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HI Dee,

Yes this is definitely God warning you in your dreams. The fact that the dream keeps repeating means that you have yet to deal with the situation. This is the spirit of the robber and the thief. You are being plagued by this spirit and that is why your finances are not moving forward. Every time you have a step forward in the area of your finances or any area of success you lose it because the thief comes and takes it away from you. You can only fight this in prayer. Read Proverbs 6:30-31. You need to bind that spirit of robbery, thief, lack and poverty and declare the scripture to be loosed into your life. Immediately after you wake from dreaming this dream you need to take this action. Whenever God gives you the dream he is letting you know this spirit is coming after you. Once you pray they won’t have access to your finances. If you don’t then it will manifest in the natural, hope this brings clarity. God bless