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      Could you pls interpret my dream?
      Some people broke into my home and were ransacking it… they did not harm me or the occupants( who i
      Cared for
      But dont actually know
      In real life)but i had a feeling at some point if i made the wrong move the intruders would turn very dangerous very quickly so i had to be cautious with my words. The home was mine but did not look like my exsisting home

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      Hi Rachel,

      God is warning you in this dream that the spirit of the thief or the robber is lurking when you have these dreams you need to bind it in the name of Jesus immediately after waking up.

      The physical manifestation of this will be getting overcharged for things, losing money, paying late fees on things all while being intimidated to open your mouth and saying it is an injustice. You are being robbed and you need to rebuke the spirit verbally and tell it to go.

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