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      Since I was a teenager I have had a recurring dream that I am somewhere that a tornado is coming.
      Only I can see it and I try to warn others around me. In every dream, every time the storm comes close and is devastating around us but never harms me or my family.

      Sometimes there are more than one, and the fear I have is for others not myself.
      AS I am now in my 30s and married a Marine who went overseas and returned with war trauma issues, I am leaning towards that dream having had a futuristic meaning about my life. Living through a war, and especially a war at home with PTSD and that war always rages but that maybe God is protecting my family. As I’m sure he is but it doesn’t save us from the trials. Can anyone shed another meaning on this?

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      Hi Laura, I think God was showing you since you were a teenager that you have the gift of prophecy and also for intercession. It is the job of the prophet and intercessor to warn the church and people. You have the ability to see things from afar off and warn others of the danger. The tornadoes are not actual tornadoes but rather circumstances, situations and sometimes people who could cause harm to others. The next time you have one of these dreams pay attention to the other people in the dream, these are the people you need to pray for and watch to see what is happening in their lives. Once you know what they are about to do or get involved with you will be able to clearly see what or who the tornado might be. You can also ask God for further clarification after the dream to show you what the tornado might be. You must remember that 99% of the time dreams are warnings. They don’t need to happen and only do when we fail to act. When we don’t pray about what we see in dreams or ask God what we need to do to divert it, then it happens. Don’t wait too long after you have these dreams start praying the moment you wake up and you can put an end to whatever the disaster might be. You can also call the other people who you saw in the dream and let them know that you see something coming and they just need to be careful about the decisions they are about to make. When you start using this gift God will begin to mature you in this gift and you can use it to help so many people. God Bless You Laura.

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      Mayra Ortega

      a few days ago I had a dream about surviving 3 tornadoes. I have a feeling that God is telling me that everything that everything thave I have gone through in these past few years that It will be over. I have had dreams of disasters and the next morning my dream comes out on the the news. Just like I’ve seen it. I also dreamt years ago that I had a beautiful baby girl, and now I have her. Just like the dream. God has given me the gift to see things. I’m thankful for that.

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        Hi Everyone I hope all is well.

        I’ve been having dreams for many years in my dreams I’m been showed how the world will end. Like the devil and God was literally in my dream and I was showed the world won’t end with fire or water etc it was long and I couldn’t wake up until it ended itself I’ve been showed How humans are getting dragged to the evil side and how I can save the world. But I don’t really understand what I should do with the dreams. Last night I dreamt there was this terrifying devilish thing that came for me but I fought it and won then when I woke up I prayed about it. Not long after it was like I went into a trans and ended up in a building filled with family and friends and two babies whom I didn’t know. And this very huge tornado was whirling around and everyone was at the window looking after hours it split then went away. So my aunt myself and my cousin decided to go to her house which actually wasn’t her house but her clothes were there so as we walking they were infront and spot this gigantic tornado so they run without telling me then I ran to a wall which I held on to and this wind is trying to suck me in and I am a Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer so my hands holding on to this slab was literally paining and my aunt was yelling I must let go and go into the tornado so I was like never but I started praying and praying eventually it just disappeared then I dropped to the ground and started going through the houses to return to where I was with my family.

        I’ve tried speaking to people about my dreams church goers etc but it’s like they don’t understand it’s like I’m talking crazy so I’ve been keeping these dreams to myself.

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      For years I have had dreams about tornadoes. About 2 years ago, I had a dream about seven tornadoes. Six skinny tornadoes whirling around one bigger tornado. It was quite violent and scary. I remember not being able to shake the thought of how it made me feel for a very long time. Then, over the next year, seven seperate events shook my family to the core. First, my cousin was killed in a tragic car accident. This absolutely broke my family for quite some time. They are still healing from it. Second, my mother lost her marriage. Third, my Great Aunt passed away. Fourth, her husband, my Great Uncle passed as well. Fifth, my Wife cheated and left me and my children, this is what shook me personally the absolute most. Sixth, my Aunt was diagnosed with cancer. And seventh, me and my children were in a very violent car accident that put my son in the hospital.
      These events took a very long time for my family to overcome. It was as if we were hit with seven literal tornadoes. In the end, the dream rang true in my head. It was a warning of things to come.
      Recently, I received another tornado dream. This one was a little… Different. It began with several small tornadoes whirling around. I remember casting out my hand in frustration, and commanding them to stop and crumble. Suddenly, that’s exactly what they did. I felt overwhelmingly comforted that I just stopped another wave of tragedy from entering my life. It was short lived. Suddenly a huge roar came from beyond a tap tree line. A massive F5 size tornado ripped and arrived through the trees. It was blood red in color. I remember thinking… “A red tornado? That’s new.” It was terrifying. It absolutely shook the ground and all I could do is run. I ran as fast I could. I saw shelter and ran towards it. There was someone with me, but I have no idea who. Suddenly a new tree line enveloped around me before I could reach shelter. It wrapped vines and branches around me and prevented me from escaping the tornado. I remember finally giving up and just accepting my fate. I looked at the red tornado one last time, and then I woke up.
      Any insight?


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        In the christian faith we believe God or the Holy Spirit will give us dreams to warn us of events. Sometimes we are to prepare, pray, or warn others. In your dream, when you spoke against the small tornadoes you were exercising the authority of the believer. That is why they vanished. God has given us authority to overcome demonic forces. In the Bible it says, “the same power that rose Christ from the dead lives in me,” “out of the mouth we have the power to speak life or death.” Prayer is the weapon of our warfare. It is extremely powerful. Many Christians don’t walk in this power sadly. They need to wake up spiritually and live in their God given authority. Also, you dreamed of someone being with you. I believe that was your guardian angle. Emma Stark teaches on all these things regarding angles. I am no professional, but I do believe I have a gifting with prophecy and interpretation. These are gifts in the Bible. You might have a gift for prophetic insight. The enemy seems to see something in you that he does not like. You need to repent of any sin and try to clean up what you are seeing and hearing in the physical so you can set your eyes on Spiritual matters. If you have not made a decision to follow Christ, start asking several people you know what a good church is or ask your friend to share the gospel with you and lead you into the prayer of salvation. Lastly, I believe the new tree that popped up is something new that God wants to do in your life. In the book of John chapter 15 where Jesus talks about being the vine and we are the branches. We abide in Him and He abides in us. Apart from Him we can do nothing (vs 5). I believe God wants to protect you from this very large issue (whatever the large tornado represents). I see you wrote this in 2017 and it is now August 2020, but I felt I had the interpretation for you. Hope this helps. God bless.

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          Joel Saldivar

          I’ve had dreams of tornadoes it frighting every time but one dream this tornado was a black dark wide tornado I can’t forget that dream .but landed on the ground like a mom and dad were with but I was the only person to get picked up by it.any answers for this dream

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      Ben & Mayra! Thank you. You both have a prophetic gift and thanks for sharing it.

      Ben, I believe God is telling you that you have a gift and you need to use it. You have the mouth of a prophet and you need to use it. You were able to tell one tornado to stop and it did. So a bigger one came, don’t run. Speak to it. Tell it to stop like the first one and it will. The person with you was God. The trees are not the enemy, you are protected but God wants you to know that you are not to run. There is no part of the armor of God that covers the back (Ephesians 6). That’s because we are not to retreat. We speak to the storms of life and they MUST obey the word of the Lord spoken through the prophet.

