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      Kimberly Laguna

      First I will go to the Lord with prayer and scripture. I do need another opinion as I spend time with God to be confirmed please. I had dream of my husband who has left me for another woman and lives with her. He and this woman invaded my grandmas house. They don’t have kids togather but in this dream she had 3sons she doesnt have now. My husband was enrolling them into school. My dad asked (he is dead too like my grandma) do you have permission to use this address. My husband confessed no…then my dad said why do you use this address this is no longer your home. My husband said but its family it should always be ok. Then I saw a ring on this young lady and it was a bear or something silly on her wedding ring finger… i started laughing and she said we are to be married and I laughed and said i am married to him he is my husband. My husband turned to me and said he was sorry she stormed off and went to some bar while we spoke to my mom about just him staying at the house.

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      Hi Kimberly, whenever we dream of the past – a childhood home, school etc. it generally means that we are stuck in the past. You are still grieving over your ex-husband this is why you are seeing him at your grandma’s house. The minute you let him go and cut soul ties with him you will no longer see him there.

      I believe you are seeing them as having sons because these are the spirits they have in common. Don’t allow these spirits to rob you of your joy and peace. They are trying to invade a private place that is connected with you spiritually. Move on. You should pray the prayer to break soul ties so that you can be free spiritually from him.

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