Prophetic word – You are Here

prophetic word for may 2019

I’m sharing this prophetic word with you for the month of May 2019 but I feel this is something you could easily come back and read over and over again for encouragement and to get an understanding of your position as it relates to storms.

As I was praying for the body of Christ a couple of days ago, I was asking the Lord where we are as a body with crossing over into what was promised I heard the words in my spirit “You are experiencing the tail winds”.

This means 2 things (1) Tail winds bring an accelerated movement so things go faster because the winds are blowing in the direction that an object is traveling. Have you ever been on a flight scheduled to take 1 hour flying time but arrived in 45 minutes instead?  That’s because the plane had a tail wind.

However I got a vision of (2) the tail winds of a hurricane.  These are the winds that are at the end of a storm.   So let me use this picture to explain to you how the Lord showed this to me.  All of you will be able to relate to this and get an idea on your position. Imagine that the hurricane is moving from right to left on a straight path.  I believe the majority of you reading this are in the tail winds which means …you are here.

prophetic word for may 2019
Image from CNN

For some of you your storm from the start of the storm  – which is the furthest point on to the left when you see the green, yellow and red to the end of the storm which is actually cut off from this map to the furthest right – could be 10 years! For some of you this could be 7 years.  And for others 5 years.

You see that white band/area that is going over Haiti, this would be the stage when you heard your company was going to lay off people but it didn’t happen yet.  So you got nervous but you thought for sure you would land a job really quickly.

You had no idea basically that this was going to turn into a 10 year ordeal of hardship.

For some of you it wasn’t a job it was your marriage, it was an illness, whatever it was you thought you were going to be done with this in no time.  Except it has been a loooong weary road and you are wondering “when is it going to end???”

It does comes to an end because NO STORM LASTS FOREVER.

Now you may be wondering how do I know that you are where I have you positioned on the map.  Well, the majority of you are in this position.  I know this because remember the Lord said “you are experiencing the tail winds”  that means the worst part is gone and you are coming out of it.  In the tail wind of a storm , if you go outside  you can still get hurt because there are still strong bands of wind and flying debris that can hurt you but the worse part is already gone.

When you first entered this storm and you heard these great prophetic words… “this is going to be your year!” most of you got excited  except what happened?  It got worse. Then the next year same positive message and…it got worse.  Then you thought, surely this can’t get any worse than this but…it did get worse!  This is how it is as you get closer to the eye of the storm.  This is where it gets progressively worse.  If your life is looking like this now, it means you are to the left of the eye of the storm.

When you get into the eye of the storm you get a reprieve which doesn’t last for very long and, since we don’t “spiritual storm meteorologist” to tell us this is the eye, don’t get comfortable,  brace yourself, we thought it was over, took a sigh of relief only to get WHAM..hit again!  Because now you have the back eye wall and then another year into it you have this lovely purple/blue color on the storm map which is the worst of the storm.  Not a nice period time.

I was talking to some friends and other Christians testing out this whole storm scenario to see if they all fit into the “Tail winds/You are here” spot and they did!  So here’s how you test it on yourself.  Rewind the tape of your life back to 2 – 4 years, it was pretty bad then for most of you.  Now fast forward to today and make some comparisons.  What you will notice is that even though you are going through a difficult time now, things are better.

Some of you had no job, now you have a job.  You may not like the job, may get paid less but you have a job.

Some of you didn’t have a place to live, you may not like the house you’re living in now….but you have a place to live.

Some of you the finances were a mess, but if you look at what you have now that is NEW and some of the things you are able to buy now that you couldn’t a few years ago, it is better!  Your finances are still a mess but it is better.

Some of you are still sick, but your medication is making you feel a lot better than a few years back.

Some of you have family members who got saved.  Many things happened that were good things.

The bottom line is, things are better.  They are not like it was before the storm started, for sure, but you are actually in a better place now than you were a few years ago.

For that, you need to stop and give God the praise for what He has done and continues to do.  It’s not over yet.  You still have those tailwinds to deal with but it is getting progressively better.  You’ve past through the worst of it!

What I have noticed in this season is that God is moving His people in a very different way than He did in the past.  Past seasons, you have a short storm, then calm and then you progress.  It’s not happening like that now.

We are actually moving forward while going through the raging storm. 

That’s why you are able to look back and see that is better.  Because you’re moving forward whether you realize it or not. By the time this thing is over, you are already in position and it’s done.  There will be nothing for you to do.

Ok, you read this entire thing and I have yet to give you one scripture. That’s because I’m going to have you read 4 chapters which will be too long to add to this post.  I’m going to ask you to read the book of Ruth. When you read it do not focus on the love story.  Focus on her struggle and her process.  That means whether you are young or old, married or single, male of female you will be able to get something out of it.  I’m going to put some snippets below to use Ruth’s life with the hurricane.

Now if you read the story you already know that she was a Moabite – a foreigner, an outsider, not Jewish.  Because there was a famine in Bethlehem her in-laws moved to Moab and that is how she met her husband.  They were married for 10 years.  We’ll call this the period before her storm started. Everything was good, no famine in the land, she’s married with only one small problem…she’s obviously barren.   Then here comes her storm her father in law dies, her husband dies, she has no kids and her mother in law decides to leave and go back to Bethlehem because things are starting to get better there because the famine has ended. Bottom line is, in one swoop Ruth has no family. None.

Now, it didn’t say that there was a famine that started in Moab so we know things were still good economically but Ruth had a decision to make was she going to stay in her familiar surroundings, even though there was sadness and she would be alone, or move into a country where she is an outsider but at least she has mother in law?  Big decision.  She goes with her Mother in Law (Naomi) meanwhile her sister in law decided to stay in Moab.

