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Rebecca, first I want to say thank you for being so open and sharing. Second, you should get ready to pray this dream through. It will require a lot of prayer because God has basically revealed your process to you and the only way to get to the end is to pray it through, get another dream to see where you’re at, pray that through, get another dream, then pray that through, and so on and so forth.

The amazing thing is that He has shown you so clearly. This tells me He will also tell you in the future as you make the necessary changes where you are in your process…and quickly!

I’m going to break the dream down into symbols and then you can put it all together yourself. As far as dream interpretation goes, you know the interpretation is correct when it bears witness with your spirit and you feel it has been resolved. If you feel as if any of what I share with you has not completely answered your questions, then it means there may be another interpretation to that portion of your dream. You will need to pray it through and ask God to give you more clarity.

First, the little girls in your dream (all of them) are you. God is showing you yourself as you are growing up in life. This tells me a few things about you…. You’ve carried a spirit of fear with you since you were a child. You have trust issues and people have to “win you over” to get anywhere near you. You like to be in control of everything and in every situation.

These things are evil spirits. Please read and pray through this

I can identify the familiar spirits that carry fear, control and an inability to trust. You’ve become so comfortable with these that you don’t realize that these emotions are not yours. These are evil spirits – they are actually not you! These are your “two friends” that are going with you everywhere. Well, it’s time to get rid of them.

You may have been hurt as a child and these things got attached to you but they are holding you back and impeding your growth in the Lord. This is why He is showing them to you.

Let’s look at your mode of transportation. This is basically what you’re using to transitioning through life. Note that they are not modern types of transportation. A horse, and even so you wanted to have brakes on it (because of the familiar spirits – fear, mistrust and control). Paul took the brakes off. Do you know someone named Paul? If not, God might be showing you that somewhere in one of the books written by the Apostle Paul and inspired by the Holy Spirit He is going to show you how to move without brakes.

But the horse, was a shopping cart. Still a mode of transportation that needs to be pushed…uphill. You are making progress however because you passed 2 cars (let’s pray that’s you overcoming the familiar spirits). You saw meat on the side of the road which means you grew from drinking milk to eating meat. You’re making progress even though you are doing this partially in the flesh. If you were in a car and God was driving this wouldn’t be an uphill battle for you. However, because you are in control of the process it will be harder.

Build A Bear means nothing to me so this may be something personal to you – does it sound like someone or someplace that you know? Perhaps as you are reading the bible God will show it to you in the word. This could be a “sounds like” kind of clue what does Build A Bear sound like to you?

The really good news is that God showed you the end in the beginning. You are going to go through a process of renewing your mind (the teacher – which is the Holy Spirit). Through the word of God. It will completely renew and rewire your mind. Your progress will be “quick and painless” and you will get past all of this. Praise God!

Prayer Points
1. Pray against fear. Bind up fear loose power love and a sound mind daily.
2. Rebuke the familiar spirits – fear, mistrust, control
3. Ask God to make the keys very clear to you and write it down so you don’t forget. Ask Him to show you how to properly secure the keys so that you no longer lose them
4. Ask God to lead you to the scriptures that will renew your mind
5. Submit to God, relinquish control, trust Him

I’ll send the interpretation of the first dream next.