      Use your authority! God has already confirmed through your dreams that you are both prophetic. Whether or not you are in a church that believes and teaches on the prophetic, it doesn’t matter because God has already confirmed that you both are!

      You are both Seers. Study up on it. The more you use it the more He’ll start using you in that area for the body of Christ.

      Be blessed!

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      I am in a taxi. Front passenger. There are 2 passengers at the back. We are driving through the countryside and there are tornadoes all around. I am afraid but then I think, it’s ok. The taxi driver knows where to go and I feel comforted. The taxi driver takes us to a shelter where it is very peaceful. One of the other passengers opens the door of the shelter and we can see and hear the wind howling and raging outside. I yell to him to shut the door and then wake up.

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      I had a dream of tornadoes all my life. New one was about USA I was on gas stadion typical in USA texas therr was all Sand. Typical american texas gas stadion. All People SO happy and pracefully treating others. SuDdenly I See a Hubert tornado everything on horyzon. All People was looking for same place to hide.There was a family Old couple That looking like marrage. They were waiting for tornado sitting and taking each other hand. I asked them do They have any underground shelter, They shacke heads meaning no.. Think They were Scarred but They live a long time, They Just had no place to hide. There were a Huge gargantous place for machines and There were a something like underground shelter but IT was ony couple wooden desek. SO I and same People we hide There waiting for tornado. IT Comes and IT took all the building off but before this i sow Animall wonts to hide where we was somebody open the Windows let them in, They were looking Best place to hide Where the tornado took off the whole building the fundaments IT was something like small place in the ground we get in IT and the tornado took some ground and IT buts the ground on US then we know-how That tornado was gone we was all covered in the ground but we survive. think the couple was dead but not sure There was also a helikopter with two FAT ladies in IT but i thougt They wont take me cause if I am going to Get in IT IT wont fly and we all will die SO They Just fly out alone There were also a man looking for son on field but the son doesent Look like he wonna live.. Just his faber was affraid of his life..

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      I am not sure if anyone is still looking at this, but I have been having dreams about multiple tornadoes dropping down from the sky. The first one happened a couple of weeks ago. My daughter (she is 18) and I were traveling through Kansas (I know, Dorothy/Toto). We were at my husbands family vacation farmhouse, and we couldn’t get to the farmhouse, so we pulled over in a ditch. I laid on top of her to protect her. Then the tornado came and picked me up. I shouted to her to pray for God’s protection. Then the tornado gently set me back down.

      Then we were back in Dallas, driving through downtown, again, trying to escape multiple tornadoes that kept dropping down from the sky. Then the tornado came down, almost arm-like, and picked up the car. Again, I shouted to my daughter to pray for God’s protection. Then the tornado set the car back down. Then we were on foot, looking for shelter in a building, and ended up in my office building (which is about 20 miles from the city). But she was not 18 anymore..she was about 5, and I had picked her up, and was running with her, and found cover under a desk. A friend of mine that I haven’t seen for over a year showed up under the same desk. There was glass flying, and I had cuts on my hands, but nothing else.

      The last dream was a couple of nights ago, again, with my daughter and tornadoes, although I do not remember much detail, other than we were running from them, and also had volcanoes erupting, and we had to watch where we stepped to not touch the lava.

      It all sounds so crazy, but the back story is that when my daughter was 10, I was involved with a man, and I went down the wrong path. I had a drug problem, and essentially, her father had primary custody. I didn’t have a relationship with my daughter again until just over a year ago (Christmas of 2016). She is now a freshman in college, and has a very solid foundation in her faith. This is something that we have shared on occasion, and I have recently become more involved in church. So I am wondering if this is all connected somehow?

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      I’ve been dreaming of tornadoes for a little over a year now. The first: my husband, daughter and I were walking home from the park. It was a beautiful day but suddenly a tornado came. I remember shouting for my husband to pick up our daughter and head for the house. I then shouted down the street at the top of lungs warning everyone that a tornado was coming. After warning everyone I ran to our place and when I got to our carport we were then surround by tornadoes. We were able to just stare at them and they weren’t allowed on our property. I remember feeling God’s protection.

      Second dream: We were driving along the interstate towards a city where the roads start to loop and intertwine because of the on and off ramps and exchanges. A tornado suddenly comes. We pull over by a bridge and I tell my family to go under it. I run out towards the traffic to warn others of the tornado. People start to gather under the bridge. This time I saw lots of destruction and not only was there a tornado but an earthquake too! Everything all around us collasped but those of us under the bridge were safe. The people under the bridge were people from church. I remember having a familiar feeling but I can’t remember who they were.

      Third dream: I was walking in a giant shopping center/mall and as I was walking out of it. I defended down some steps and I saw a tornado coming. I gasped and in a panic I went around shouting, “God told me when they come in three’s that it marks the beginning of the end!” In the dream I recognized this was my third tornado dream. I just kept running to people and repeating it.

      The fourth: This occurred last night. I was at a big home with a couple from church. I saw a tornado coming in the distance. It was far off. I warned everyone there was a tornado. A woman looked at and said it was small and far off, she didn’t seemed concerned. I stood watch and saw it not only get closure but grown in size and turn to black and purple. I went back and told them it was bigger but they still would not go downstairs. I went to watch again and this time it split into three separate tornadoes. I frantically turned around to tell tell them it was now three. The woman finally believed me and was desperately trying to grab some sort red object but it was too late and she got knocked down by a sudden rush of people heading to the basement. I woke up and had to take care of my newborn son so I didn’t think much about the dream until later but now I can’t remember the faces.

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        First dream: walking home from park: a park is a place for rest and enjoyment, relaxed atmosphere, fun, a place to gather and enjoy the company of others. Does this sound like your current church? Anyhow, you notice a tornado coming suddenly in what seems to be a beautiful day. You have your husband pick up your child and head home. The tornado here represents a time of change coming to the church. Has the church become to relaxed? Does it look like the bride Jesus is coming for? Hmmm…your husband here is a representation of the Lord. Your cry for him to pick your daughter up is your prayers over her for his protection. The carport is a place of protection.(it protects our cars from the elements) Your home represents you, spirit, mind, and body. A car in a dream usually represents a personal ministry, so a carport in this case is protecting your personal ministry. You call to warn your neighbors of what’s coming. Neighbors are those close to you so could be family, friends, actual neighbors or those whom God has given you to minister in your home church. I believe here the warning may represent a need for repentance. You go back home and you’re surrounded by tornadoes or attacks from the enemy. Maybe words, personal attacks coming against you and your family, your personal ministry, but God is there with you and has you protected and covered.
        Next part: driving towards a city (driving = personal ministry) God is calling you to the inner city (a new home church or actual city) to bridge a gap. You go to the highways and byways to warn others of this tornado, again I hear a call to repentance and those who listen follow you and they too are then protected. A bridge represents transition. It takes you from one place and takes you to a new place. Do you have a heart to evangelize and intercede for others?
        Next part: you are in a shopping mall. Malls will often represent choices and decisions we need to make in our lives. Once again you have been sent to the masses to issue a warning and once again, I believe it is about repentance. In order for change to occur, it must start with repentance.

