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      I take care of patients in end of life care and love what I do. However at my job the daughter practices dark magic and dances in the moonlight and calls forth dark spirits. I am a seer and have seen darkness all in the house. I’m there 5-6 days a week and since the daughter moved in I have been covered in unexplained bruises and have been having suicidal and lustful thoughts that are not my own. For months I have struggled against this darkness but it’s becoming increasingly unbearable and I am so weary . Please pray for any spirits that have attached themselves to me to be bound and rebuked in Jesus name and ask for a hedge of protection over me. I appreciate it and God bless. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

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      Hi Sarah,
      I’ve had several similar issues it’s very simple,don’t let darkness mess with you. They have no power unless you allow them. When you’re able, take olive oil with you, play worship music and bless the house. just place the oil on your fingers and bless the walls while also rebuking darkness in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Don’t forget you are the daughter and Princess of the king of kings! There is power in the name of Jesus,and light in you! Feed your spirit with the word of God which is a two edged sword!

      Blessings, power and understanding be with you ?

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      Amen! Thank you for encouraging her Eliza. Sarah, I would also add that you need to put on the armor of God everyday that you are in that house Ephesians 6 and also use the weapon of binding and loosing. Ask the Lord if you are to remain in this place. What is the purpose of you being there? You need to hear from the Lord about this. Praying for you.

      Here are the 2 prayers below…

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