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      Please pray for me and TM. We have been together 4 years as of this year and our relationship has come down to just phone calls and text. He says he’s moving on but I’m not able to accept that or believe that. I’m still so much in love with him. I’m struggling and going through deep bouts of depression when I think of how much my life evolved around him and it still does. I’m lost and seeking help. Please pray for me and him. I need strength and I need the Lord to help me in the battle. I’m not able to pray and not able to focus on things. I’m praying for healing between TM and I and praying for restoration. In the name of Jesus I pray.

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      I think this is something that you need to turn completely over to God. If the Lord wants this person in your life then he will be back. If not, maybe God is making room in your life for other things.

      Praying for you.

      God Bless

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