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      I think I have BPD I have been traumatized as a child sexually and as an adult with my husband who forced me to watch porn and now I am very susceptible to being not so good. I am currently dating someone who is a Christian and I rage at him at times and we go days without communicating because I live in my anger . How do I get help with my emotions please I ask and need help

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      Hi Staci,

      Don’t label yourself as BPD. You had trauma in your life and if you were not delivered from the hurt and pain of that, then it would be normal that you would be acting the way that you do.

      I see that you have several things that need to be prayed for. You are going to need to do some of this work as well because this is complex. You can be free because God is able. If you are willing and obedient you will eat the good of the land.

      Your willingness to heed the instructions to get your deliverance will determine how far you get with this.

      1, From reading what you wrote you need to break soul ties with the person who perpetrated the sexual act against you.

      2. You need to be delivered from anger

      3. You need to have also need to go through a deliverance form generational curses.


      We are praying for you.

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