Prophetic Word for August 2022

prophetic word for August 2022

This is the prophetic word for August 2022 – Something New!  Isaiah 43:19

Who is this word for?  Everyone.

This is the 8th month on the Gregorian Calendar.  This is the month of New Beginnings as that is the meaning of the number 8.

The Lord says to tell you “I AM doing a new thing!”

(Isaiah 43:19)

Behold, I am doing a new thing;
    now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
    and rivers in the desert.”

I know you may have heard this scripture many times before, but I want to point something out to you about it.

First, the scripture is a declaration, so image God is declaring this over you “I am doing a new thing

or read it like this I AM, doing a new thing.

The great I AM is doing something new and quite frankly He always is!  We do not serve a stagnant God!  Therefore, you should always be looking for the new.

He says it “springs up“.  That is a suddenly!  The new thing shows up instantaneously, there is no notice.  One minute it wasn’t there and then the next thing you know, it is!

He says “do you not perceive it?”  This is because we have a tendency to not see what God is doing.  He’s doing it and we miss it because we are focused on our past, focused on the world, focused on our traumas, on our wilderness, on our dry places that when the new thing arrives we cannot even see it.

I want you to notice that these are physical things, that you can see with your own eyes…

I will make a way in the wilderness“, this means that your wilderness season comes to an end.  Yes!  This is what God is declaring over you right now, your wilderness season comes to an end SUDDENLY!  How does it come to an end?  He makes a way!  He is going to give you direction.  He will show you the path out of that wilderness.  Please don’t miss it!  Ask Him “Lord, show me the way out of this wilderness”.

And rivers in the desert“, this means your dry places will become well-watered.  Your dry bones will spring to life.  What was once arid becomes and oasis!  SUDDENLY!  Water, it is the water of the Word.  By speaking the word of God over your dry places you can bring it to life.  The declarations of your mouth can water your promises.

You already have a head start with the word on Mary and Martha, John and Peter and also with the First Fruit Blessing Prayer for Av. Now you get to take the next step into this new thing.

God wants you to have new thoughts so that you can have a different outcome.  So that you can see things differently.  A big part of new thoughts has to do with removing the thoughts that have been put there by culture, the media and abusive relationships that are negative and leads to defeat and replacing them with God’s word.

How do you go about the replacing the thoughts?  Through meditating on the scripture.

This is a spiritual discipline.

When the world talks about meditation it has to do with emptying your thoughts.  Well, that is contrary to what God says is true meditation.  Biblical meditation is not emptying your head but rather replacing what’s in your head that is wrong with what is right…Scripture!  If you emptied your mind, when the enemy comes at you how will you defend yourself?  With nothingness??  No, that is why these types of meditative practices do not work.  An empty head is the devil’s playground.

When Christ was attacked, He said “It is written…”  So something has to be inside of you in order to stand against the enemy.  Something has to be inside of you in order to make it through the seasons ahead.  Something has to be inside of you in order to overcome mental health issues.  I spoke before about mental preparedness, well this is a part of it.

You fill your mind with God’s word by reading the Word and meditating on the Word.

In this video you will learn the importance of meditating on scripture and also a very simple tip of how to do it.

This simple tip you can do throughout the day, or better still, do it right before you go to bed at night.

I guarantee it will be impossible for you not to see changes in your life by doing this.  This will help clear up any mental health issues, any emotional abuse issues and any childhood traumas.


5 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for August 2022”

  1. Greetings saints. I am thankful for the video. I passed it on to others. And for me it took me back to meditating on the word as i used when I first came to believe. To speak the word untill we see the manifestation of the spoken word. Thank you for this. GOD BLESS ALL

  2. I sent this video to many people I know. So many believers are suffering needlessly because they don’t know the word! I only missed one day in the word due to physical exhaustion from doing yard work and suddenly my peace was gone! I was praying last night and this morning asking God why and I got this in my inbox. Well. I understood immediately that it’s because I missed being in the word. Thank you MOP for the reminder. I love the Lord and serve him but we are earthrem vessels. We leak! I needed a reminder. Bless you. ❤️🙏🏻

  3. Good morning MOP.
    I can’t thank you enough for bringing light to me always. I have been going through turbulent moments and said to myself just yesterday that I needed to read on how to find peace. I reminded myself that peace wasn’t the absence of war but the ability to be calm in the midst of crisis.
    Your video is timely. It’s all I needed to face my future. I’m truly grateful.
    God bless you abundantly in Jesus name Amen.

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