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      I was out and about shopping. I entered to use the ladies restroom. While in my stall, three women entered the stall next to me, one was pregnant and in labor.
      They were coaching the pregnant one to push. I could hear her morning in pain. They kept on to no avail, finally the two ladies said, we will be back and left.
      When they left they young lady moaned, ohhhhhhhhh. I immediatley went over. She was propped up with her feet on the toilet and was in pain.
      As she tried again to push, I saw the baby’s head peak out but go back up.
      I look into the toilet and it had a bunch of toilet paper, to me it appeared nasty looking.
      I did not want the baby to land in that mess! I reached for the baby’s head and asked her to push again. As she push, I pulled, eventually the baby came out.
      It was wrapped in like a a cloth and opening its mouth trying to breath. As I was unwrapping him the ladies reappeared. They saw they baby and what I was doing, they asked to take him. I said, no let me finish. I wanted to make sure he was alright and breathing.
      After unwrapping him, I handed him to his mother.

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      Keep contending for what you have sown as it is being birthed. Your intercession is critical to what was sown surviving. The two women are agents sent to steal your fruit.

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      Amen Dana! This is the correct interpretation. Deb this is what you are birthing in the spirit so you have to be careful to watch over it. Don’t let anyone come to steal what God has promised you.

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