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      I had 2 separate dreams, though I woke up in between them, the first dream transitioned into second dream…

      Dream 1

      In the dream, i was sleeping and heard loud noises and screams outside and knew there was someone running around going through different houses. Someone in the neighborhood was so frightened they committed suicide (I never saw this person but knew he had hung himself). I continued to hear loud noises and slid under the bed to hide myself knowing that someone would try to come in. My door had two locks on them, and thought it was strange of me to have kept the door unlocked. And sure enough, someone entered my home and slipped under the bed knowing I was under the bed. This man was a familiar face by the name of Brian, and I didn’t feel fear when he met me under the bed. He approached me as to kiss me but knowing we had both been married, tried to push him off. I remember feeling concern for the man who had just committed suicide, though it wasn’t a concern for anyone else. And this concern carried over to the second dream.

      Dream 2
      I was in a school setting with two friends. I saw lockers and at some point placed my belongings in there. A teacher noticed that I had weird shakes going on in my body that I didn’t think anyone else would notice and she approached me and told me that she could sense by my heart that something wasn’t quite right and I needed an adjustment in my mind. She used this electrical instrument that went around my head that sent electrical impulses. I felt these impulses in my dream, and it felt like a tickle in my head and could hear small electrical tapping). The process was quick and painless. When she was finished, I knew something was different and I had been healed. I had clarity of mind in a way I didn’t have before. I saw a sort of door in my mind and I described to her that before my mind was “shutting down” like an old tv screen and now it was gone. She started to report to others that there was already improvement and showed others charts of my progress, and how there was significant improvement in my classes already.

      I knew I had to get back to my friends I started out with but was worried about being separated from my keys I had put away in a locker somewhere. I knew I needed them to get back home. Later, the teacher pulled out two sets of keys (linked to each other) out of a filing cabinet (they were recognizable in my dream and I knew they were mine. I saw these keys in my dream so vividly). She sent me on a horse to get back home. But she told me the only horse that was available came with no brakes! A friend named Paul had disabled/taken off the brakes! I was a little uncomfortable because I was not comfortable with my own level of riding a horse. The horse was brought out (but in my dream it was a shopping cart!) with a girl was sitting in it and would be driving this “horse.” I was told she was the best horse-rider and she was very confident of this but I knew I had to ‘win her over’ to give me a ride. The girl appeared to be between 6-10 years old. I sat in the front of the shopping cart with her. I was looking for a place to set my belongings in the cart where they would be safe for the ride. And slipped my belongings (which appeared to be nothing but some notecards) in between the wires of the cart. Another younger girl wanted to come along but was scared of how fast she was going on the horse and sat in the back of the cart. We rode on the horse/shopping cart and galloped swiftly and quickly. It was a fun ride, and I had little fear and had confidence of where she was taking me. The entire ride was uphill. We passed two cars, and I even remember seeing us pass two large tables of fresh cooked chicken and meat outside. I asked this experienced rider where she was headed to and she told me “Build-A-Bear.” At the end of my dream, I saw a girl (who appeared to be a young teenager) dressed up in a sparkly silver dress that had silver stars on it.

      This is the second day in a row I have seen keys in my dream. I have asked the Lord for wisdom and understanding of these dreams, but wanted further confirmation in understanding them. Would love your interpretation. Thank you!

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      Rebecca, first I want to say thank you for being so open and sharing. Second, you should get ready to pray this dream through. It will require a lot of prayer because God has basically revealed your process to you and the only way to get to the end is to pray it through, get another dream to see where you’re at, pray that through, get another dream, then pray that through, and so on and so forth.

      The amazing thing is that He has shown you so clearly. This tells me He will also tell you in the future as you make the necessary changes where you are in your process…and quickly!

      I’m going to break the dream down into symbols and then you can put it all together yourself. As far as dream interpretation goes, you know the interpretation is correct when it bears witness with your spirit and you feel it has been resolved. If you feel as if any of what I share with you has not completely answered your questions, then it means there may be another interpretation to that portion of your dream. You will need to pray it through and ask God to give you more clarity.

      First, the little girls in your dream (all of them) are you. God is showing you yourself as you are growing up in life. This tells me a few things about you…. You’ve carried a spirit of fear with you since you were a child. You have trust issues and people have to “win you over” to get anywhere near you. You like to be in control of everything and in every situation.

      These things are evil spirits. Please read and pray through this


      I can identify the familiar spirits that carry fear, control and an inability to trust. You’ve become so comfortable with these that you don’t realize that these emotions are not yours. These are evil spirits – they are actually not you! These are your “two friends” that are going with you everywhere. Well, it’s time to get rid of them.

      You may have been hurt as a child and these things got attached to you but they are holding you back and impeding your growth in the Lord. This is why He is showing them to you.

