky. Then the tornado came down, almost arm-like, and picked up the car. Again, I shouted to my daughter to pray for God’s protection. Then the tornado set the car back down. Then we were on foot, looking for shelter in a building, and ended up in my office building (which is about 20 miles from the city). But she was not 18 anymore..she was about 5, and I had picked her up, and was running with her, and found cover under a desk. A friend of mine that I haven’t seen for over a year showed up under the same desk. There was glass flying, and I had cuts on my hands, but nothing else.

    The last dream was a couple of nights ago, again, with my daughter and tornadoes, although I do not remember much detail, other than we were running from them, and also had volcanoes erupting, and we had to watch where we stepped to not touch the lava.

    It all sounds so crazy, but the back story is that when my daughter was 10, I was involved with a man, and I went down the wrong path. I had a drug problem, and essentially, her father had primary custody. I didn’t have a relationship with my daughter again until just over a year ago (Christmas of 2016). She is now a freshman in college, and has a very solid foundation in her faith. This is something that we have shared on occasion, and I have recently become more involved in church. So I am wondering if this is all connected somehow?

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    I’ve been dreaming of tornadoes for a little over a year now. The first: my husband, daughter and I were walking home from the park. It was a beautiful day but suddenly a tornado came. I remember shouting for my husband to pick up our daughter and head for the house. I then shouted down the street at the top of lungs warning everyone that a tornado was coming. After warning everyone I ran to our place and when I got to our carport we were then surround by tornadoes. We were able to just stare at them and they weren’t allowed on our property. I remember feeling God’s protection.

    Second dream: We were driving along the interstate towards a city where the roads start to loop and intertwine because of the on and off ramps and exchanges. A tornado suddenly comes. We pull over by a bridge and I tell my family to go under it. I run out towards the traffic to warn others of the tornado. People start to gather under the bridge. This time I saw lots of destruction and not only was there a tornado but an earthquake too! Everything all around us collasped but those of us under the bridge were safe. The people under the bridge were people from church. I remember having a familiar feeling but I can’t remember who they were.

    Third dream: I was walking in a giant shopping center/mall and as I was walking out of it. I defended down some steps and I saw a tornado coming. I gasped and in a panic I went around shouting, “God told me when they come in three’s that it marks the beginning of the end!” In the dream I recognized this was my third tornado dream. I just kept running to people and repeating it.

    The fourth: This occurred last night. I was at a big home with a couple from church. I saw a tornado coming in the distance. It was far off. I warned everyone there was a tornado. A woman looked at and said it was small and far off, she didn’t seemed concerned. I stood watch and saw it not only get closure but grown in size and turn to black and purple. I went back and told them it was bigger but they still would not go downstairs. I went to watch again and this time it split into three separate tornadoes. I frantically turned around to tell tell them it was now three. The woman finally believed me and was desperately trying to grab some sort red object but it was too late and she got knocked down by a sudden rush of people heading to the basement. I woke up and had to take care of my newborn son so I didn’t think much about the dream until later but now I can’t remember the faces.

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    My husband and I were driving along a dark road late at night in some kind of all-terrain SUV, maybe a Jeep. It was really windy and the wind was howling. Then there was a flash of lightning and we saw ahead of us on the road a gigantic twister split into two twisters, moving away from each other. All was dark again but the howling was louder. The twisters were coming toward us, so my husband drove off the road and somehow managed to rip off one of the doors so we could hold it tight over our heads in the grass. The door was being wrenched from us.
    I felt the need to command the spirit away from us in Jesus’ name, so I did over and over again. And then I kinda woke up and said it out loud, just saying “in Jesus’ name” over and over again,and then i heard a firm, evil voice in my ear, clear as day say, “No.”

