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    We really need your prayers to have the miracle from God. This miracle is my brother. please call God to deliver this miracle to my family. please pray with all your believe trust faith and love to God. please also ask your families and friends to pray for us to have this miracle. AMEN!

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    Oh God im praying for your miracle i believe soon will experience your miracle again in my life i believe soon i will be truly happy im waiting oh God i believe younare always by my side and loving and taking care of me. I kove you jesus Amen

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    I am in a depression due to the following and I have no one to turn to, I’m praying, but I feel God has forsaken me.
    I have been told to leave my home immediately, the owner who is my boyfriend’s mother does not treat me well, she brings her frustration of her son who is a heroin addict out on me. Not only does he steal my money and disrespects me, he interacts with vagrants who are also on drugs and brings them to our home and drives around with them in my car. We’ve just had a baby and I have discovered this habit, but he is in denial.
    We don’t have money or food to feed my children [ I have 2 from my previous marriage]
    I moved into his family home, when I discovered I was pregnant and it was then when I discovered that he has a filthy habit. He is deep into it, he lives on drugs and spends all our money on drugs. He is aggressive with me when I don’t give him my money.
    His mother has demanded that I leave her premises, even though I’ve done nothing wrong. I have nowhere to go and I’m struggling to support three kids on my own.
    My mother is in a Shelter and my sister lives on the street. I’m worried about them and I cannot support either of them any longer.
    I feel like committing suicide so that my kids will live better, but I’m worried about my one son, as his dad doesn’t want him.
    My children are surrounded my negativity and our emotional damage has worsened
    They have a very low self-esteem because of what’s happening
    We are hurt, we’ve been robbed of all our valuables and our home and now we have no one to turn to.
    Please pray and intercede on my behalf because I’m to weak to do so, I just cry

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    Dear Father in heaven, please visit Lesley-Ann in her situation. I pray for supernatural provision, favour, direction and help in Jesus name. Amen.

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    Hi Lesley Ann, where do you live? Praying for you and your children. God will make a way. You need to be in deep prayer every day and ask the Lord to open your ears so you can hear His voice. He will make a way out for you.

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