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God’s people sometimes perish for a lack of knowledge.  We end up in a cycle in our lives because weSoul Tie Prayer do not have the information that we need to be free from bondage and traps that the enemy has set for us.

Many are trapped in their past and are unable to move on even after coming to know the Lord.  Christ died for our sins – past, present and future.  It is our responsibility to continually seek Him and to do the things that will keep us free from sins of the past.

One such sin is ungodly soul ties.  Soul ties can be dangerous to our future.

Let’s illustrate what we mean by the phrase “Soul Ties”.  A man was created to by joined with one woman.  The two shall become one  Genesis 2:24
“That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.”

Centuries ago there were no marriage contract, courthouse or judge to perform ceremonies so the act of two become one flesh is that of a sexual relationship.  This is in essence what the marriage contract is – a sexual relationship.  Therefore, everyone that has sex with another individual has joined themself to that person.

What happens when there is a divorce and then remarriage? Well, unless the soul tie is cut each of those individuals now enters a new relationship with their soul tied to someone else from the past.  This goes on for generations and through several people.

There can be no wholeness in your marriage if you are still tied to others through past sexual relationships. This can cause an end to their new marriage.

This is just one example of a soul tie. They are not healthy and prevent us from living in the fullness of Christ and having healthy relationships.  Soul Ties need to be broken in order for true healing and wholeness to take place.  Prayer is a very powerful tool and when said from the heart and with sincerity the Holy Spirit will remove the ties thus freeing the person to be whole in their marriage.

Here are other examples of situations that could create bad soul ties:

* Sex sin:  Sex unites people physically, emotionally and spiritually.  If we have sex with people other than our spouse, we create soul ties that cause all kinds of problems (spiritual confusion, emotional confusion, sex addiction, compulsive behaviors, obsession, etc.).
* Looking at sex images, memories, objects and fetishes:  These activities can  establish a soul tie with an evil spirit.  An example of this is found in Hosea 4:17 when Ephraim became joined with his idols.  A tie may not be established in every instance, but it is certainly possible.  Example objects:  a favorite porn depiction, a garment worn by a former lover, pictures of former lovers,  a cherished sexual memory.
* Sexual abuse/molestation:  This can result in soul ties between the perpetrator and the victim.  If you have been involved in sexual abuse, please seek healing prayer and Christian counsel as you proceed in your journey to freedom.
* “Unhealthy” relationships:  Examples include relationships characterized by manipulation, guilt, emotional abuse, co-dependency, unnatural affection, envy and/or lust.

You may not have had all of these things happen to you but if you have at least had one of these items happen in your life you may need to pray this prayer.

Here is a prayer for cutting soul ties:

“Father God,  I thank you for saving me from destruction.  I praise you for sending Jesus to die for my sins.  Please forgive me for my sins against you.  Specifically, I confess that I ______________(details of the sin & names).    I repent of that sin and renounce it now.   Lord, please purify my heart from this sin, the memory of it and any associated fantasy I have entertained in my mind regarding it.   In the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of his blood shed on the cross, I cut myself free from any soul ties that may have been established with _______ (name (s) or specific objects).   I commit him/her/them to the care of Jesus Christ for him to do with as he wills.  Satan, I rebuke you in all your works and ways.  I rebuke any evil spirits that have a foothold in me.  In the name of Jesus, I command you evil spirits to leave me and go directly to Jesus Christ.   Father, please heal my soul of any wounds resulting from these soul ties.  Please reintegrate any part of me that may have been detained through this/these soul ties and restore me to wholeness.  I also ask that you will reintegrate any part of the person(s) I sinned with that has been detained in me, and restore them to wholeness.  Thank you, Lord, for your healing power and your perfect love for me.  May I glorify you with my life from this point forward.  In Jesus’  name, Amen.”

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