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      Please help my son Tommy to be free from his constant fear and anxiety. Help him to know God is in control. Take away his obsessions and compulsions that take over his life. Help him to see the beautiful child of God he is and to give all control to God. Help give me strength as his mother when he struggles.

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      Hi Ellen,

      This sounds like a spirit that you need to bind and cast out. Here i an article on binding and loosing. The bottom line is you need to bind the evil by name and loose the opposite of that.

      So, bind and cast out fear and loose the opposite according to the word of God which is power, love and a sounds mind.

      You need to bind and cast out anxiety and loose peace and security in the Lord.

      Please read this

      We will be praying for the wisdom of God to guide your way as his mother.

      God bless

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