So now she gets to Bethlehem and she’s in a worse position than before – outsider, poor, slave girl and ends up in a field working.  Is she getting the best of the crops?  No, she picking up the left overs.  Whatever the harvesters didn’t manage to get is what she got.  So she has to look at other people getting the best (blessed) while she is left with scraps.  Does this look like a good situation?  No.  Now imagine I walk over to her as she’s in that field and I hand her this….

Image from CNN

LOL, yah!  Because that was exactly where she was.  From the time her husband dies to the time she met Boaz was 7 years.  So she had a 7 year storm.  You know, we flip the pages of the bible and read these stories and we don’t realize that they didn’t happen as quickly as us flipping a page.  I’m pretty sure at the moment when she’s picking up the left overs she is probably thinking I can’t believe that I am here doing this when I could be in Moab right now.  At least in Moab, I’m not treated like a 2nd class citizen.  And, I wouldn’t be picking up leftovers.  I bet Orpah (her sister in law who stayed in Moab) is married and has kids by now. It would’ve been easy to quit and go back home.  But, we know that she was right where she needed to be even though it didn’t look like it.  From the beginning of the harvest to the end of the harvest was only 2 months.  Only 2 months.  So if she had allowed the weariness of the past 7 years to get to her she would’ve thrown in the towel at the home stretch.  What if the first day after getting into that field she said “that’s it, I’m done!  I will not subject myself to this, I’m going back to Moab!’ She was in her final 2 months!!  The tailwinds of her storm.  It was coming to an end.

Now, even after she met Boaz and realized that this was her future she still had to follow the process.  Things turned around for her in 24 hours!!! She literally stepped into the 2nd tailwind which is an acceleration of her destiny based on the direction in which she was traveling.

(Ruth 3:12-13)  “Although it is true that I am a guardian-redeemer of our family, there is another who is more closely related than I. Stay here for the night, and in the morning if he wants to do his duty as your guardian-redeemer, good; let him redeem you. But if he is not willing, as surely as the  Lord lives I will do it. Lie here until morning.”

So after 2 months of a humiliating low point in her life of picking up left overs, within 24 hours it was decided and her entire life changed.  Some of you already know what the next step is but you are still going through God’s process.  Don’t fret, what is yours… is yours!  Boaz could’ve married someone else a long time ago, but he didn’t because he belong to her.  God put him on ice for her. So the minute she realized this man was for her, she still had to follow protocol and so did he.

Some of you already know and you have your eye on what is yours – it’s your promotion, it’s your job, it’s your house, it’s the ministry you were promised, it’s your new business.  There’s no need for you to jockey for position, or try to kick some else in the shin that appears to be getting ahead of you.  No need to be jealous of the other harvesters in the field!!  You already know what is yours.

Do the right thing. Step into your position honorably.

Be still.  (Psalm 46:10) He says, “Be still, and know that I am God”

Stay in the field and continue to work through the process. It’s the tailwinds and this storm is coming to an end.  God is going to give you what belongs to you in due time.

(Galatians 6:9) “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

The best part of this whole story is that what comes at the end of the storm is much better than the beginning.  Remember, Ruth was barren well in (Ruth 4:13) God opened her womb.  So even though Moab appeared to be good what was waiting for her at the end of that storm was even better than Moab.  But, she had to go through this.

Also, let’s not forget the debris and the clean up that happens after a storm.  There is a loss that happens during a storm and we can’t ignore that. Ruth lost her husband through death but some of you will lose through divorce, a miscarriage, your home foreclosed, you lost a job, whatever it may be there is an aftermath where storms are concerned.  Please don’t allow what you lost during this period of your life stop you from enjoying what God is giving you or getting ready to give you in the new season.  Let is go.  And, move forward.  Your restoration may not come through the return of the old thing but by God giving you something better with the new. Do not try to recover what God has removed. What is ahead is better than Moab.


I’m sure it crossed your mind, but why so long?  Ruth was King David’s great grandmother.  Don’t you think this story was told over and over again in their household?  Don’t you think she told them how to honor people? How to stay the course during the storms of life? How to act right even when you have to take a lower position (because you don’t who’s watching)?  How to handle menials tasks with a spirit of excellence? How to show love to your friends and family because you don’t know how long they will be with you? All of these lessons later showed up in King David’s life and he had to wait twice as long (15 years) from his anointing to the palace.  I’m pretty sure he learned that from his great grandmother’s testimony. Your testimony is more than you. Humility. Courage. Endurance. Strength. Patience. Knowledge. Wisdom. Character.  A one year storm will never produce this in anyone.  That’s why it is so long.


(Romans 5:3-5 The Voice) “We also celebrate in seasons of suffering because we know that when we suffer we develop endurance, which shapes our characters. When our characters are refined, we learn what it means to hope and anticipate God’s goodness. And hope will never fail to satisfy our deepest need because the Holy Spirit that was given to us has flooded our hearts with God’s love.”

When the winds have ceased you will be ready. I pray this blesses you.  Please comment below.


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  1. Wow, this came just at the nick of time, thanks for this wonderful message, it lifted a huge burden off my heart. God bless you and continue to affect lives through your ministry.

  2. This is just what I needed to read, Im blessed with the word that I feel is really meant of rme, it all makes sense now, I am uplifted and encouraged to breakthrough into my new season, my storm is almost over, trusting God for all He has done and trusting Him to take me through to my next level, all praise and glory to you my Father, thank you Jesus

  3. Well this came in right in time. God is faithful and in His due time, He makes all things beautiful. Believing Him for a better life after these storms. Thank you for sharing.

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