Christian Dream Symbols and Meaning

Many of us have dreams and visions and we are sometimes looking for the meaning to them.  The key when interpreting dreams and vision is to pay attention to your emotions, your senses – how you feel, what you smell and also the colors that are represented in your dreams.

God uses our dreams and visions as a way communicating with us giving us warnings and revealing our destinies and purpose.

Here’s a simple process to interpreting your own dreams:

1. Pray and ask God for the Interpretation 2. Search for the symbols in the bible and see how they were used. 3.Wait on the Lord.

With that said, we have created a dream dictionary where you can type in your dream symbol and search for it in our database.  Of course, this only has some and not all symbols.  The database has currently around 1500 symbols. Our goal is to continue to maintain and add to it each month.

Whatever you can’t find here you need to pray about it.  God will give you clarification.

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80 thoughts on “Christian Dream Symbols and Meaning”

  1. what do these mean?
    a belt
    silver necklace (with tied knots)
    the ocean

    if anyone knows any of the above thank you and God bless u all in jesus name i pray

    1. House of God-could be your church or your own body as a spiritual temple for Holy Spirit.
      Money- could be mean many things depending on your relationship with money.

  2. Good day, my background is that, I have a girlfriend, we met in church, we’re both active in church ministries and our church community knows about us.
    One night I had a dream, in my vision, One of the pastors from our church prayed for this particular woman that I did not know, but the impression from my dream was, The pastor was praying to this particular woman for her future partner and in it was referring to me as her future partner.
    Then I woke up from and prayed to God.
    Do you have any dream interpretation of mine?

  3. Shalom,
    I have been having a dream I’m at the airport but I can not find my luggage or I put my luggage in the wrong place so I look for it. Its been three times I dreamt this kind of dream. I always wake up Im still looking for my luggage(but the plane hasnt left yet) what could this mean?

      1. Thank you, I only got to see this now.
        And what about me missing my luggage? What could this be? Could this mean I am not going with what I need to this mission?

  4. Hello,

    I have been seeing a dead cousin in my dreams as alive and talking with me like normal. He’s been dead for a long time though.

    Also recently I lost a friend and I have dreamt of her too a couple of times. In the same scenario like she’s alive and we are having conversations and even hanging out.

    In a last dream, she and I were attending a young woman’s funeral.

    1. Hello,
      I think the spirit of death is following you. Could be spiritual death or physical death. Dreaming of dead people is usually not a good sign. Ephesians 2:1-6, Isaiah 61:10
      Pray to God to dress you clothing of righteousness and remove death clothing.

      1. I always dream of my deceased relatives, especially my husband and my mother-in-law. We are always happy in the dreams.

  5. Hey I had a dream the first time I saw someone counting counterfeit money notes and it was all the second one a man approached me and was pursuing me but apparently I refused and told him I have someone but he gave me money and it was a mixture of old money notes and new money notes so in that dream I seemed wise and I took the new ones and refused the old ones..then another I saw myself being loose to a man he asked me to strip for him and I didn’t hesitate but I refused to strip then he gave me some money and I one of those notes were counterfeit I sensed and I told him we go with him to check and it happened that I we found out that it was counterfeit and then he was charged and he gave me others but this time I didn’t realise it was counterfeit someone enlightened me and the person told me that person will now pay a fine of a cheque it but he didn’t tell me of how much?

  6. Hello,

    My 10 years old daughter who has often been used in dreams and visions, last night dreamed of a ‘black dot on the wall’ of our house, which was swallowing up treasures and expensive things like jewels, etc.

    She also saw the same in various other places, but says that she woke up before the dream went to its full conclusion.

    Anyone who can help interpret this?

    1. Dear GK…I often see these black dots n like the day that star trek movies came to Augusta me…I had no knowledge of this movie coming t town But when I stepped out the door next day n looked up I saw millions and millions of dark spots/curses if u will just filling the sky n I said O YahuwahYahuwah, what pray tell meaneth this? So in my seeking I knew that curses had been laid into the city thru this medium called star trek…there is great darkness in and thru those who write these scripts…I prayed n prayed for Abba to remove to saturate w t BLOOD of Jesus…for the remittances of these sins known n unknown for causing the land to sin also…but it wasn’t for yet many days after I returned from an assignment that all these millions of dark spots had disappeared… hallelujah …Im a shofar intercessor n have literally seen that etheric darkness b rolled away as I sound my 4 shofar calls…I’m a gapstander …Abba searches hi n low for someone to stand n t gap that HE MAY NOT DESTROY LAND N INHABITANTS… so u might wish to get u a big yeminite shofar with a hollowed out mouth.piece as all others one can not sound t 4 calls…I am seeking others to join me as a gapstander so if u r interested plz let me know…shalom alecheim shalom…

    2. I believe it represents Satan who comes to steal, kill and destroy. God said let not our adorning be with Gold or costly apparel.

