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      I have been having dreams going to my father’s house where I grew up as a girl.Going back to secondary or university schooling days or the school I taught over 15 yrs ago before joining college.In the dreams I am with old friendsor students some whom I even lost contacts over 6 years ago.Kindly help me umderstand and what should I do?

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      I lost my job recently and I learnt that a manager and some other persons conspired against me because I was pregnant and I was asked to resign.
      I have been having reoccurring dreams about going back to this my former office but I can’t really place a meaning to them. Please assist with interpretation.

      Thank You.

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      I have a reoccurring dream often where i get on an elevator and the elevator always goes straight down, it never hits the ground floor, but it always goes straight down. Only a few times that i can count on one hand i got on the elevator and it went up. this has been a dream i have been having for years. nothing particular going on in my life that i can recall.

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      The reason we have reoccurring dreams is that we have unresolved issues. These types of dreams won’t stop until the issue has been resolved.

      So Theresa, you are still connected to something from your childhood home that is not healthy. Did something happen there that was traumatic? Do you have forgiveness that needs to be extended to some family members associated with that house? Or is it that you had a wonderful childhood and keep thinking about how great things were back then? Either way, it’s not good because it means you are stuck in the realm of the spirit to that age and time in your life. Ask God to show you what it is at that house that has you bound there in the spirit. The minute you release that and deal with it you will no longer have dreams of going back to your childhood home.

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      Ima and Shaye, you can read above about recurring dreams to see what they mean.

      Ima I would give you the same instructions as Theresa.

      For you Shaye, I would say that you have a pattern going on in your life that is destructive and leads to nothing else but demotion. So, is it your friends that are going nowhere? Are you involved in a relationship that is going nowhere? You need to make a change if you want this dream to stop. Is it a job that is going nowhere? A business? Only you can change that. And. I’m sure you know what it is.

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