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    Sylvia Bazan

    I recently had a dream about I believe were seven thin tornadoes up in the sky to the left front of my ex-in-laws home. I was on their porch as the wind was blowing in one direction. I went into the house to let others know what was coming, but I also wanted to feel the wind blow, so I went out for a brief moment and missed the big gust of it. Went inside and came out the back door as trying to get everyone into the garage for safety. Then realized it had passed. Went back to the porch and I heard someone say look, pointing to the right side in the sky to where the tornadoes had gone. As I looked, I saw them way up in the sky still formed as tornadoes, but they were wrapped in rainbow colors and looked amazingly beautiful and I smiled. Then I heard someone say look. So I turn to look at the opposite direction from where at first were the tornadoes and behold I saw something coming out of the cloud or clouds. I saw a beautiful city made of gold, so I grabbed my phone to take a picture of it, but as I looked into my phone, it seemed to have gotten bigger on my phone and I could see how everything was gold and marvelous and then I awoke. I’m not sure what to make of it all.

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    I am on the highway, in a (golf cart?) and someone is driving me, and my boyfriend is also there. I notice cars racing by us and look down and say the Lord’s Prayer. When I open my eyes, I look behind and see a blood red sky. A volcano is erupting through the trees… we continue alongside the highway and look forward to see 3, fire-filled tornadoes spinning into one tornado at the ground. Then I wake up. This is the second dream I’ve had of the world ending by fire.

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      My dream started with wy wife and me in a city bus stuck in traffic. Looking out the window while people were moving our bus out of the way like were not supost you be there and we heard horns blowing from my left and we were heading straight to a tornado of fire but I felt like I needed to go to it for some reason. We started getting closer and I woke up……no idea what that means…that was about 20 years ago

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    Hi! I just read all their dreams about tornado, and i want to share my dream too.
    I dreamt it last year 2017.

    It looks like that it is already end times, we where having this project that i don’t know with my church mates, Katz, Jewel and Krisha. We are planning to go somewhere for our project, but I stop and saw tornadoes coming, but it is not windy. And i hurried and asked them to ride away to a safe place. And i came back to the building like a hotel where you can see at the veranda the tornadoes, and i saw a water falls from afar in a green 2 tall rock. The water falls is in the middle of the 2 green rocks. The tornadoes keep adding, and i saw a pillar fire or i think a fire tornadoes. I said need to get something in the room and i told my Dad and Unkle to go down and go to a safe olace. In the room i got my laptop and other things, but i stopped. I asked myself if do i need to get these staffs? And then i woke up..

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    I dreamed about tornados last night, i tried warning people that it was God destroying the world and they would not listen, after 3 tornadoes everything calmed down, i was laughed at, then it began, tornados everyware, just appearing, in the water on the ground, and my main concern was packing clothes for my 9 year old daughter, nobody believed me.Never in my life have i ever prayed out loud, but in my dream i was screaming to God begging him not to do ut, begging Him to save us.

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    Brittany M

    My dream was about a lot of tornadoes on the ground or hitting a touch down on top of the water , mostly like the beach . And as I was looking at all the tornadoes I was in a boat that looked like a boat with wheels , & there was a big wave hitting me like a splash

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    Ronae Maddox

    Hello. God bless. Please help me interpret my dream of tornados…
    I dreamt i was in this ‘safe place’ this building & outside the place was total destructions. There were 3 dark black scary tornadoes destroying the earth& everything in it. Although it was fearful to watch i still felt a comfort&peace that if i remain in the place i was safe. I knew i was. I was soo sure, because those viscous tornadoes couldn’t destroy the place. It was the only tbing they couldnt destroy. There where other people in this place. But i only noticed clearly one particular friend of mine, and in the dream she seemed to
    Try and seduce me. When i woke up i thought it was strange she was in my dreams cause i haven’t seen or talked to her in months&i wasnt plannin on it…. Sooooo lets fast forward to now, i had this dreams months ago, before i ended up reconnecting to the girl in the dream through a death of a loved one. In the last couple months her life has been falling apart. We lost a good sister/cousin/friend to a tragic car accident she was only 21. Then shes losing her home because her lights went out. Lack of funds. &she lost custody of one of her 3 children the oldest. So yeah i didn’t realze until i looked up dream interpretation on tornados. Its all coming to me now. Shes now living with me for the time being and im watching her life go up in shambles. And im right with her during the storm like the dre but i feel ‘safe’ tho. The good Lord leading and guiding me. Hes on my side!!