    3. 1 Timothy 2:9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;

  7. Hello so when i was 14 or 15 i dated a guy and i started going to his church…My second time going the pastor pulled me to the side and told me something that has had me questioning for years now…i can barely remember what he had told me regarding details but i will try my best to tell this… he told me he had a vision of me wearing a red cloak and holding a sword and i would protect people of god when the end has come. I still don’t know exactly what that means? Also when i was 19 or 20 i had a vision like dream of my room being on fire but i wasn’t asleep… I was fully awake but could not move until the fire vanished. Also recently a old friend of mine i found out was missing for two weeks and i had found out monday evening… well i kept feeling this sharp pain going from the front middle of my chest through to my middle upper back then tuesday i found out she was murdered by being stabbed. If anyone can help me understand these events i would be thankful.

  8. What does house or rooms of a house mean? I read somewhere it signifies the Holy Spirit working in you, expanding His power & strength in you. In My dream I was taking a tour of a house my daughter had bought, and her entire family , kids and grandkids, had moved into. This was a house I had looked at myself, and next door to the one I bought. (In the dream). They were doing minor repairs & had carpeted the walls with small & large pieces of carpet. I was happy about all of it!

  9. good morning .
    i dreamt when i was moving around my garden and in the hole where i had put a seed i found money but inform of coins. i was with with a friend who physically is arranging a wedding party.
    what couldbe the meaning?

    1. I believe this means a seed you’ve sown financially in the past at one point in your life will bear its fruit. Bible says you sow and you reap. Once you receive the amount find a way to bless the person who is having a wedding. Thus sowing again.

      1. Hallo, I had a dream that I have forgotten my handbag, when I went back for it I found it and everything was intact. I was happy.please help me interpret it .thank you.

    2. God just showed me that this could point to Him using us. We just have to do His work and plant the seed of His Gospel. He will then do the rest and He will provide. I hope this maybe helps.

  10. Today I had a dream that I was in church. It’s a bit fuzzy because I just now remembered that I had this dream. But from what I can remember, in my dream, this church, I have never been in or seen before. It was so big. Almost like a movie theater. I was listening to the pastor preach, i can’t remember exactly what he said but all I vividly remember is that everything went dark. There were still some lights because there were candles lit up around everyone. i remember turning behind me and seeing every pew seat was bright red with black trimming, instead of the lighter color I saw earlier on. After the lights turned off, everyone began to complain about how terrible service was and how the pastor didnt even preach like he was supposed to. I then began to sit up and speak to everyone in church about the love of Jesus and how He is what matters most. I cant remember exactly what happened after but I remember leaving after service and instead of being outside I was in a long hospital-like hallway. Note that I felt very afraid during this dream. Maybe almost terrified. Please help me understand somebody. I almost tremble at the thought of this dream. Thank you all. God bless

    1. Hi, Candy! The Lord gives the interpretation, so I’m asking Him for it as I see that no one else has given you the interpretation. Take it to the Lord and ask Him if it resonates with you. Also, I have had dreams incorrectly interpreted in the past, so it is essential that you go to the Holy Spirit in prayer asking for guidance and confirmation. With that said, you don’t need to “tremble with fear” because of this dream. It’s a good dream with a positive message for you:

      The Lord gave you a dream to show you that there is a “worldly church” around us. It’s BIG, like you saw in your dream. It’s also “like a movie screen”… meaning it’s dazzling and fully of lights and entertainment (like the movies). It tells them what they want to hear and see, but it’s not the real truth of Christ. It’s a mirage, like a “movie screen.”

      The good news is that in the dream, there are still some “lights.” That means that there are still believers in the church that are filled with the true Light, which is Christ. They are STILL there, even in the darkness. When things are dark, those Lights really shine. YOU are one of those lights… filled with His Light.

      When you look “behind” you, you see seats filled with black and red… Black is darkness, devoid of His Light. Red can mean anger/war, but positively, it also means wisdom and annointing. Both can be correct. The people sitting on the pews are angry, but God has given you wisdom and annointing to SEE the truth (that they are in the dark… no spiritual truth is in the place.)

      Here is the best part: YOU see it, and God annoints YOU to speak out and tell them THE TRUTH (even if it isn’t being told in the “big/worldy” church)!! You tell them about Jesus, and that HE MATTER MOST. (Not the glitz … Jesus!) .

      Then you are in a “hospital-like hallway”. Hallways transition us from one place to another. Just after you courageously spoke the TRUTH of Christ, you TRANSITIONED (hallway) to another place, although where the dream doesn’t say. You mentioned a hospital, which is a place of caring for others, I would say SPIRITUALLY via the TRUTH that YOU SPEAK OUT.

      So, my friend, and ask Him to confirm this interpretion, You have been annointed with a gift to see in the Spirit (the gift of discernment); Pray you have the courage to speak out about the Truth you see (which is always about Jesus!). God wants to transition you to a place where you will be helping others heal as you speak this truth.

      Be blessed… this is a good dream. Do not fear bad dreams, only pray that God’s WILL be done, and that the plans of the enemy are exposed and defeated. Also, I pray that the eyes of those sitting in the darkness will once again SEE. We need that in this dark world.