        So if you examine all three parts as a whole, God wants to put you in a ministry that first deals with those closest to you, an in home ministry maybe? then as you grow stronger in him, He will be transitioning you to what seems to be a new church and more authority. Then finally you are given a larger ministry or responsibility to the masses. So will God have you traveling to minister to other churches or maybe even other countries? One thing for sure, God is giving you wisdom and prophetic vision to warn others of impending destruction if we don’t listen and obey. God gives us a period of grace to listen to the warnings and heed them. Hence the three warnings. Last dream, the woman in the large home (church) I believe represents the church itself. When she finally decides to heed the warning and apply the blood (red object) to the alter (this is why I believe you have been called to a ministry of repentance) she gets trampled by those who do listen and head for cover. Who is our blood bought covering who paid the price for our sins? The people go under ground. Is this the future of the church. Will she have to go into hiding? look at how the home based churches are growing. God bless you sister and I hope to hear you at my church one day!

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      My husband and I were driving along a dark road late at night in some kind of all-terrain SUV, maybe a Jeep. It was really windy and the wind was howling. Then there was a flash of lightning and we saw ahead of us on the road a gigantic twister split into two twisters, moving away from each other. All was dark again but the howling was louder. The twisters were coming toward us, so my husband drove off the road and somehow managed to rip off one of the doors so we could hold it tight over our heads in the grass. The door was being wrenched from us.
      I felt the need to command the spirit away from us in Jesus’ name, so I did over and over again. And then I kinda woke up and said it out loud, just saying “in Jesus’ name” over and over again,and then i heard a firm, evil voice in my ear, clear as day say, “No.”

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      Sylvia Bazan

      I recently had a dream about I believe were seven thin tornadoes up in the sky to the left front of my ex-in-laws home. I was on their porch as the wind was blowing in one direction. I went into the house to let others know what was coming, but I also wanted to feel the wind blow, so I went out for a brief moment and missed the big gust of it. Went inside and came out the back door as trying to get everyone into the garage for safety. Then realized it had passed. Went back to the porch and I heard someone say look, pointing to the right side in the sky to where the tornadoes had gone. As I looked, I saw them way up in the sky still formed as tornadoes, but they were wrapped in rainbow colors and looked amazingly beautiful and I smiled. Then I heard someone say look. So I turn to look at the opposite direction from where at first were the tornadoes and behold I saw something coming out of the cloud or clouds. I saw a beautiful city made of gold, so I grabbed my phone to take a picture of it, but as I looked into my phone, it seemed to have gotten bigger on my phone and I could see how everything was gold and marvelous and then I awoke. I’m not sure what to make of it all.

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      I am on the highway, in a (golf cart?) and someone is driving me, and my boyfriend is also there. I notice cars racing by us and look down and say the Lord’s Prayer. When I open my eyes, I look behind and see a blood red sky. A volcano is erupting through the trees… we continue alongside the highway and look forward to see 3, fire-filled tornadoes spinning into one tornado at the ground. Then I wake up. This is the second dream I’ve had of the world ending by fire.

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        My dream started with wy wife and me in a city bus stuck in traffic. Looking out the window while people were moving our bus out of the way like were not supost you be there and we heard horns blowing from my left and we were heading straight to a tornado of fire but I felt like I needed to go to it for some reason. We started getting closer and I woke up……no idea what that means…that was about 20 years ago

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      Hi! I just read all their dreams about tornado, and i want to share my dream too.
      I dreamt it last year 2017.

      It looks like that it is already end times, we where having this project that i don’t know with my church mates, Katz, Jewel and Krisha. We are planning to go somewhere for our project, but I stop and saw tornadoes coming, but it is not windy. And i hurried and asked them to ride away to a safe place. And i came back to the building like a hotel where you can see at the veranda the tornadoes, and i saw a water falls from afar in a green 2 tall rock. The water falls is in the middle of the 2 green rocks. The tornadoes keep adding, and i saw a pillar fire or i think a fire tornadoes. I said need to get something in the room and i told my Dad and Unkle to go down and go to a safe olace. In the room i got my laptop and other things, but i stopped. I asked myself if do i need to get these staffs? And then i woke up..

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      I dreamed about tornados last night, i tried warning people that it was God destroying the world and they would not listen, after 3 tornadoes everything calmed down, i was laughed at, then it began, tornados everyware, just appearing, in the water on the ground, and my main concern was packing clothes for my 9 year old daughter, nobody believed me.Never in my life have i ever prayed out loud, but in my dream i was screaming to God begging him not to do ut, begging Him to save us.

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      Brittany M

      My dream was about a lot of tornadoes on the ground or hitting a touch down on top of the water , mostly like the beach . And as I was looking at all the tornadoes I was in a boat that looked like a boat with wheels , & there was a big wave hitting me like a splash

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      Ronae Maddox

      Hello. God bless. Please help me interpret my dream of tornados…
      I dreamt i was in this ‘safe place’ this building & outside the place was total destructions. There were 3 dark black scary tornadoes destroying the earth& everything in it. Although it was fearful to watch i still felt a comfort&peace that if i remain in the place i was safe. I knew i was. I was soo sure, because those viscous tornadoes couldn’t destroy the place. It was the only tbing they couldnt destroy. There where other people in this place. But i only noticed clearly one particular friend of mine, and in the dream she seemed to
      Try and seduce me. When i woke up i thought it was strange she was in my dreams cause i haven’t seen or talked to her in months&i wasnt plannin on it…. Sooooo lets fast forward to now, i had this dreams months ago, before i ended up reconnecting to the girl in the dream through a death of a loved one. In the last couple months her life has been falling apart. We lost a good sister/cousin/friend to a tragic car accident she was only 21. Then shes losing her home because her lights went out. Lack of funds. &she lost custody of one of her 3 children the oldest. So yeah i didn’t realze until i looked up dream interpretation on tornados. Its all coming to me now. Shes now living with me for the time being and im watching her life go up in shambles. And im right with her during the storm like the dre but i feel ‘safe’ tho. The good Lord leading and guiding me. Hes on my side!!

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        GOspel OUTside Ministries

        Praise God. The place you were in was the Strong Tower. The place of refuge. An ever present help n the time of trouble. You are to seek Him and run in during times of great turmoil, pain, trial etc. Jesus is showing you that He has the victory. Be still and be at peace. While in the midst there are familiar spirits that wish to control you, bind you, hinder you from your walk with God and ultimately dismantle your purpose and destroy you. The familiar spirit in your dream was disguised as your “friend”. Do not come into alignment of agreement with any seducing / monitoring spirit in your dreams. They wish to ensnare your by taking up promises and covenants with you, often achieved through spiritual sexual contact and divination, transferring of money or other tokens, eating and partaking in activities together as you would do in your waking life. If nothing else, understand this. What happens in the natural realm of your life, must first be proposed and purposed in the spiritual realm. Again, anything that happens in the physical realm has taken place the the spirit realm first! It is what we allow to take root in the spirit that is able to manifest in our waking lives. Be well in the Lord and seek Him for all truth and understanding.

