Prophetic Word – Soil Inspection

The Lord is getting ready to sow many seeds for the new season and the new harvest. He is testing the soil to see where it is ready to receive the seed. His word is cleansing and purifying the soil of your soul, heart, mind, body and spirit. Allow Him to do this purifying work to remove the dross and the debris that does not belong in these places. This new thing that will spring up from these new seeds will spring up very quickly. The Lord is also sending others to sow seeds into those who have soil that is ready. They are seeds of favor and opportunity. Think of this like an investor looking at an investment, you don’t invest money into things that you know, after full inspection and research, will not return profitable. This is how these “seed sowers” will be looking at you. They will be looking at your soil to see if you are in fact the right place where they should be sowing. These could be your future mentors or people who will lead you into your next season. The bottom line is that they are holding favor and many opportunities in their hands and this will become a blessing for you for many years to come. Prepare your soil so that when the testing and inspection begins you will be found ready and worthy of receiving it. God is looking for a return on His investment. Prepare the soil.

Likewise you must become soil inspectors too. Stop wasting your time, money, resources and energy on things that are unfruitful and unproductive. Toiling to make something work when God has deemed the soil unfit.

Inspect the soil.

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