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      Thank you Nicole.l have been telling myself l will send a testimony till l saw
      the comment”Tracy plz share your testimony”…God you are jus too beautiful.L was
      testified about my son who got a place at a university but after praying in tongues
      that is when we saw the break through message.This is the same boy that God keeps on
      doing great things for him.On our 7 day Daniel fast,God visited my Child.Some two years
      ago,he told me that his been having dreams of many eagles around him.L looked at him
      and thought to myself,prophetic gift?…but l jus doubted and said,maybe its just a
      dream.If my second son had told me the same ,l would have believed coz he has that
      zeal to read the bible and talks about the things of God.Then morning of our 6th
      day corporate prayer the child prayers …then boooom…the child starts speaking.
      l ask myself ..whats this now, l look at the boy in wonder.Manifesting?…l keep
      quiet,in my heart am saying not this time Lord..such a wonderful time l am having
      in prayer..Then l realised the boy was saying things l know .l was in shock ,amazed,didnt
      know what to say and how to handle this.l waited and observed for some time if this
      is really God or something else..(you know how mothers are).My brothers and sisters
      in the Lord,God is so so Good.From that day,this gift is what is in my home and what
      a shift in my lift and my children.l only could tell him to go to this website
      and learn more of which he did.This all started when l wanted to know more in my
      walked with God in January 2020 and l found this website.Nicole…your messages,
      the prophetic word has groomed me and not only me alone but also the impact
      is seen in my children.May God bless you and may the world be changed through
      what you are doing for God.Since that day l never stop to sing Cece Winans song
      WORTH OF IT ALL.God has indeed done more than what l could ever ask or imagine
      in my life.l have learnt a lesson God is the only only who knows His people.


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      This is amazing!!! I love that God has brought your children into their spiritual giftings. This is wonderful. I pray He will continue to speak to them and protect this gift that is within them. Cover them under your blood Jesus! Blessings

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