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      For the past decade, there is this pattern of financial poverty in my life.
      I’m a freelancer. and for the longest of time, I will encounter clients, companies, middleman or even friends owing me salaries. The debts they owe me roll and despite them finally paying me back, my daily expenses have already tore a big hole in my wallet and no matter how much I earn, it seems that I have to always fill up this hole and barely have anything left. And every time at the poorest peak, my pet will get sick and I have to spend a huge amount on vet bills. This is a recurring pattern.
      And despite having a remarkable portfolio, I do not stand a good chance getting into companies.

      Please pray for me. I have long suspected something is going on, spirits are stealing from me.
      I can’t believe that not one but all the people I encounter in regards to my career and finances are behaving the same way.
      I work hard, I study hard to keep up to skills, I save, I give. What’s wrong?

      There is a huge blockage. This financial poverty is keeping me from achieving a lot of goals in my life. Please pray for me! I need to break free!

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      God Bless You Ak. Yes, it appears that there is something there that is blocking your progress. You can read some more about this on this page https://missionariesofprayer.org/2015/04/prayer-against-a-familiar-spirit-and-monitoring-spirits/

      We will pray for you but you must also pray for yourself and ask God to sharpen your spiritual eyes and ears to see what is going on around you and war against what is going on in the spirit.

      As difficult as it may be for you now, please don’t stop giving – finances, time and in whatever other way you can give.

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