Blessing Prayer -Day 5 – Praying for Divine Relationships and Connections

We’re on Day 5 of the Prayer Series to receive your Prophetic Words.

Today we will discuss Divine Connections.  There isn’t one Christian who got to their place of purpose without the help of other Christians and

Prayer for Divine Connections
Prayer for Divine Connections

sometimes non believers.  Yes, God will sometimes put a non believer in your life to open a door for you.  They won’t even know why they like you, they just know that they need to help you get somewhere or meet someone.  This is the favor of the Lord at work in your life.

God’s favor is automatic for all who believe in Jesus Christ as the only way to get to the Father.

Genesis 39:4 Joseph found favor in his eyes and became his attendant. Potiphar put him in charge of his household, and he entrusted to his care everything he owned.

1 Samuel 2:26 And the boy Samuel continued to grow in stature and in favor with the LORD and with people.

You won’t have to spend alot of times praying for favor because you will only need that when you are vying against others for something.  For example, if you are applying for a job and there are other candidates you will need the “Favor Prayer” or if you are in the business of sales, you’ll need to pray that before you enter the place of business or speak with a potential customer.

Apart from these instances the favor of the Lord is always on you and gets activated in situations when the Lord wants to open a door for you.  Have you ever heard people talk about “luck” or someone being “lucky”?  There is no luck or random events that happen to people.  What they have is the Lord’s blessings and favor on their life.

God in addition to having non believers in your life will also put Christians in your life.  Having a Divine Connection with a Christian can be more dangerous than having one with a non believer.  Why?  Because with a Christian you will speak of spiritual things in your life and how the Lord is moving hence revealing the plan of God in your life.  You won’t be having these kinds of spiritual conversations with a non believer because they won’t understand.  Therefore, the Christian has a greater potential for hurting you and preventing you from reaching the next level.  Why do you think there are so many people who are wounded by the church?  That wound to your soul from the church/another Christian is far greater than a non believer who does not know how to get to the center of who you are.  Opening up to a Christian leaves you in a vulnerable position because you bare a part of your soul that you won’t to those who don’t know the Lord.  Does this mean that you shouldn’t open up to other Christians? NO.  But you should be cautious what you share with other Christians and be prayerful about what you are sharing and with whom you are sharing.   Your past shouldn’t be shared with everyone, even if they are a Christian.  Use wisdom. If you’ve been hurt by the church or another christian here is a prayer for those wounded in the church.

Basically, satan will use the people you shouldn’t be connected with to stop you from reaching the full purpose that the Lord has for you.  Don’t allow it!  Do not allow anyone to steal that blessing from you and cause you to lose faith.

Knowing when to let go of those in your life that will hinder your progress in the Lord’s plan is key.

Read the story of Abram and Lot in Genesis 13 – 14.  Lot followed  Abram everywhere he went but there was a point when two of them had to part ways.  Lot was not to be a part of the blessings the Lord had in store for Abraham.

No matter what David did or how well he played his harp his relationship with Saul was never going to work out because Saul had an evil spirit around him that wanted to kill David.  This story starts at 1 Samuel 16.

The Lord then put David in relationship with Jonathan, Saul’s son, to save him from the spirit that tried to kill him.  In the end Jonathan died.

We know about Paul and Silas and so many other pairings in the bible like the bond of the disciples and so on and so forth.

You may be in a relationship with some that you need to move away from in order to move into your blessings for this year.  God will show you these connections that need to be broken but He won’t leave heaven and do it for you. You need to do this yourself.  Parting ways with someone doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad people or they carry an evil spirit, it just means that it’s time for you to move on.  They could hinder the new divine connections that God will be bringing to you this year if they have a jealous or envious spirit and put you in a state of confusion when the new path doesn’t match with the one you’ve been walking on.

Has the Lord ever revealed plans for your life that were so exciting that you share it with your “friends” only to realize that those plans never happened.  Maybe you are telling it to the wrong people or maybe you are just talking too much.  Stop and think about this carefully.  What person(s) in your life knows all of those things that the Lord has revealed to you and those things never happened?  Now, this year do something different – don’t talk so much try keeping it between you and God and you may discover the people that do not need to be a part of your future.

Do you remember Joseph?  He was so excited that he shared God’s plans with his own family and they tried to kill him.  Genesis 37:5 Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers, they hated him all the more.

