Binding and Loosing: The keys to the Kingdom and Exercising your Spiritual Authority

This post will be about binding and loosing.  We hope to shed light on this subject in a way that you may not have thought about it before.

There are so many things that we pray for and we wait for God to respond when in fact God has already told us what to do.  He has already given us the strategies that we need in order to succeed.  God is not going to come to earth and do the things that He has already given the church the authority or ability to do.

That is what binding and loosing is all about.  Using the spiritual authority we already have to carry out the work of the Kingdom.

Before we get into this teaching let’s define what a semi-colon is.  Yes, a semi-colon (;).

A semi colon can be used in the place of a comma. It is mainly used to continue a sentence that could be finished by a full stop, but is too long to have a comma. Or not quite right to have a comma.

Why is this important?  Well, in order for us to properly understand the scripture that we will share about binding and loosing it is important to understand that a semi-colon is used to continue the same sentence.  When we understand this it is much easier to get the significance of this scripture.

Matthew 16:19 “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

There are so many people that are still walking around searching for the “keys of the kingdom of heaven” when God already gave it to us in this scripture.  It is following the semi-colon “whatever YOU bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever YOU loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

Yes, it is so subtle but so true.  The authority has been given to the believer in Christ Jesus to bind and loose. This is the key.

You bind and You Loose.  You have this power so God has already given you the ability to take action and all you have to do is use it.

So what does binding mean?  The Greek word is deo (Stong’s concordance G1210)

definition of binding

So when you bind something you are forbidding it, prohibiting it from happening and putting it in chains.

How do we define loosing?  The Greek is Lyo (Strongs 3089)

define loosing


So, loosing is the opposite action.  You are untying something loosening it.  You are setting it free.

Now we will show you how to use this in prayer.

Imagine that you see something happening around you and you know it’s not right, it’s not godly, it’s demonic, it’s an injustice, it is a complete violation of the word of God (this is not your opinion or your feelings).  Once you identify that this is not the will of God you have the authority to bind it up and to loose the Kingdom and all of it’s righteousness in place of that!
So your prayer would sound like this “I bind up pride in the name of Jesus and I loose humility”  So you would loose the opposite of what you are binding up.  You could even pray this over yourself in whatever area you see that you may need it.

“I bind up fear and I loose the perfected love of Christ”  this would be based on the scripture (1 John 4:18) “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

When you bind up something you think of the opposite to loose over the situation.

The prayer of binding and loosing is very effective if you use it as an offensive prayer.  Don’t wait until you get into a situation or things get tense before you do this.  If you know that you are about to face a confrontation or a bad situation you start binding and loosing before you even get to the scene.  This will ensure that things are in order before you show up and God has already sent his angels to take care of it before you arrive.

Here is a general binding and loosing prayer:

Jesus, according to Matthew 16:19 you said that you gave us the keys to the Kingdom and whatsoever I bind on earth is bound in heaven; therefore, I bind the enemy and every angel that was kicked out of heaven from interfering with Your blessings coming into my life. I bind every principality, every power, every might and dominion, every ruler of darkness and every spirit in high places from interfering in my life, my family, my health, my finances, my ministry, my business, my relationships with others and more importantly with you Lord. They will not be able to operate in any aspect of my life or have any influence over it, in Your Holy Name and according to your word Amen.

Lord Jesus,  You also said that whatsoever I loose  on earth will be loosed in heaven; therefore, I ask that you give the angels of heaven charge over me, according to Psalm 91.  I ask that you loose the angels to hearken the Word of God on my behalf. Loose Your blessings and favor over my life, my family, my health, my finances, my ministry, my business, my relationships in Your Holy Name, Amen

Now remember that you can make this prayer as specific as you need it to be for your situation.  If you are not sure of what you should loose for what you are binding up leave us a comment below and we’ll be happy to give you some suggestions.

**Please note, that this binding and loosing is not a permanent prayer.  What does that mean?  You may need to do this all again tomorrow.  The main reason is sin and it is the enemy’s job to get you in a sinful situation so that you lose the authority to stop him in his tracks.  You can read more about this here in a post on Spiritual Warfare.  Under the beginner and intermediate stages it explains why some prayers get undone because of sin.

Until then, God bless you and remember you have the power and authority to do this because it was given to you by Jesus himself.

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97 thoughts on “Binding and Loosing: The keys to the Kingdom and Exercising your Spiritual Authority”

    1. Hi Meghan, binding and loosing is not for every situation. In your case, it is not. You need to get to safety with your children and remove yourself from the abusive situation. Speak with a local pastor about this and perhaps go to counseling. Blessings

  1. Can I bind my husband’s trucking career. He has been a couple of trucking incidents. Now he cannot get a job. He is becoming very discouraged. His lack of income is impacting our finances. We feel like this is a spiritual attack on our family.