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      Hi can someone please intérprete this dream for me but not just guessing but give real insight. I have had many dreams of tornadoes through the years but thy never do anything to me. I thought it was because I am from Kansas. In one it lifted me and put me on a hill. In another I am telling people where to hid from shelter so they will be safe. Another one where it passes over me and I’m hanging on to a metal bar frame and it doesn’t take me. But the last I had was a few months ago. I was with some friends and we can see the skylne of the city high in a condo downtown. The out of the window I see one forming. And I either lifted my hand or said in my head in the name of Jesus and it broke apart. I need some help interpreting this please

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      Last night I woke from a dream. I was in a mobile home with some ex aquantances, when I hear a strange beeping noise from outside and ask the one what the noise is. She goes to open the door and there are people running everywhere. We look around to see too many tornadoes dark in color to count just dropping from the sky. I get on my cell to warn those at home knowing they are across town. I start praying because I can not find shelter. Then wake up as the structure I am in is crumbling. I proceed to say prayer when i am awake but still can not shake this feeling.

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      I have a dream of 2 water tornadoes and 5 winds,with the voice,”I am the God of egypt….How’s that?

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      Kashie Sk

      Hi, i closed my eyes for a while in the bus and i saw a tornado swirling and after that fire came and swirling the tornado too. I wasnt feeling anything and i woke up.

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      2 nights ago, I had a dream that I was standing in the middle of nowhere. There was ground all around being but no trees no grass no buildings nothing about the land in the horizon. I looked up at the horizon and I noticed that the sky was getting dark one long black tornado came out of the sky and was heading toward me. I stood there in all and watched it. I was not feeling afraid. As I looked around me I saw my car parked with maybe two other cars but no other people. As the dark tornado was coming to work me I looked at it and saI’d, “ get smaller!“. The tornado then got small and brown about 5 feet high. It hit the back of my car and then move to backwards. It came toward me but then it veered between me in the car and went past my left side. I was not afraid but I felt a strong presence in that tornado. I woke up and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. Last night I had a dream that there was a swarm of snakes in the building. I ran to a small office with a friend and we closed up all of the holes in the ventilation to keep the snakes out. There were hundreds of thousands of snakes crawling through the building crawling down the steps crawling everywhere. I woke up and I felt very unsettled. I’m not sure if there is a correlation between the tornado dream and the dream of snakes, but I feel that it is prophetic. I don’t know what it means for my life or if it is more of a global issue. But my soul is very very weak I feel fragile.

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      I had a dream that I felt the tornado coming I screamed to the kids but by the time they answered it was suddenly dark and I woke up. What does that mean, my husband is in Korea and has been acting very mean and dismissive towards me. I’m strong in my faith and I’m ready for whatever is to come and maybe I need to really work on my faith some more. Any ideas on my dream would help a lot. Thank you

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      Shanon Frazier

      So, last week.. I have a significant dream involving multiple tornadoes 🌪 and would love to know what it means.
      I was on a clay dirt road in a small pickup truck.. I was aware that someone was with me, but I never seen who it was because I was so focused on the storm.. As far as you could see, the road stretched in front of me and there were flat grass covered fields on either side of the road.. In the left field was the most beautiful blue sky, sun shining.. On the right side was the darkness, most ominous storm that had spawned thousands of tornadoes.. The tornadoes all along the road kept jumping from the grass to the road, back & forth.. Again and again.. I reached my arm out of the truck and grabbed the only tree in the field to my left to save us.. Then, I woke up… What do you think of means? Thanks!

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      I too had a dream of an tornado only I didn’t see it I jus was warn by God himself he came to me in my dream he was glowin his robe he then told me to touch something so I did as he told me I belive and when I touch whatever it was it shine so bright it was like this light then after I then saw myself he showed me what I do on the daily some things I remember doing some I don’t remember doing at all after that I remember I saw my art book I am artist all thanks to God he gave me that gift but back to the dream I saw my art book and it was an drawing of an house then an barn and then I saw and tornado but the weird part is the drawing kept showin then disappearing on the sheet of paper then I remember goin to my mom room in my dream it was her and my sister layin in bed I remember sayin God said it will be an tornado and the both jus looked at me.. then I remember grabin the remote to the tv turnin on the news and the news said jus that that it will be one and my dream then after that it was a blur but I remember singin a song singin I love Jesus and guys I never seen myself so happy and joyful in my life I looked so happy I remember waking up and still hearin my self sing about him and that was it I do not know what this dream mean I did ask The Lord May he help me with better understanding of it

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      Nicole Charles

      Hello my name is. Nicole am just 34 yrs old. I dad a dream which was kind of scary. In the dream I was in another country it was my hometown. In the dream I looked out the window and I saw a fast moving black tornado it was big. No one else in the village saw this tornado coming. I start calling out to a young lady who I know she was pregnant , I said to her a tornado is coming, the young lady she did not hear me even though I was shouting at her, she did not listening to me, do I had to run and find shelter quickly cause I could feel the wind of the tornado. I run downstairs in my grandmother kitchen for shelter cause it was a house where my grandmother is living while I was there the only words came out my mouth was pleading the blood and calling the name of Jesus ,I even Said Lord keep me save from the storm. But there was a high-rise building near to my grandmother house. I could hear half of the building Tombling down on my grandmother house cause I was hiding in the kitchen in the basement. Then I saw myself under neat the the bricks all covered up the weight of the bricks was kind of heavy there was no where to breathe, then I saw a little hole a light was coming through the hole. That is where I was able to get air to that hole. For some reason I found myself outside I don’t even know how I end up outside cause the tornado had pass. I came out and start calling people to see if they were ok. Cause as I said no one saw this tornado coming only me. The same young lady who I was calling out to the first time she is the one who was pregnant in the dream. I saw when she went back up stairs in the house. I believe I told her not to go but she went, the the whole house collapse with her and she and The baby did not make it.

    • #94433 Reply

      Hi my name is Sisilia.
      I had a dream last night with multiple tornadoes small and wide black, and clear. I always see tornadoes come in my dream as a warning and dreamed a while back 2 tornadoes coming and giving me a piece of bark with a message I could not read inside while there was a meeting inside my house. I dream of tornadoes, sun exploding in fire, moon Utah turning into Egypt, clouds falling and I could touch them, dreaming of storms coming, angel with a trumpet blowing but only 2 people me 3 heard it but multitudes could not hear him blowing the trumpet. Dreamed being thrown in hell and a light came and set me free etc.. my dreams are on going and most of the time don’t know interpretation of them. Today I seen tornadoes in my dream I can rebuke and some just side track where I stand and 1 big grey tornado came and told me in a male voice he is coming to harm my husband and I told the tornado it cannot because my husband is under the protection of Jesus blood and I rebuked it. I also seen tornadoes clear up in same dream but had to rush off get in a car go find my family because there was destruction coming.

    • #102435 Reply

      Ive had several dreams about tidal waves that i could see coming as im standing in the water on the beach. I turn around waiting for wave to slam me and it never does. I believe that its the coming judgement of God, that we are aware of it but as Christians we wont be judged.