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    Hi can someone please intérprete this dream for me but not just guessing but give real insight. I have had many dreams of tornadoes through the years but thy never do anything to me. I thought it was because I am from Kansas. In one it lifted me and put me on a hill. In another I am telling people where to hid from shelter so they will be safe. Another one where it passes over me and I’m hanging on to a metal bar frame and it doesn’t take me. But the last I had was a few months ago. I was with some friends and we can see the skylne of the city high in a condo downtown. The out of the window I see one forming. And I either lifted my hand or said in my head in the name of Jesus and it broke apart. I need some help interpreting this please

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    Last night I woke from a dream. I was in a mobile home with some ex aquantances, when I hear a strange beeping noise from outside and ask the one what the noise is. She goes to open the door and there are people running everywhere. We look around to see too many tornadoes dark in color to count just dropping from the sky. I get on my cell to warn those at home knowing they are across town. I start praying because I can not find shelter. Then wake up as the structure I am in is crumbling. I proceed to say prayer when i am awake but still can not shake this feeling.

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    I have a dream of 2 water tornadoes and 5 winds,with the voice,”I am the God of egypt….How’s that?

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    Kashie Sk

    Hi, i closed my eyes for a while in the bus and i saw a tornado swirling and after that fire came and swirling the tornado too. I wasnt feeling anything and i woke up.

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    2 nights ago, I had a dream that I was standing in the middle of nowhere. There was ground all around being but no trees no grass no buildings nothing about the land in the horizon. I looked up at the horizon and I noticed that the sky was getting dark one long black tornado came out of the sky and was heading toward me. I stood there in all and watched it. I was not feeling afraid. As I looked around me I saw my car parked with maybe two other cars but no other people. As the dark tornado was coming to work me I looked at it and saI’d, “ get smaller!“. The tornado then got small and brown about 5 feet high. It hit the back of my car and then move to backwards. It came toward me but then it veered between me in the car and went past my left side. I was not afraid but I felt a strong presence in that tornado. I woke up and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. Last night I had a dream that there was a swarm of snakes in the building. I ran to a small office with a friend and we closed up all of the holes in the ventilation to keep the snakes out. There were hundreds of thousands of snakes crawling through the building crawling down the steps crawling everywhere. I woke up and I felt very unsettled. I’m not sure if there is a correlation between the tornado dream and the dream of snakes, but I feel that it is prophetic. I don’t know what it means for my life or if it is more of a global issue. But my soul is very very weak I feel fragile.

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    I had a dream that I felt the tornado coming I screamed to the kids but by the time they answered it was suddenly dark and I woke up. What does that mean, my husband is in Korea and has been acting very mean and dismissive towards me. I’m strong in my faith and I’m ready for whatever is to come and maybe I need to really work on my faith some more. Any ideas on my dream would help a lot. Thank you

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    Shanon Frazier

    So, last week.. I have a significant dream involving multiple tornadoes 🌪 and would love to know what it means.
    I was on a clay dirt road in a small pickup truck.. I was aware that someone was with me, but I never seen who it was because I was so focused on the storm.. As far as you could see, the road stretched in front of me and there were flat grass covered fields on either side of the road.. In the left field was the most beautiful blue sky, sun shining.. On the right side was the darkness, most ominous storm that had spawned thousands of tornadoes.. The tornadoes all along the road kept jumping from the grass to the road, back & forth.. Again and again.. I reached my arm out of the truck and grabbed the only tree in the field to my left to save us.. Then, I woke up… What do you think of means? Thanks!

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