  2. I would like help on binding , anger in my children, depression, family addictions, processing issues with my kids , un-organization, and financial issues. Is it wrong of me to pray te opposite of these? My children are 12, 16,? Thank u

  3. Hello Nicole. Thanks for sharing tirelessly and faithfully. I have to say, regarding biding and loosing, there is not one instance where Jesus or His disciples, or the Apostles after Him bound a demon. Binding and loosing as Jesus mentioned it were legal terms, and I believe it is actually not wise to bind demons. I initially got into that practice as well, but about 5-6 years ago, I started being uncomfortable with it, checked Scripture and decided not to bind or lose any demon anymore. I agree 100% with Anne Hamilton, a wise and experienced follower of Jesus when she says,”I can’t find it in Scripture. I can find recommendations against it regarding Leviathan; and cautions in Jude and Peter against anything other than asking God to rebuke the satan. I can look at Jesus’ ministry and fail to find it. He casts out, certainly, but there’s no story where He binds a demon. On the contrary, He lets some go into pigs; He volleys verses with the devil; He prays for Simon Peter as he’s about to be sifted as wheat; He rebukes demons as well as people influenced by demons; but, as for binding, I can’t see a single instance.” I exercise my authority as a believer to call to end situations that are again God’s will, I can pray over someone, “Be loosed in the Name of Jesus”, but I would not use that for demons. I also believe it is right to bind, i.e. to declare illegal an ungodly law for example and to pray that it would be overturned, but then either command a demon to get out, or ask the Lord to rebuke it if I sense that it is a higher order being, a principality etc.

    I hope this blesses us all and protects us from becoming needless casualties of a war the Lord never called us to.

    Shalom and love in Christ.

    1. HI Coco, thank you for sharing. Well, it is biblical, and the scripture was shared in the post, Jesus said it. The problem is, some Christians think they can use this in instances where it is not applicable i.e. wanting to bind someone’s flesh. It doesn’t work. This is for demonic activity and they are only bound temporarily. I’ve used it many times in instances where there is demonic opposition to get something done and it works beautifully. You are correct in saying that we are to cast out the demons because that makes it go permanently. We should always be looking for a permanent solution and not a temporary one. However, there are times when you can’t cast the demon out. What if you are in a business meeting and there is demonic activity going on? Are you going to start casting out a demon then? I’m sure those who don’t discern a demon is present will think you are crazy. Your only solution is to bind it so that you can get done what you need to do. It is HOW we use this as Christians that is the key. You can’t bind someone’s homosexual lifestyle because that is a CHOICE the person made with their flesh. We have to know the difference between works of the flesh and demonic activity. However, if you notice that there is this particular demon is around and the person has not made this choice yet, this is a different case. Hope that helps to bring some clarity. Binding and loosing can be used to further the Kingdom. It is not a permanent solution because demons don’t stay bound forever.

      1. Bind & Loose
        Jesus was an efficient teacher. He traveled with his appendix in his head and worked to get it out as fast and effective as possible. The way he did this was mostly by demonstration and description.
        Loosing was demonstrated with his friend Lazarus. Jesus had them loose Lazarus from his wrappings. Here we can see the bindings were of death, not letting him see, speak, walk. Lazarus was bound with wrappings, bound to death.

        When a person is covetous, he or she is bound with the spirit of covetousness. Maybe also bound with gluttony, pride, envy, etc. This person must be loosed of these spirits. Then when he has an empty space, we bind this one with peace, forgiveness, joy, love.
        Exegesis is a great tool employed by many a great teacher. The flaw in this is what they use to compare with. Some four hundred years passed from the last to the first of New Testament. There were also different laws. When you use two different languages in a sentence or book, what do you have? If you combine new wine with old, who will drink? When reading Jesus and determining his laws, we must use only his words to decipher. Combining old words with new to write a definition is not accurate. It can be lethal.

        Loose your friends from gluttony, lust, envy, pride.

        Bind your friends to joy, forgiveness, empathy, humility.

  4. God Bless you So much my Dear Sister in Christ Jesus, Thank you for allowing the holy spirit to minister to us online and bring to your brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus the answers we need when we are in need of help in these areas.

    God Bless

  5. Thank you so much for what you are doing! You are shedding so much light and helping many to get clear understanding of God’s Word. Thank you again and may God continue to bless and work through you!