    • #102952 Reply

      hello my name is kecia, a coulple of nights ago i had a dream that i was in this apartment and i was looking out the window and i saw a parade, my son asked could he go and i said yes and ill be right behind him. As i am looking out the window, this guy points out the window and says” look its a tornado”. it then passes and disappears, then all of a sudden another one forms, and it came toward the apartment i was in and it started to tear up the building, as i was being lifted from the floor from the winds, i started praying” God please dont let me die”. A tree flew through the window and past me and hit a guy in the head and snapped his neck. I was terrified, and all of a sudden the storm calms and it is gone, i thought to myself in the dream as i looked around at the damages, and said FEMA about to look out, and then i also thought about my son because i didnt know where he was in the dream.

    • #120306 Reply
      Sharon W.

      I just had a dream about a tornado. My husband, myself and youngest son was at my mom’s house and there was a huge tornado approaching but it wasnt moving. It was but it moved inch by inch closer to the house. I could see it spinning and it was dark, we were scared to leave the house because we didnt know if all of a sudden that it would move at the speed it was supposed too. The three of us was looking for cover in the house. I looked out the window and could see a huge palm tree headed straight toward the house but it never hit, because it too was moving in slow motion. My husband was trying to decide if we should get in the truck to get away, but I kept telling him to take cover. I woked up and wondered what that dream meant.
      I’ve been having some moments happening in my life (possible job change)that most people would think it’s a coincidence, but I see them as messages from God. Just don’t know how to interpret them.

    • #120565 Reply
      Elizabeth Stricklin

      In November of 2015 I was awakened by the presence of a powerful, cyntrifical force, so powerful and mighty that I felt pinned to the bed by it’s force – unable to speak and only to groan. It came into my bedroom. I was alone, my husband was on duty. It seemed that I struggled for minutes under it’s weight. When I finally “woke up” my body was weak. All I could do to calm myself was speak the name of Jesus over and over. The presence was a holy one. It had the sound of a “mighty , rushing wind” that fixed me to the bed. I asked what it meant and all I heard was “The slaughter of the innocents.”

      excerpt from journal entry, Nov. 29, 2015

    • #130677 Reply
      Brent Thompson-Wodrich

      I just recently had a dream about a few tornadoes which came to my childhood home (I’ve lived in 2 other houses after that one). The first one touched down right in the middle of the street and I was nervous it would head in my direction to where I was standing in my old bedroom, but it disappeared quickly. Then, another larger one formed in the middle of the old yard in front of that bedroom and there was a person (angel, maybe?) showed up and kept saying things like “You know what you need to do” and “If you keep doing this, the destruction will keep coming until it destroys your room and the rest of the house.” I didn’t know what he/she meant, but after that had been said the funnel cloud moved closer to the room and started to slowly remove the gutters and some of the shingles of that area of roofing. I got angry and began shouting at the tornado and personified entity “I don’t care if you’re part of God or from him. You’re not destroying my room or me.” After I spoke those words the tornado disappeared, then reappeared in the room without destroying anything, chased me around the house then out the front door (still not tearing apart my old house once). I ran across the street when the person appeared saying the same two phrases again. I saw the tornado disappear once more then looked behind me to see it touch down in the driveway of my former elderly neighbor’s house and move toward it. The person then said “If you keep doing this, this cloud will year down this house and the rest of the houses on this side.” I responded with, “No, you will not destroy the Browns’ (my former neighbors) home or the the other homes of my friends and other people I care about over here. Then, it vanished along with the person and that was the end of the funnel clouds touching down, as I looked back across to my old bedroom, seeing only the minor destruction of the outside gutters and shingles by the window. But now the window had the appearance of a dog kennel or prison gate. That’s where my dream ended. I can’t figure out what the person who kept appearing meant by their words or what the cage-like window in the end represents either, if anything.

      • #160595 Reply

        In the christian faith we believe God or the Holy Spirit will give us dreams to warn us of events. Sometimes we are to prepare, pray, or warn others. In your dream, when you spoke against the small tornadoes you were exercising the authority of the believer. That is why they vanished. God has given us authority to overcome demonic forces. In the Bible it says, “the same power that rose Christ from the dead lives in me,” “out of the mouth we have the power to speak life or death.” Prayer is the weapon of our warfare. It is extremely powerful. Many Christians don’t walk in this power sadly. They need to wake up spiritually and live in their God given authority. Also, you dreamed of someone being with you. I believe that was your guardian angle. Emma Stark teaches on all these things regarding angles. I am no professional, but I do believe I have a gifting with prophecy and interpretation. These are gifts in the Bible. You might have a gift for prophetic insight. The enemy seems to see something in you that he does not like. You need to repent of any sin and try to clean up what you are seeing and hearing in the physical so you can set your eyes on Spiritual matters. If you have not made a decision to follow Christ, start asking several people you know what a good church is or ask your friend to share the gospel with you and lead you into the prayer of salvation. Lastly, I believe the new tree that popped up is something new that God wants to do in your life. In the book of John chapter 15 where Jesus talks about being the vine and we are the branches. We abide in Him and He abides in us. Apart from Him we can do nothing (vs 5). I believe God wants to protect you from this very large issue (whatever the large tornadoe represents). I see you wrote this in 2017 and it is now August 2020, but I felt I had the interpretation for you. Hope this helps. God bless.

      • #160596 Reply

        I apologize. That last interpretation was not in regard to your dream, but a different person.

        But, I did want to respond to your dream. The person speaking to you was an angel. We have the authority as believers to speak to our situation in Jesus name. It was interesting to me that you said “you didn’t care if it was from God…” So you either recognized that God’s judgment was coming OR what I believe it is, is that it was attacks from the enemy on you and others you know personally. You have the gift of prophecy, given to you by God. Don’t seek any other form of spiritual avenue. Those are all tied to the demonic. I think the angel is telling you that you know what you have to do, and for me I think it means you need to give your life to Christ. You’re spiritual insight will lead you to helping others for the purposes of the Kingdom of God in a powerful way. If you are already saved, then I am totally off and you need to disregard my post. God bless.

    • #134908 Reply
      Cole Stevens

      Had a dream of multiple funnel clouds above my head and a different one had touched down. It was narrow and connected to a single cloud. I was scared but I didnt try to hide i thought about it but I didnt because I knew there was nothing I could do I just stood and watched. As long as I can remember I’ve always had dreams of tornadoes, I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

    • #136380 Reply

      Okay, so i don’t do this a lot. But me being 20 yrs old, i’m worried about this dream i just had. So i had a dream of being at my older sister’s house and my passed uncle came to visit the family. And there was a party going on. So i hope into a car and my uncle had hopped in and surprised me stating that he was alive. But he was wearing all black while others were wearing color or very little amounts of black. So we all went inside to enjoy ourselves when all of a sudden it starts to rain hard and stop. But then the sky turns a fiery orange and tornado started to form over the house but passes over it. During the time i’m telling my younger family members to get under the table for shelter and the we hear screaming, we went to go look outside at the front door and we witnessed an airplane crash from afar but close, like the debris from the crash was very close. The back door, which was all glass we can clearly see 6 tornadoes from afar all lined up next to each other, after that we couldn’t find my nephew because he went with his friends and my family and i just sat and looked the tornados. I don’t know what this means and i would really like to understand what this means. Please help and god bless.

