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      My husband has 2 children out of wedlock!One 10 and the other one 1 month old.Our children are are 12 (boy)and 2 years old girl.My husband culturally paid dowry for the mother of this one month old without my knowledge back in our native country.We are currently based in Australia including this woman and her child.I have been praying that God seperates and brings my husband back to his senses and just recently he moved the woman and her child to come and stay closer to us…10/15 mins away from our house and the same area I work.

      Please help me pray for God to plant thornbushes in his path and put my husband and this woman’s plan to nothing!!!

      I have hurt for so long.My husband was raised by a single mother who had 4 kids with different man and his father 7 kids with 4 different women as well.

      This is a generational curse!I ask that you help me in prayer for these chains to be broken suddenly and forevermore and for God to bless us with a healthy happy marriage and respect between us two.

      The word of God says “What God has put together,let no man put asunder!”

      May God create a situation/circumstance that draws my husband wholly and truly to him.

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      Praying for you and your family Tapiwa. I want to share this prayer with you as well

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