Don’t look back on the things you’ve lost, look forward. Joseph’s blessings were not stopped, they just got delayed.

It’s time for you to move forward.

Here is a prayer for Divine Connections:

Heavenly Father, I thank you that this day starts a new day for me in the journey towards your blessings in my life for 2013.  I ask Lord that all the connections in my life that are not a part of your plans for me would be revealed in your name Jesus.  The connections that are evil and toxic, that are not there for good but for harm that will hinder me this year be severed now in Jesus Name.  I pray all the connections from family, friendships, business and spiritual connection be only the ones that You will have for me.  Reveal to me by the power of your Holy Spirit the ones that I need to to let go of.  Give me grace, courage and wisdom to follow through with severing these ties and the words that I will need to speak to these individuals to bring this to a close.  I pray that you will open the door for the new divine connections for this year in business, personal, ministry and friendships.  You know the people that need to be a part of my life and I pray your favor over me when I meet these individuals.  I pray your ministering angels are putting everything and everyone in the place where they need to be to fulfill the plans you have for my life.  I am trusting you alone to make these choices for me.  You who hold the Key of David that opens doors that no one can shut and close doors that no one can open, I pray you will move on my behalf this day closing the doors that need to be closed and opening the doors that move me into Your purpose and blessing for my life.  In Jesus Name. Amen

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14 thoughts on “Blessing Prayer -Day 5 – Praying for Divine Relationships and Connections”

  1. Thank you for the powerful word. I would like to let go of my relationships with my cousins. I have been sharing everything with them about my life. I have realised they have a spirit of jealousy so I want to cut ties with them. But since they are relatives how do I go about it? Should I stop talking to them totally or just limit my conversations with them?

    1. Hello, this is a very difficult one because they are family but if you know that this will not end well you have to completely cut ties. Just like Joseph did with his family, even though this was not intentional on his part. You should know that once you cut away from them they will try to obtain the information through others in your family. I do know that if you leave it as it is this will be very difficult for you to move ahead in your destiny with God. Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Mop. What you said is very true. Already they are asking my husband why I am unreachable and I also don’t want to tell my husband the real reason. I truly don’t want to attract unnecessary warfare’s so I have decided to limit my conversations with them to greetings only and not get too involved about my day to day life. I am really working hard to fight a spirit of vulnerability around me.

  2. Shalom brethren,

    Please pray for me ,My fiancée and I have been planned our marriage DECEMBER this year and Due to God’s favor,I got an opportunity to go to study abroad in October 2018,

    I need like 6000$ by tomorrow in order to start our religious marriage in 4 weeks and I believe that as a child of God, God can provide every thing i need before i ask .

  3. I would like a husband who really would be my soulmate and love me so much and we love each other forever and we will be each other’s everything

  4. How should i indentify my divine husband? Am a lady who is looking for a divine husband i have made mistakes in the past but i want to be careful this time please help me.

  5. Lord I pray for favor over my life that it go in the direction and path in which you choose for me. I pray for love, patience, kindness and understanding. Lord helpe to let go of any toxic friendships, relationships or holds overy life as I move on and meet new people that are annointed and have the same spirit that I do. Lord when you that I am ready that I may be allowed to have a relationship that is of your liking that will lead to marriage with someone who accepys and loves my son as well as myself being that my son is my main priority that any decisions be made in his best well as mone. That I may go back to school, work a decent job, raise my son with intelligence and wisdom, Lord I pray favor over my prayer and my life. In Jesus name I pray Amen!!

  6. Please pray that I am able to decipher whether or not to keep on a relationship with Eric. I prayed that God would show me if this was a wrong relationship to have and I feel that He has, as I recently found out Eric had been seeing many different women including a friend of a friend of mine. It hurts and deep down, I feel that this is a toxic relationship as I have tried to bring God into it, but he seemingly rejects it. I pray for wisdom, discernment, and strength to do what God is telling me to do and know that it is indeed God telling me.

    1. Veronica,
      I pray that you were given the discernment to leave Eric behind. You can continue to pray for him, but don’t ever stay with someone who will only oppress you with bad behavior, which may lead you to think that you are the one to blame. Blessings & wisdom to you…

  7. Please pray for my relationship with Frida as I have cut all ties with her but seem not able to stop loving her.

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