    • #136957 Reply
      Johnathan williams

      Last night I had a dream there was tornados all around me,but they did not harm me. Then there was a big dark one then I got scared and woke up. Please help me what does this means. God has been giving me dreams but it is hard for me to determine what some of them mean

    • #142391 Reply
      Lusanda Matini

      Hi, everybody

      I had this dream where i had to go past a dangerous naighborhood. There we gangsters in every corner who are known to bully everyone they don’t know. As I walk past the first gang they scorn at me trying to stir other gangs to give me troble. They just only scorned at me.
      I had to walk past a big thick forest. As I approach thi forest the weather changed. It got very cloudy. As I approach, there appeared a tornado in this tornado. This tornado was in the middle of this forest and it was very cloudy white. I guess I will go past it but it got very huge it reached the sky. When i was about to enter the forest it got worst. So I turned and took out my phone to take pictures as I was taking pictures it disappeared. (Please interpret)

    • #146245 Reply

      I have last night and the night before had these two dreams which I believe are prophetic dreams. The first one I was in a shopping mall with my mother and there were people trying to tell her she had to have a vaccination. I got there just in time to tell her that they had no right to force her and she should say no. While I was helping her I was blind sided and a nurse grabbed me and injected me without my consent. (The nurse had an evil energy about her and was very strong and giving me a look that meant she was pleased for defeating me )
      The next night I had a dream that o was with my two small children and again my mother. We were at a theme park and I saw a storm and a tornado approaching. I earned them and ushered them into an underground building for shelter and to keep them safe. We were looking for the deepest and safest place away from the oncoming storm.
      I feel they are some sort of warning and feel there is some urgency to them but I’m new to prophecy and am still learning. Can you help? 🙏🏼

      • #160598 Reply

        I think God is revealing to you the true enemy behind all that is going on. The vaccination may not be evil, but the plot and agenda of the enemy is what is the real intention. Since you are practicing prophecy, ask the Holy Spirit what the intentions of the enemy are. Also, I think the coming storm is the Lord showing you of things to come. When the storm was coming you sought shelter for a short while. I believe you need to prepare for just your family. Many are dreaming and having visions about preparation. You need to pray and ask the holy spirit how long you need to prepare for and what you are preparing for. I have been preparing for about a months worth of food. Don’t go crazy and think you have to buy out the grocery store. Just prepare enough for whatever the holy spirit tells you.

        I am also new to practicing the gift of the spirit having dreams and interpretation. It has always been in me, but im finally getting it now, in my 30s, that God has given me this gift. The best thing you can do is pray for interpretation after waking. Ask for a scripture in the Bible, you will be surprised. Keep a journal and pen next to your bed. I write as soon as I wake up. How do we avoid misinterpretaton? Well if it does not align with scripture, then cast it away. Speak to it with authority. As an example, I have been building up my time to pray and intercede, but many times I am hitting a wall. God revealed to me recently that he cleansed me like he did Isaiah in Isaiah Ch. 6, so I realized that the enemy was that wall in between me and my prayer life. So when I start out praying sometimes I have to cast the enemy away from me, then after I take control in Jesus name I enter into prayer more effortlessly.

        Well God bless you. Keep exercising your faith. I’m right there with you. It has been difficult that I attend a church that does not press in to God and thinks all the spirit realm stuff is weird. I grew up in the Assemblies of God and am filled with the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. I don’t have anyone to relate too, so it is just me and the Holy Spirit and I am careful as I follow people on youtube. Weigh everything with the Word of God and put all words from others on your spiritual book shelf. You don’t have to believe everything you hear until the Word and HS reveal it to you. I have found this lady, I think her name is Emma Stark to be interesting, as well as another lady from Spirit Move Ministries.

    • #161278 Reply

      I am not sure if anyone reads this but I had a dream last night about multiple tornadoes.

      I was first in a car with my cousin and sister and we where parked in a parking lot of a strip mall. We began driving and I kept staring up to the sky. It was a sunny day. All of a sudden, a funnel cloud began to form and I said there’s a funnel cloud in the sky and a tornado dropped and began driving fast away from it. My eyes watching the skies the entire time. We came to a highway and there was traffic because of an accident and all of a sudden tons of tornadoes began to drop from the sky. The sky got dark and I began yelling to everyone to run and seek shelter. My sisters, my cousins and my best friend began to appear on the same highway and I was yelling for everyone to seek shelter. I climbed a cement wall. And everyone began to follow suit. I found deep cement bins just in front of houses where it appeared that the sun was out and shining on. And I made people climb inside. Suddenly we were all wearing sweaters and we all put out hoods up. I was holding my nephews and shielding them from the wind. It also began to hail on us and like snow. and I just kept telling everyone to brace for impact. When we opened our eyes from the wind there was light snow on us.
      The odd thing was is that the tornadoes never passed the highway. I could feel their winds. I watched them destroy things.
      They cause houses to catch and fire and burn. I watched families rescue each other from burning homes and run towards the other side of the highway where I was standing with others. I was helping children who escaped the fire to breathe in the fresh air.

      The tornados were still dropping from the sky. Making their way closer but never getting close enough to me and my family. But I watch trees burn and fall to the ground. My eyes never moving from the sky.

      I saw my best friend and she ran and hugged me and I remember thinking of my home and my cat and wondering if my house was ok. But every time I pictured it was calm and sunny there. I thought of my boyfriend who was away for work and I remember thinking I can’t wait to tell him this and I saw my cousin crying in his black car and I put my hand on his shoulder and I woke up.

    • #164372 Reply

      My preacher had a dream of being in a storm with a tornado he run to shelter and saw me and my daughter in a corner trying to be safe from the storm he said my daughter was crying in the dream and the tornado was getting close he came over to us and tried to get us down into a concrete pit he was afraid the building would collapse
      He called for me and I said I can’t and he was trying to get us and he woke up before anything happened.

      We were not hurt in the dream he doesn’t know if the parking garage we were in fell or not he could see the tornado an hear the wind but he woke up before it got us

      Please tell me what this means I’m concerned.

    • #164455 Reply

      I had a dream that I was on a hill at a park with other people, children and my little sisters. Someone pointed to the sky and when I looked out beyond the hill a small tornado funnel started forming, we were alarmed because none of us got a tornado warning on our phones. The sky was dark and this tornado was ascending towards us all and then another and then another and soon multiple tornados filled the sky ripping through the city below the hill. People at the park were running away but I thought it’s too late and I accepted my fate and braced myself. I screamed for my sisters to come towards me and sit. One of my sisters was running toward, I’m not sure if she made it to me. I think she was taken up into the sky. Not shortly after the tornadoes passed through me. I remember the odd glitchy feeling of waves as the tornado passed through me. Then I woke up. I should also mention that my two sisters were ages 5 and 7 in the dream but they’re 17 and 18 now.

    • #184226 Reply

      Because of these trying times upon us all, I have been doing some research about the Cabal/Deep State etc… (not a conspiracy theorist, just in search of some answers). “The Sequel to The Fall of the cabal, Part 4” cover, references “The Hand of God with a tornado” over the earth burning. I have had multiple dreams of tornados over the past two decades, some multiple and some just one giant one. About six months ago, I than had a dream with a man with goat’s head (Cabal symbol of devil) standing over a pile of dead bodies and dragging one off by the heel. My most recent dream (two months ago) was of several small tornadoes and one giant tornado, and I could look behind this giant tornado and see an extremely bright light. It was not until now, that I saw this correlation, because I have never researched this or the cabal/deep state nor have I ever saw the image of God’s hand with a tornado.

