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      Good day,

      kindly help me pray against monitoring spirits. i belive this spitit along the witches from my town are responsible for my failures especially at edge of sucess. please pray for me.


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      Reed Corless

      Instead of talking ABOUT the dry bones, talk TO the dry bones, prophecy over the dry bones the way Ezekiel did when the Lord showed him the valley of dry bones. Stop talking about it, and starting talking to it. “In the name of Jesus Christ today will be different, today I will have a different mindset, my mind will be in a different place, today will be a day that I don’t think about any of those things” Be strong and Take heart in the Lord, all you who hope in the Lord. The way you respond to the temptation immediately will influence heavily the turn out, instead of toying with it, do no be tricked by your lack of desire to beat the temptation, just immediately respond in a strong manner, and flee. Paul said he finds himself doing the things he doesn’t want to do and not doing the things he does want to do, so don’t be tricked by not feeling like beating the temptation, respond strongly, you should immediately to it, and flee. The Israelites prayed for 400 years to be free’d from slavery but even when they were on the way to the promise land, they felt like going back to slavery because it was all they knew, it was there comfort blanket. Which seems insane but it shows us that we do the things we don’t want and don’t do the things we do want to do, but take heart in the Lord and run from Egypt, even though you have developed a connection to your old ways like the Israelites, it may just seem easier to give up but, keep taking heart in the Lord and running from Egypt, and you will find your promised land, just keep running, the connection is not who you are, you have just been there for too long and now is your chance to stay strong just keep running, have faith through everything that God is just ABOUT to come through, just be strong one more day.

      Prayer: pray in the Lord to give you a new comfort blanket to, something new to hold onto, so that instead of reverting to sin, and having to deliberately think of holy things, we would have to deliberately think of sin if we wanted to and that we always revert to the holy comfort blanket of the Lord. (I dont mean this on a level of actions, but on a level of thoughts, our fears like to run our lives, our worries like to be our comfort blankets, but not today, today the Lord will be our comfort blanket, and worries will have to be deliberately thought of.)

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      Nzeke, we will be praying for you. Here is some information that you can read as well that will help with your breakthrough

      Reed, thank you for that great word and advice.

      God bless you both!

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      Be with me in prayers I have a monitoring spirit blocking me to get married

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      Donna Murphy

      To Whom It May Concern: Thank you for the article and the prayer. I know I have a monitoring spirit it’s only attacking my progress and my singleness. I notice I have certain guys that watch me and knows about me. Each time a guy likes me. These guys slander my names, tells likes make me look bad so the other guy won’t like me keeping me single. This been happening 34 years old my life. Even my dad watches me no matter how I show these guys that I don’t like them it don’t matter to them. As long as I am single or be desperate enough to date them. They are not good guys. Very controlling, abusive I since that in the spirit. God even gave me three warnings about one of them. I can’t escape them because one lives in my neighborhood, the other is on my job, and a couple follow my every move. I have no peace. I want to get married and have kids but I see my must fight for it. I have to fight for everything. I am tired of being followed, watch monitor all the time. It’s like it’s very demonic. I am trap. The only way I can get loose is to find a high paying job, so I can move to another apartment. Low paying jobs are keeping me trap. Or move to an another state. I keep having dreams about moving back to Daytona Beach Even though I haven’t taught about that issue. Is like when I ask the lord for directions it’s always a dream about Florida. On my job this guy who somehow knows about me causing trouble. If I don’t do something I will be single for the rest of my life something has to change. It’s like I am in bondage under these guys. I hope God will show you what’s really going on in the spiritual realm. Thank you so much for your time, prayers and consideration.

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      Donna, we will tell you this for a fact their prayers/words spoken are acting as a shield and everything good that God has for you cannot get through. You need to pray very strong prayers that their prayers will become null & void. That God will break every word spoken against you so that the blessings of the Lord will make its way to you.

      If you are able to move yourself out of that situation, please try to do so. These spirits operate off information. If they don’t have information then they have nothing to attack or prevent. So, don’t share anything with them that is related to your future. Also, don’t share the information with anyone who may be friends or have contact with them.

      Disconnect. Move forward and keep praying. God will break that off of you, in Jesus Name. Amen

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      Praying for you also Egness. Stand in prayer for yourself as well and break off these spirits. Don’t hang out with anyone that you believe may be operating under this spirit or carrying information back and forth (a double agent).

      God will grant you wisdom and deliver you from this.

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      I am in business & I am having the blessing that the Lord gave me through my ministry. When I just spoke something out earlier- the image of a midget on the other side of my computer – that I am being forced to look at & tolerate thought it was funny- a cunning funny. The pure & loving thoughts has affliction/assignment & this group I am asking to be released from. Poltergeist on the chair & on & on pester & badger all day. The dishonor to these in this group is truth & they won’t acknowledge. They can’t come out of denial & take constructive criticism & get right. They want coercion & sexual abuse that I can feel a flannel shirt midget (the others have suits) doing all the time I’m in the chair- it’s mental abuse. Please pray hell & its expression so much needing to be expressed to go from my home. No bindings, ties, bondage. Cut the fetters asunder Lord. Set Me Free Lord. Separate me, set me apart & make me holy. This group has no respect. This is my private home. My business is none of their care. They are coveting my intellect & I don’t like them here. That I am not a resource center for thieve hoodlums. That all the users, connections, links they use- all of them- by the roots be done with. No strongman. Privacy, peaceful abode. Amen. They want to reverse my prayers, my blessings- because they need to pay me back for not taking their choice pick guy- sorry not my god. This season of all of this has endured to long. I don’t want it’s talk & language in my life. Please that this dwarf has his license revoked & that they get put in to mental hospital- they don’t function in the public community well. I am not the first this has gone on to.

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      Lolita or Loleta

      Pray to block monitoring spirits and alienation eyes. Pray to stop demonic voice operating through the spirit of the air and pray to remove every evil device that was set ip against me. Pray to reunite my children back to me. Pray to receive all my finances that are rightfully mine. In Jesus Christ holy name

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      Am constantly losing my blessings when I receive them. My finances and my relationships with men who show me respect and love all of a sudden come to no end. When I get elevated in my job. I all of a sudden find that am right back where I started. I feel that nothing is meant to last for me. I have Prayed ceaselessly. Help me and pray for me..

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