Prayer for Healing Broken Relationships

prayer for healing broken relationships

Have you experienced having broken or wounded relationships? Do you want God to heal those relationships?

Every person is unique and created differently by God. Each of us has a distinguishing mark, quality or characteristic in our body, temperament or personality make-up, mindset, habits, inclinations, and choices. No two persons are created exactly the same even identical twins. As such, we carry ourselves differently and approach things and life accordingly.

Inside the basic unit of the society which is the family, the married couple relate to each other as husband and wife. Out of this covenantal union before God, they produce offspring. Parents relate in a certain way to children and vice versa. Depending on the spiritual maturity and character of parents, they rear, nurture, and nourish their sons and daughters in the ways they were raised up by their own parents. They have a set of beliefs, guidelines, and standards in enacting discipline and instilling good moral and spiritual values to their kids.

However, as their children reach a transition called adolescence, more often than not, they act out and rebel against their parents and family for one reason or another. Relationship between parents to children is affected. If left unresolved, the son or daughter will reach adulthood and build his own family having a wounded relationship with father or mother or both and worse yet, with other siblings.

Either the husband or wife within the marriage life will encounter problems perhaps with the health, career, finances, or personal struggles within. Relationships will be challenged as each spouse struggle to remain or leave the marriage. Divorce, legal separation or annulment is the result of marital conflicts. Each in turn re-marries repeating cycles of pattern that last a lifetime.

Relationships with relatives, in-laws, and extended families are also severed as hurting people hurt people. Causes of relational problems include the areas of money or inheritance, legal conflicts, jealousy, envy, greed, miscommunication and misunderstanding, breached confidences, gossip, slander, conspiracy, division, abuse (verbal, physical, sexual included), sickness, shame, dignity, honor, and generational /family issues.

Every individual attended school, contracted work or built up a business. Relationships developed within these spheres can also be wounded with another set of causes or reasons. It can be competition, favoritism, performance-orientation, success drive, crab mentality, violations inside contracts or mere misunderstandings among students, classmates, teachers, employers, employees, clients, and contractors.

prayer for healing broken relationshipsWhen we step inside the church or ministry, relationships among believers, ministers and church leaders, co-workers and attendees are not also perfect. Usually inside the Christian circles, the conflicts are because of sins, judgments, accusation, condemnation, self-righteousness, spiritual arrogance, questioned integrity, controversial doctrines and disciplines and immorality, among others.

Friendships created since childhood until later age are not exempted from wounding. In fact, the most painful of all relationships is the one where lies, betrayal, loss, abuse, and desertion between friends took place. Even Jesus Himself was betrayed and left by His supposed to be loyal disciples and friends.

If you have experienced wounded relationships, there is still hope for you. God is still in the business of redeeming and restoring relationships.

The first step towards healing broken relationships is to reconcile with God by accepting His Son Jesus into your life as Lord and Savior. When He has entered your heart, He can help you heal the first relationship you need to start with—with Father God.

Get to know Him through His Word and His presence. Establish a deeper relationship with Him. When you set your heart and relationship at right with God (vertical relationship—you and God), He will fix and heal your wounded relationships (horizontal relationship – you and others)

As you commune with God day by day, He will heal your own wounds. Once you are healed and made whole, you will be able to pray about your broken relationships. Humility, sincere forgiveness, and wholehearted love are needed to be released to those who offended you and those you have hurt.

List down the names of each person and the issue or concern related. One by one through prayer, forgive, release, and declare a special blessing for each of them. Ask God also for forgiveness for your sinful reactions for their offense or sin. Remember not to blame, complain, criticize, judge, condemn, belittle, uncover, or curse them but just speak blessings to them.

Forgiveness does not depend on feelings if we want to forgive them or not but true forgiveness is an act of the will. We may truly forgive but do not force yourself to forget what happened. Do not re-live or contemplate on the painful memories. Ask God to remove the pain, trauma, shame, grief, terror shock associated with it.

You will know that you have truly forgiven if when you are reminded of the person and your heart will not throb so hard and you will not feel any agitation, irritation or untoward feelings. You will not even rehearse their litany of offenses. And when faced with that specific person, you are able to look him in the eye and feel light or normal towards him.

At this point, you need not approach each person you had problems with in the past. Allow God to change his heart and continue on praying and blessing him.

If you reached a point that you are then ready to face each person, strengthen your spirit, soul, and body and seek God’s will, heart and intention for that person. Surrender the relationship to God and He will go ahead of you to speaking to him that it is time to make right the relationship.

Like in the story of Jacob and Esau, Jacob cheated and stole the birthright and their father’s blessing from Esau, his older brother. Jacob had relationship problems also with his father-in-law, Laban. It is only when Jacob encountered God and wrestled and prevailed against God, that he was changed from being a cheater to becoming a prince of God. Even his name was changed to Israel that became the chosen nation. (Genesis 25)

Eventually, God has worked also in the hearts of Esau and Laban to reconcile with Jacob in the end.

Set your heart towards God and He will redeem your friendships and relationships. You may use this prayer for healing a relationships as a pattern—

“Almighty Creator and Father God, I humbly come before You now asking You to forgive me from all my sins. Set aright my heart towards You. I admit all my sins, weaknesses, and shortcomings, please cleanse my heart and spirit from all impurities like what You did in the heart of David in Psalm 51 when he confessed the sin of adultery with Bathsheba and the murder of her husband Uriah. Create in me a pure heart O God, renew a steadfast Spirit within me, cast me not away from Your presence and do not take away Your Holy Spirit from me.

