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      The abuse for several days is so toxic & so destructive & wanting these tyrants of mental control & abuse to leave. They are trying to run my life & position me to being a dumb little kid & they are in charge. They are trying to put my friend that has helped me away & trying to dump something in my business out & heard a smart alec say something in the rude family. My business is none of their business- please can this cycle of hell & imps leave & the relatives & phychic attack or the portrayal of it’s scenario to go. All day long the midget has the big man going to make her marry this one & the one she has do this to. I need privacy Lord. My military compensation paperwork came Saturday from my Video Hearing & I haven’t even read it. I have telepathic mental involvement by the relatives that the midget put into my home for the fix they wanted back when & the family expert fix issues – as if some fambouyant expert on this. I am tired of this into my mentality & the spell to the chair to top it off at the same time. My friend that normally helps had something happen & if they caused it please protect him Lord amen. Because he is also disabled & ended up with no medicine. My letter to you is being devoured by the physic. That this would pass over. Amen.

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      Theresa, we will pray along with you but you need to go into heavy fasting and prayer until this thing breaks.

      Here are some items you need to read to get freedom from these demonic spirits.

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