  6. Great information. It’s also worth noting that in the New King James Version here they’ve replaced the word SHALL with WILL (unlike the KJV), yet they have different meanings. The word WILL involves a persons intention, and the word SHALL suggests a certainty that this thing is definitely going to happen. This makes the scripture an all the more powerful read. Just a little FYI 🙂

    1. This prayer wouldn’t be the way to approach it. It needs to be cast out and then you need to ask the Lord to show you where the child is picking up that spirit and keep the child away from that environment. As you read above binding is temporary but this is an issue that you need to address for permanent results.

    2. You directly bind the spirit of homosexuality. Binding keeps the spirit bound so the person isn’t under its control, but then you also have to command that spirit to leave in the name of Jesus. Deliverance is needed for the spirit to go, and this may have to happen after fasting and praying. I hope this helps.

      God Bless!

  7. I thank God that I have been guided to and read this. I have been told by pastors to be careful about binding and loosing. The many times in my Christian life I read this scripture over and over making attempts to comprehend and use this authority, I just did not get what I should do. As part of my sanctification process, only of late, I began to dwell on this and always curious of its failure. As you have keyed in on my why as it is defined here, it has been all about MY sins.
    Over the last few months, I have been calling upon the Holy Spirit to help me identify my sins of admission and my sins of commission, in my battle and cleanse me. I have continued to still call upon this authority of binding. I wrote a long piece (prayer) on Resurrection Sunday, too long for here, but if possible, I would like to share it with you. Resurrection is about life, COVID-19 (other diseases as well) is about death. I have been praying since asking Jesus to bind every existence, except in the mind of man, of COVID-19. This fear gone! The sick immediately healed in all nations. Those in hospitals get up and walk out and on that day God, God alone receive all the Glory for the world see and know His power because WE asked Him. Gone forever bound in Heaven and not by man with his vaccine but by His mighty power and authority given to the faithful believers! Now I know how to pray my prayer much better and to loose that revival, globally, as the binding of COVID-19 would be seen globally.
    I find just 1 caveat, it must be publicly prayed on a global basis and the MSM get caught up in it as Christians, believers in this authority, cry out with authority with the binding of COVID-19. I am sure we will be mocked but deep down in my heart this is a must to bring God into the presence of all nations to observe. What can be done to bring it to the churches globally to be prayed publicly? Why are Christians not pray walking hospitals with this binding in mind? This is something I know I need to do even myself.
    To God be the glory!
    Thank you for your ministry.

  8. How can I use this for sleep I don’t sleep well at night and I don’t feel like I rest in the Lord per se.Can I use this for that?? And what about anxiety and fear.Thank you

  9. I love your site…so very much, but this prayer concerns me. Don’t you think binding “”every fallen angel, every principality, every power, every might and dominion, every ruler of darkness and every spirit in high places”” is tampering with levels of spiritual darkness we don’t need tread without God’s protection and authority? Earthly demons ..yes, walking outside of God’s protection…no. Do you think it might be wise to remove this portion of the prayer from your site?
    God bless and thank you for all you do!!

    1. Nope. I don’t think that is wise. This ministry is not one in theory what is here is what has been tested & proven effective to work. We don’t post anything that we are unsure of. It’s also not a prayer for a new believer. If you read through the comments you’ll clearly see that we tell people who are unsure not to use this prayer. If you have no idea what the opposite of an evil manifestation is, this is too advanced for you. If your spirit is telling you not to pray this prayer, then you shouldn’t. Anything not done in faith is sin. Doesn’t mean this prayer is a sin, it just not for you. Blessings.

  10. My 2 sons are in horrible shape spiritually, mentally, physically, financially…everyway..because of their alcoholism. How can I bind and loose in their lives?

  11. I was convicted of a crime I did not commit I am asking God to show the truth in this situation that he would bring the people forward with the truth who lied on me.I did a lot of time behind this and I am seeking help

    1. Hi Loretta, the first thing you need to do is confess all your sins. Not just for this but for anything that you may have done wrong so that you are right with God. Here is an article that will help you . The the next thing you do is pray Psalm 24. That’s it. That will call in the Lord to take over. You do nothing after that this will be you handing the case over to Him. He will do the rest. Praying for your obedience and waiting to hear the testimony. Blessings

  12. I have a question about what to bind when dealing with verbal abuse? I believe that this has to be rooted in my childhood. My father was verbally and physically abusive to my mother. I found my husband being verbally abusive to me. And when I started just going back down my history I realize that it has been happening all my life, in all of my relationships. Some friends and family as well. What would the root spirit behind this be. I really need to deal with this.

    1. Hi Dee, I’m sorry to hear that you are going through this. What you are experiencing is going to require more than a binding and loosing prayer. This is a generational curse and you also need to have your heart and mind renewed from the emotional abuse. Here is a prayer for the emotional abuse Then you will need to go through the process of breaking the generational curse off your bloodline

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