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      I have had the same dream many, many times since I was a child. I am walking around the mall lost going in circles for hours and hours and cannot find the exit no matter how hard I try. I pass the same stores but I cannot seem to find the exit at all. I become very uneasy in the dream and when I am about to panic because I am lost I wake up.

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      Hi Petal,

      This is the condition of your life spiritually. You are somewhat stuck and have a hard time when to exit a church or something that you know is not right for you. If you are ever in the position where you need to make a decision to end something, pray, ask God and when He shows you what to do then you need to do it. Once you make that decision, these dreams will stop. You are stuck in the familiar and need to break out and do something different. God will show you what you need to do.

      God Bless.

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      Pray for spiritual freedom and progress in life

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      I have had a recurring dream for the last year. I always dream that someone has stolen my purse and I wake up troubled. I have had this dream at least 24 times but the last time the dream ended differently. Instead of searching for my purse, I walked up to a lady, looked her in her eyes and told her “either you give it back or I will take it”. I woke up after that. This year my finances’ have been eaten up by crazy incidents and situations that are unbelievable. With many prayers I have not seen a breakthrough. What could this mean? I believe that the Lord was warning me (He speaks to me in my dreams) but do you have any incite on how to end this monthly cycle?

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      HI Dee,

      Yes this is definitely God warning you in your dreams. The fact that the dream keeps repeating means that you have yet to deal with the situation. This is the spirit of the robber and the thief. You are being plagued by this spirit and that is why your finances are not moving forward. Every time you have a step forward in the area of your finances or any area of success you lose it because the thief comes and takes it away from you. You can only fight this in prayer. Read Proverbs 6:30-31. You need to bind that spirit of robbery, thief, lack and poverty and declare the scripture to be loosed into your life. Immediately after you wake from dreaming this dream you need to take this action. Whenever God gives you the dream he is letting you know this spirit is coming after you. Once you pray they won’t have access to your finances. If you don’t then it will manifest in the natural, hope this brings clarity. God bless

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      Ive had a recurring dream for over 3 years. I am often lost trying to find home with my children. I have also dreamt many times of being in a grand home and being unable to go to certain parts of it. I am put in a room and not allowed past parts with locked doors or ropes blocking my access. Parts of this dream changed when I moved. I was able to hear and my father brought me a rowboat and an oar and handed it to me. The next morning I knew I was to move and moved in 7 days. However the recurring dreams still do not end and no one seems to have a good interpretation. Any help is appreciated. I have had the gift of Dreams since I was a child but this is the first time a dream has been recurring for years.

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      This grand home is your life, your purpose, your destiny. There are parts of your destiny that are blocked. You need to pray that God reveals to you what is blocking access to these rooms. Take them one room at a time, specifically ask him “what does this rope signify?” whatever he shows you needs to be addressed. Then you will no longer see the rope and you move to the next room in your dreams and so and so forth. These blocks can be demonic, people you need to remove from your life, your habits and mindset. Even unbelief. You need to address them one at a time. The rowboat and the oar was progress but still something that you needed to use your flesh (rowing) to achieve. So there are things that you are doing in your own flesh. You need to relinquish control to God and allow him to guide you. Fulfilling your destiny and purpose in life will be that much harder if you attempt to do it in your flesh
      Hope this helps.

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