    • #184337 Reply

      During a period of fasting. I had the most profound tornado dream. Firstly the tornado was massive!!! I mean really huge. The tunnel was grey, large and swirling, I was watching it, navigating the best possible route to maintain safety, while leading others to safety too. I would watch the tornado and prepare for the next round of devastation, screaming to others to be careful its going this way and that way. Another thing though, at one point I was in the eye of the tornado…it was so calm and amazing actually…I felt peace. I looked up im awe at how big the tornado actually is, it was so quite, it was massive surrounding me, at the top of the tornado though, there was some symbolic rock sign (the rocks made a line across the top of the tornado, however in the middle, it made some sort of circle sign.. )

    • #196001 Reply
      Cherie’ Smith

      I have had prophetic dreams for years. I had a dream a few years ago of tornadoes ripping through a corn field. Headed towards me house. There was a tv in my kitchen with a national new cast broadcasting. Everyone was absolutely terrified, showing the devastation the tornadoes were bringing and in a panic over what was coming.
      I hid in my pantry (our tornado safe place). Soon I could feel the house rumbling and the sound of my home being torn apart. I was having great trouble breathing (I have severe asthma), and knew I was going to die. Upon realizing that fact, I relaxed and let God take me up in the whirlwind.
      I knew that this was a national thing, not just local.

    • #197177 Reply

      Hello Cherie,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything I say to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate information.

      I believe the dream was given to you years ago to warn/prepare you for what was to come (e.g., economic instability, national crisis of some sort) and probably the pandemic crisis that we are dealing with. Areas of provision (corn field) were/are threatened and you/close to you started to feel the effect of the economic situation (threats to jobs, source of income, provision, etc.). It probably made/makes you anxious (trouble breathing), but you remember that God is in control. The same strategy you used in the dream, trusting in God then will help you now in navigating whatever “storms” (tornados) that may come your way.


    • #199649 Reply
      Linda Hale

      I had a most amazing dream last night. You and I were walking and talking about the Lord and all of a sudden a great storm arose, but we kept walking and it never phased either of us. It was as if it was not even there, but it was and we could see it. Then there were reports of tornados that touched down in various places and we were told to take cover, but because we were under the shelter and wing of the Almighty, no other shelter was needed for us. We continued to walk, and all of a sudden a HUGE white tornado touched down next to us on the right side and I actually ran towards it and took the staff I held in my hand and commanded it to dissipate in the name of Jesus, I sliced the rod directly into the center of the tornado, keep in mind that while I did this, I felt no wind around me at any point. When I sliced through the tornado and commanded it to relinquish its power in the Name of Jesus it was as if I had sliced it completely in half and the winds then blew in my face and all around me and there was a great fantastic rush within my spirit, almost like excitement and great anticipation of an amazing thing, refreshing almost, and then I woke up.

    • #223232 Reply
      Amber Peak

      Last night I had an intense dream. In my dream I looked out a window of college brick building I was in and I looked to my left and seen a dark blue tornado form quickly and drop to the ground it was big. I yelled out to the people to the right and said tornado seek shelter. And then I looked again and I didn’t see the tornado but I could hear it break through the building I was in. I warned wanted to warn people but people were scattering and I just stood there seeing it about to break through the wall. I felt anxiety and fear settle in but the tornado didn’t get me but came close. Then I woke up. I’m praying God will speak through you to me.

      • #225598 Reply

        Hello Amber,

        Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone provides the accurate interpretation.

        Please against depression among your peers and/or yourself.

        Remember the following scriptures:
        The joy of the Lord is your strength.
        Not by might, or by power but by My Spirit says the Lord!


    • #225210 Reply
      Angela Howie

      I had a strange dream just before I woke up at 6am this morning and yet remembered it enough to tellky husband about it. In the dream I am driving home and see 4+ violent terrifying tornadoes to my right…when I lookledt I see many others begining to form. Suddenly there is huge fire balls with black trails of smoke hitting the ground all around me and giant boulders of hail smashing down on the ground along with the fire balls.i begin to race even faster in my car to get home to my children and then a strange and wonderful sense of peace silently tells me I have nothing to fear and that I will not be hurt… That it is not meant for me to be harmed.i have told my friend in the dream to meet me at my house and she does and believes that we will not be harmed but that she needs to find something before we still take shelter, like she is in search of something.we are calm and yet there is urgency in finding whatever she is looking for and we need it before be find shelter .There is a quiet realization that her children are safe wherever they are. My house and hers are safe… Then I awake

    • #225600 Reply

      Hello Angela,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone provides the accurate interpretation.

      Even though it might feel like all hell is breaking lose in the world, that there is one thing after the other, remember and reassure yourself that God is in control and that “I have nothing to fear and that I will not be hurt.”


    • #234341 Reply

      I was in a vehicle with my younger sister. She was opening up candy from a wrapper as I took it. I looked up and saw storm clouds coming. I shouted to her to hurry there was a tornado coming. (I didn’t see a tornado). She tried to open another piece of candy to give me. She finally tried to get it out, it was stucck to the wrapper. She was able to give me that piece. I took off running to a house pounding on the door and windows shouting a tornado was coming. No one came out. Then I woke up.

    • #235767 Reply

      Hello Lisa,
      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Your sister (either literal or representative- she may also represent something unique to you, i.e., if you are a dreamer and have seen her a few times in your dream) may not be prepared for something that is coming and is fixated/stuck on pleasurable things. Don’t be influenced by the same pleasure. Seek the Holy Spirit for clarity regarding what this “tornado” is in your lives and wisdom about how to be prepared for what is coming. Sound the alarm!


    • #242188 Reply
      Rosa Fernandez

      Hello I have had dreams where I’m in this big building with glass walls and i can see outside the sky. In my dream I can feel the floor shaking like an earthquake and then I see outside and the sky is black and I see lighting and I see a tornado near about to hit us and I pray I close my eyes and raise my hands and pray for gods protection and to watch over me and my family and to cover us and protect us and then the tornado turns around and does not hit us at all and doesn’t destroy . Then I tear and cry of joy and thankful because god heard my prayer.

    • #247711 Reply
      Bettina Morgan

      Hello, I dreamed that my family and I was outside and out of know where several tornadoes appeared. There was smoke in the sky and coming towards us. I remember also a news reporter said everything was about to topple down as if it was eminent. Everyone ran and jumped in their cars to flee. It was VERY SCARY an end of the world dream. Praying for the interpretation. Thanks!

    • #248250 Reply

      Hello Bettina,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Some calamities(maybe physical/spiritual/metaphorical) is coming to all. Pray that the Holy Spirit enlightens you about what it is and how you can prepare.


    • #251595 Reply

      I had a weird dream , like tornado 🌪 I looked up out of the window. Like the window from my old hotel in Louisana and I seen a truck flying and then I seen a car and then I remember I got on the floor I started repenting then I went to go find my boyfriend so we could go somewhere to escape the tornado to head a different way and then it ended but before I called him I was crying and panicking and packing clothes and couldn’t take everything with me

    • #260488 Reply

      I didn’t have a dream about a tornado but I had a vision of a tornado, what does it mean ?