      Let’s look at your mode of transportation. This is basically what you’re using to transitioning through life. Note that they are not modern types of transportation. A horse, and even so you wanted to have brakes on it (because of the familiar spirits – fear, mistrust and control). Paul took the brakes off. Do you know someone named Paul? If not, God might be showing you that somewhere in one of the books written by the Apostle Paul and inspired by the Holy Spirit He is going to show you how to move without brakes.

      But the horse, was a shopping cart. Still a mode of transportation that needs to be pushed…uphill. You are making progress however because you passed 2 cars (let’s pray that’s you overcoming the familiar spirits). You saw meat on the side of the road which means you grew from drinking milk to eating meat. You’re making progress even though you are doing this partially in the flesh. If you were in a car and God was driving this wouldn’t be an uphill battle for you. However, because you are in control of the process it will be harder.

      Build A Bear means nothing to me so this may be something personal to you – does it sound like someone or someplace that you know? Perhaps as you are reading the bible God will show it to you in the word. This could be a “sounds like” kind of clue what does Build A Bear sound like to you?

      The really good news is that God showed you the end in the beginning. You are going to go through a process of renewing your mind (the teacher – which is the Holy Spirit). Through the word of God. It will completely renew and rewire your mind. Your progress will be “quick and painless” and you will get past all of this. Praise God!

      Prayer Points
      1. Pray against fear. Bind up fear loose power love and a sound mind daily.
      2. Rebuke the familiar spirits – fear, mistrust, control
      3. Ask God to make the keys very clear to you and write it down so you don’t forget. Ask Him to show you how to properly secure the keys so that you no longer lose them
      4. Ask God to lead you to the scriptures that will renew your mind
      5. Submit to God, relinquish control, trust Him

      I’ll send the interpretation of the first dream next.

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      Thank you for this! Praise God for incredible insight and the way He uses you and the Holy Spirit’s leading in your life! This is a gift. I will be sure to pray through this. This is lot of information that I am processing with the Lord. A lot of the themes you mentioned – trust, control, fear, are things that I have had healing in but the dream is a solid reminder that there is still healing and deliverance that needs to take place. So thankful for the keys He has given me and He is alongside with me in the journey!

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      Hi Rebecca,

      You are correct you have been healed. The problem is that you have familiar spirits that are traveling with you and attempting to get you back in covenant with them – fear, control and trust. It is not you, these are evil spirits. Whatever happens- DON’T OWN IT!! These are spirits that need to be bound and cast out.

      Read the article we posted on familiar spirit and also read this one about binding and loosing and it will help you to deal with them.

      I had to interpret the 2nd dream in order for you to clearly understand the first dream.

      So, now that you know the familiar spirits that you are battling Brian who looks familiar to you (familiar spirit) is actually fear. You ran under the bed, you saw him, you felt fear. In comes this spirit that attempts to kiss you. He wants to get in covenant with you again because you are now married to someone else (Jesus). Afterall, you have been delivered and he knows you are no longer in covenant with him!

      The fact that Brian is married to someone else tells me that Brian is in covenant with someone you know personally in the natural and it is through your connection with that person who carries the spirit of fear that this evil spirit has access to you. This is your open door. The door that you need to secure/close. Either they get delivered or you need to end that friendship. If it is a family member you need to keep your distance. Otherwise every time you talk to them on the phone or they are in your presence you need to bind and loose.

      The part that concerns me most of the first dream is the murder/suicide spirit. Have you had dreams about this spirit before? If yes, then this is another familiar spirit. Especially if you know people who have committed suicide worse if they were a family member.

      If not, it is new and the spirit of fear is trying to now attack you with this one. You need to rebuke, renounce, cancel in the name of Jesus the spirit of murder and suicide. Declare it is null and void and shall not come to pass and will have no access to you. Cover yourself under the blood of Jesus. Keep in mind again that you need to close some doors in your life that would give the evil spirits access to you.

      Prayer Points

      1. Ask God to show you the doors that you are leaving open to allow these spirit access to you life. You need to close those doors. Pray for them to close but if you know how they are getting access it is easier for you to shut the door permanently.
      2. If ever you dream of these spirit before you get out of bed the minute you wake up you need to bind them up. Cancel the assignment of the enemy on your life and cover yourself under the blood of Jesus
      3. Since you have few familiar spirits don’t assume they are all using the same door to gain access to your life. Ask God to show you all the doors for each one that was identified and close them.

      God will give you dreams periodically to show you what’s going on and you just need to pray if you recognize they are trying to get access again. Something to keep in mind, since you know Brian is fear then whenever you see him in a dream you know what that means. This is your personal dream symbol for the spirit of fear. No one else knows this, just you. Don’t talk about the fact that Brian signifies fear to you. This is between you and God. Otherwise the enemy will change the face of the person to confuse you. Hope that makes sense.

      God Bless You! And, we are praying for you.

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