      In Christ, Kelly

  11. I am a married woman and faithful to my husband. I always dream that I am still a youthful girl and some young men proposing me for marriage., sometimes I find my self with strange men who want to play sex with me. I always have the feelings but eventually I wake up before playing sex with them. sometimes this spiritual husbands will appear in form of a friend, relative or even my fellow women or even in animals!

    what do I do to stop such dreams? apart from that I often dream interacting with dead people or sometime they just appear and not talk!

    1. Abby,

      Look up Kevin La Ewing on YT.

      You must repent of the lustful thoughts/feelings in your dreams upon waking. Repent for entertaining the dream figure, even if you feel you didn’t. The dreams figures of dead people are familiar and monitoring spirits, sent to watch and confuse you. Remember Ephesians 6:12.

      Put your full armor on before bed. (Ephesians 6:11)

      Fasting is also a big help with this. Kevin Ewing goes into more detail. God bless you.

    2. Hi dear, please ask the Lord to confirm this interpretation but I believe this dream is the Lord revealing to you that you may be attached to incubus or succubus. Pray against marine spirits, generational curses and all familiar spirits trying to recruit you from you family. If possible find a bible believing church for a pastor to support you in prayer. Do not be afraid. The demons never want you to know what their up to so if God has revealed it, it’s a confirmation of His undying love for you dear.

      Stay blessed

  12. I dreamed i was traveling with my students to take a flight, it was an exciting moment for me as their teacher. However when we arrived at the airport I began looking for their tickets but couldn’t find them but each of them had their passports. On the other hand i had my ticket but not my passport and the tickets i could find was not for any of the students at the airport. Any idea what the dream might mean, school is about to open, I’m not sure if it’s anxiety.

    1. Hi,
      I am not an expert, but I’ve had a couple of (which I believe to be) prophetic dreams and obtained a guide which always helps me. However I could not find “passport”, “ticket” or any token, but it does mention being delayed at the airport. I think we all agree that “flying” is associated with the Holy Spirit, so perhaps there may be something “missing” or preventing you from being or feeling ready. Maybe focus on the feeling you had whilst being on your way and then when finding out that you weren’t prepared/lost the items/being hidden from you perhaps? I would say, if you felt anxiety in the dream even before discovering that the tickets/passport was not there, and if the dream focussed on the feeling, then it’s probably just anxiety. Otherwise someone may be blocking your/your students’ progress? Stay strong & God bless!

  13. George T., it seems that your dream is signaling that you may be experiencing some unrest in either your profession or your physical workplace environment. Are you experiencing any type of conflict/tension on the job that you’re not dealing with head on? Perhaps suppressing an issue? Or are you contemplating a career move, and are unsure about what direction to take? In the dream your health is attacked in the school. This is a key indication that something in your profession or at your place of work is causing unrest. In the dream you are conscience of the affliction, and do your best to remedy it, but the struggle is beyond what you can control.You did the right thing in praying when you awoke. I would continue to pray for the Lord’s guidance in revealing to you the meaning of this dream, and more importantly hand over to Him the problem that is causing this unrest. I don’t get the sense that your dying in the dream is a a warning of a physical death. I get the sense that whatever you’re wrestling with can only be remedied through turning it over to God–in other words, it’s a battle too big for you to conquer on your own. If you keep trying to fix it in your own strength, you will never find the peace and wholeness that you seek. A scripture that comes to mind is: “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all.” Psalm 34:19

    1. I had dream seeing four big aeroplanes with labels. One Holland another one Egypt and two Casablanca. Another dream I found we have landed in London with my two daughters and my husband. I have been dreaming about number four regularly. So help me to understand the meaning.

  14. Good morning, in my dream, I was in my workplace as a teacher because thats what I do, suddenly I started having stomach ache and as i was trying to exit the school to go find medication I fell down started struggling and eventually died. Immediately that happened I woke up from sleep and prayed. What does it mean?

    1. George T, I think your dream is a warning about the things happening or that will happen to your teaching career or in your workplace. In your dream, at work you suddenly started feeling stomach ache. This signifies that there are some things that will SUDDENLY cause unrest or discomfort to you at work (it is not clear from the dream what’s causing or will caise the unrest). But then, you tried exiting the school to find medicine, and on your way, you fell down, struggled and died. This could be warning to you that regardless of whatever is causing you discomfort or pain at your current job, work place or profession, you’re to stay put and not try to exit to find a remedy. Trying to exit could result in you going on a downward spiral (falling down) which may allow you struggle and could eventually lead to the end of the teaching career. I don’t think that this means you’ll physically die. The remedy to what’s causing the discomfort will only come from God and not from outside sources. With prayer, everything will be made clear. Amen.
      Dream interpretations still have to resonate with your spirit, and if what I’ve said is right, the holy spirit will confirm it to you and you’ll know. Please keep praying for God to open your heart to understanding, and ears to hear what He’s really trying to warn you about.
      All shall be well by God’s grace. God bless you.

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