    • #262678 Reply

      Hello Denise,

      Thank you for the question. It depends on the colour and what the tornado and you/others (if applicable) were doing.


    • #270627 Reply
      Barkel J Flemming

      HI my name is Barkel I went on a 3 day fast and in the fast i dreamed i was seeking advise from a priest while doing that he said he would show me myself. i then saw myself in an upside down bright red tornado that as i walked it always hovered around my body i was in the center of it. the priest said that i could help him and attempted to confess but i got up and ended the session . i was then helping people escape from huge factories and then i woke up.

    • #270628 Reply
      Barkel J Flemming

      it was bright red and it was upside down it surrounded my body as i was just walking and i walked in the eye of it. i only saw it when i went to get advise or help from a priest

    • #270667 Reply

      Hello Barkel,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Do you have an issue with anger or surrounded by people with anger? I think the priest represents God. He wants you to confess this so He can help you but you don’t appear willing to do so. You are still being used to minister to others but whatever the tornado represents may be holding you back to fully walk in what God wants you to be. I’m not sure why the word “lust” also lingers for the meaning of the tornado in your dream as I write. May the Holy Spirit give you clarity in Jesus’s Almighty Name, I pray, Amen!


    • #270933 Reply
      Barkel J Flemming

      i fasted and the first day there was a naked female’s body with tattoos on top of mine and periodically i get glimpses of a female throughout the day its like shes wearing white and feel like it follows me waiting for an opportunity . I was praying against spirit spouse. so yeah it probably is lust . thank you for taking time to respond

    • #271203 Reply
      cat and eagle

      i dreamed my niece’s cat was swooped down upon in a field on a bright sunny day by an eagle; it fought and the eagle dropped it . the eagle then flew in the opposite direction came back around and picked the cat up . I woke up heart pounding saw it again during this afternoon and i feel grieved

    • #289178 Reply

      I dreamt where it seems as if I was in Houston Texas where God recently relocated me to. In the dream, I was with my church family and they were speaking about pop up preaching and where they would head next. It was an open space where there were people seated. The next thing I knew, it seemed as I saw a very violent tornado coming as well as strangers did. We had no time to prepare at all as the tornado came so fast! All we did was hold on to a guard rail. The tornado hit us as we were all outdoors but we were not hurt or damaged in anyway. It just passed us so fast.

    • #290528 Reply

      Hello Cheynne,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      The key to the interpretation is “We had no time to prepare at all as the tornado came so fast! All we did was hold on to a guard rail. The tornado hit us as we were all outdoors but we were not hurt or damaged in anyway. It just passed us so fast.”

      Something will hit people publicly but you’ll (plural) hold on. May God give you clarity. The good news is that whatever the tornado represents you will not be “hurt or damaged in anyway.” I don’t think it is a literal tornado though, but who knows?


    • #292594 Reply

      I have had tornado dreams periodically in my life. I had this particular dream several years ago after I had started a new position at work. I feel that I have had one interpretation of it which has been helpful to me, but I recently wanted to get more clarification about whether there is more that I need to follow up on or do with the knowledge.
      In the dream I was walking through a town with my new work supervisor. She had a man with her that I knew to be an academic/professor type. I also had a silent unseen companion which I know is the Holy Spirit. We climbed a tower of some kind where we ended up having a high view of the whole town. Far off I see a huge tornado coming. I look to my supervisor and ask what we should to do about it. She does not seem to see it or if she does she is not responding even after I ask a second time. She is seems to be talking or occupied by her companion. I have a sense that the Holy Spirit has told me that I have been respectful of her authority, but I now have permission to do what I need to since she is not responding. I quickly climb down and begin taking children who are coming to me to a shelter. I notice that behind me my supervisor is slowly climbing down too, so she must have seen it. She still has her companion with her. I don’t worry about her but focus on getting kids to safety. That is where it ended.
      For context, we are both mental health counselors and work with children/teens at a residential facility.

    • #293365 Reply

      Hello Noel,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      I believe that your job is to focus on your work and do your VERY best as the Holy Spirit leads inspite of what chaos, turmoil that might be coming or is currently happening. You are to remain faithful and protect the “children” (could also represent your work/duty/project in general and may not be literal).


    • #295026 Reply

      I believe I know the meaning to my dream(s) but I’ll share anyway.

      Throughout my life I’ve had various tornado dreams but they’re more frequent when I’m far from God, backslidden and doing what I ought not. These dreams end with the tornado closing in and me waking up, often sweating, heart pounding, with the immediate waking inclination that I need to repent and turn back to Christ while there is still time. Obviously I take this seriously since it’s frightening.

      I’ve been making an effort to seek the Kingdom lately and things have been changing.

      The most recent tornado dream was very different. I did not get overtaken by the tornado, and I joined my wife in the basement. I saw it coming out the window and judged the distance. But, I had to grab all the things I held dear and bring them to safety in the basement with me first. Then take a drink of pop because I was thirsty. Basically doing every last minute thing trying to squeeze the time like an orange. Foolish, or wise? This I don’t know. My inclination was that I “made it” but I still felt the need to “save” all my important earthly things, as if they were idols. But perhaps I was trying to “redeem the time”?

      Either way, I’m glad I made it. But I may have things I need to work on. In the next dream, I hope I make better time. Maybe I’ll save some neighbors too.

    • #295922 Reply

      Hello Jared,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Perhaps the dream is showing that you are growing in selflessness and being more concerned about others when you go through “stormy” and trying circumstances.


    • #301451 Reply

      I have had this reoccurring dream for 10 years now about a talking tornado, I end up hiding in a church bathtub and this tornado destroys this little town looking for me, it says to me “Where are you?” “I’m going to find you” as soon as it finds me I wake up everytime. It’s the same way too.

    • #302980 Reply

      Please for give me English is not my first language but I am born-again christen


      I’m standing inside a big building on the first floor. It looks like the main entrance door has a big glass all of sudden. I saw a tornado across the street start stirring from the ground. It got taller and taller then I pointed out to the people have you seen a tornado please start praying then I start praying calling Jesus name all of sudden start moving farther down the road.

    • #303527 Reply

      I cant forget the dream I had when I was a kid. I saw 4 big tornadoes then suddenly these all 4 became 4 women models. I still don’t know what it means. I just really understood these recent months that I am a seer cause others have experienced what I did and an Intercessor too.

    • #309890 Reply
      Felipe Silva

      I had a dream I was at the beach standing on the sand. Beside me was my nephew who is 18 years old. When I looked go the coast there was this huge tornado heating the earth and there was multiple coming one after the other, looking from the beach to the coast line. When I looked they were 4 and when I looked even further there was one more. I was amazed at the scene and asked my nephew for the phone to take a picture of it. We were fine as if it would not be coming at our direction. Can you help me to have an interpretation of it? God bless!!

    • #310576 Reply

      Hello Felipe,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      I think your dream interpreted itself in the following excerpt “When I looked they were 4 and when I looked even further there was one more. I was amazed at the scene and asked my nephew for the phone to take a picture of it. We were fine as if it would not be coming at our direction.”

      These 5 “tornados” may or not be literal but the key is that you will be fine, God’s grace. Pray for who might be affected by the “tornado” or pray against it.


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