I respond to Your invitation for an intimate relationship with You. Teach me so that I may know Your heart and show me Your ways everlasting.

I ask You now to heal all my wounded relationships—family, extended families, friendships, and those relationships at school, work, business, church, and ministry. I forgive them ___ (mention each name and each offense) and forgive me also for all my sinful judgments and reactions towards them ____ (mention your sinful reactions for each person).

Cleanse all of us now Lord and restore our relationships. Speak to me now and to them and I entrust to You each person that You will also heal them and they will forgive me as well. I declare blessings for them ____ (mention blessings for each person) and I thank You and glorify You for all the good things they have done for me and for my benefit _____ (mention each wonderful thing from each person).

By the blood of Jesus, we are now cleansed and healed. Continue doing Your work in our hearts until you set and appointed a time for us to meet face to face and redeem the relationships.

In humility, sincerity, and purity of heart, I bow down to You in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. I worship You, praise and adore You for Your goodness and kindness to all of us. Manifest Your presence and orchestrate events so that all wounded relationships will be healed from now on.

I pray for protection for these relationships being restored that the enemy will not enter to steal, kill, and destroy and will not retaliate and do backlash to any one of us. I plead the blood of Jesus to all of us and I declare Psalm 91 over our lives.

Thank You God for hiding us under Your wings. Come quickly to save and rescue us. I love You with everything within me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Rejoice right now as God begins to heal your being and your relationships with others. Leave us a comment below on how this prayer article ministered to you and your friends. We would love to hear from you and we will appreciate your ideas on prayers for healing you want us to include in the future in this website.

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81 thoughts on “Prayer for Healing Broken Relationships”

  1. Please, pray for Jason & Michele’s salvation and for Jason, Michele, and Cale to return. Jason doesn’t believe God exists. Michele doesn’t desire to have a personal relationship with GOd. Cale is struggling in his faith. Please pray that they are saved/return so that they can follow God with Stacey, Tecla, & I and our relationships are restored/strengthened. Thank you!

  2. Please pray for me for my boyfriend to leave another woman.he want to marry me and commit problem is there’s is another woman who is busy with.he is confused cause when I asked him to quit he doesn’t want to leave me.but its like is difficult to separate from that women again.Please help me to pray so that they separate and forget about that he can marry me cause we love each other.

    1. Tshedimogo, it is time for you to seek the Lord with your entire heart, mind and soul. Spend time with the Lord daily in His word reading and praying. Start with the gospel of John and see if you can spend 30 minutes to 1 hour doing this everyday. I’m praying the Lord speaks to you clearly during this time.

  3. Please pray healing for my son and his wife. She has been so cruel and unkind to me and has influenced my sons relationship with me.

  4. This article has truly blessed me today! last night i have decided to come to the secret place to God and i follow all the given instructions on the article of Intimacy with God Part 3. i have meditating all the verses along with each questions given from article “THE IMPORTANT ROLE OF CONFESSION IN PRAYER”— the Every “yes” answer is a sin to be confessed provided by Evelyn Christensen Ministries.
    I have surrendered everything to God every questions that has Yes answers and asked Him to help me fix and get right with through His process. As i followed the second step for praising and worship with my song selection i felt something that isn’t right in my heart that i cannot move forward as it seems there was a blockade. I decided to stop and this thought came: a broken relationship with some people in my extended family and friends has to be fix and need to be reconciled. The issue it wasn’t me who hurt them but its them who have hurt me. I asked God i am ready to fix and be reconciled just tell me what to do should i have to approached them one by one Lord? Then as i am thinking of the step and approached how to reach them, i was lead by the Holy Spirit to open your website and amazingly He brings me to this article and the answer is definitely in here. I weep as i am so thankful to God because finally this heart issue is going to be fix by Him. I Thank so much for you being a vessel! I pray that this will not just the testimony God will brought for me but He will bring for me another great testimony of my encounter with Him! You are truly a blessings from God…God bless you more and more with more wisdom..

  5. I ask that you pray a hedge of thorn aNd marriage restoration prayers for me and my spouse, Susan. She has had multiple affairs and wants to return home but is uncertain if she will stay. We need God to intervene. Thank you so much.


  6. I ask for prayers among me and my ex. I pray that we will grow in our walk with God and that in God’s timing, he will restore our relationship and that God would speak to her heart and we could start a new foundation centered around God. I pray that she will come back in my life and that we could grow together until death parts us knowing that we love each other and that God had restored our relationship. Amen.

  7. Peço oração pelo vida sentimental e conjugal e por cura de problemas sexuais e de todas as minhas enfermidades e pelo meu relacionamento com Janaína minha ex namorada, obrigado a paz do Senhor.

  8. Asking God for healing in my ex relationship with my X husband to bring him to one this with the Lord and for the Lord heal my Brokenness and past pain and ask God to help me to forgive him even as Christ forgive him and help him to have a relationship and to come back to Jesus and stop oh no in the devil to use him against his family… in the mighty name of Jesus

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