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      lord please we are rehoming our dog that show up as a stray lord so lord bring one to come and pick her up and give her a wonderful home for her lord we just do not have time I pregnant lord with our 5th child lord so we need her gone since she gets no time or is not able to be walk we live in a townhouse so she lives on our patio so she needs a much better home for her so bring someone in the next few days to get her lord bless her with a home ASAP LORD in the Name Of God

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      Praying for your dog to get a new home Anna. Why don’t you make up some signs and when you or your husband leave the house to the supermarket, church or other places you can put out signs that you need a loving home for the dog. You may get some people who would be interested. Maybe the local area schools would be a good idea as well.

      God bless

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