Here is a list of Prayers.  These will be updated quite often so  visit us to see the new ones we have posted.  We’ve put them in categories to make it easier for you.  All of these are Christian prayers.  Enjoy!  If you are looking for one in particular that is not on this list, send us an email and we’ll post one for you.

Prayer for money and finances

For Multiplication – Matthew 14:13-21

For Finances

Blessing -Day 4 – Praying for Divine Provision and Finances
Healing Finances

Proverbs 23: 17-19 Expectation

Joshua 1:8 – For Success and Prosperity

Praying for a Hundredfold Blessing on Your Harvest – Matthew 13:3-9

For those who are Unemployed

Praying for God’s Favor

Jeremiah 29:11-13


Prayers for protection

Soldier’s Prayer

The Psalm 91 – Hedge of Protection

Bible Verses to Pray for Protection and Against Fear

For Protection

Putting on the Armor of God


Prayers for healing and health

For Autism

Healing against various diseases and illnesses

For Healing Finances

For Healing Cancer

For Weight Loss, Nutrition and Dieting

Healing A Broken Heart

For Healing Broken Relationships

For Healing A Sick Pet

Isaiah 53:5


Prayers to Break Generational Curses

Understanding Blessings and Curses – Part 1

The Source of Curses and How they are passed on – Part 2

How to Pass from having a Curse on your Life to being Blessed – Part 3


Prayer for deliverance

To Cut Soul Ties

For Binding Evil Spirits

For Deliverance

To Bind Evil Forces Before A Bible Study

To Remove Curses

For PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder



For Depression and Tips on How to Cope

For Alcoholism: 12 Steps Christian Scriptures and Recovery Tips

To Overcome Pornography Addiction

Familiar Spirit and Monitoring Spirits

Praying Against A Jealous Spirit

For those struggling with Anger

House Cleansing Prayer

Binding and Loosing


Prayer for blessingprayers

For Multiplication – Matthew 14:13-21

Prophetic Words and Blessing

Blessing – Day 1 – Praying for Release from the Past

Blessing– Day 2 – To Remove Curses

Blessing -Day 3 – Praying for Divine Health, Physical and Spiritual Fitness

Blessing -Day 4 – Praying for Divine Provision and Finances

Blessing -Day 5 – Praying for Divine Relationships and Connections

Blessing -Day 6 – Praying for Divine Direction

Blessing -Day 7 – Praying for Determination, Tenacity and Strength

Jeremiah 29:11-13



Prayer for salvation

For Salvation

Jeremiah 29:11-13


Prayers for Family and Children

For Fathers and Father’s Day

Hedge of Thorns for the Unfaithful Spouse

For Autism

For Children, Family and Friends

Restoration of Marriage

For a Husband

Marriage: Praying for a Wife

To Have A Baby

Prodigal Son or Daughter

Night or Bedtime for Children

Proverbs 22:6 -For Students

Psalm 112 – For Family

Jeremiah 29:11-13

Bullying with Bible Verses

Christmas Dinner

Selling a House

Student Loan Debt Forgiveness and Bible Verses

House Cleansing Prayer


Supplications for the government and the world

Soldier’s Prayer

For the Inauguration of Donald Trump

Christian Voting

The Future of World Religions and Population Growth

Psalm 142 – For Nepal

Our founding fathers – George Washington


Prayers for Work and Business

For Businesses

To Start Your Work Week

For those who are Unemployed


Prayers for the Church

For those who are wounded by the church

To Find A Church

For those going on a Short Term Missions Trip


Communion with the Names of God and to Exalt Godprayers for deliverance

Psalm 34:3-4 to Magnify God




JEHOVAH ELOHE ABOTHEKEM: The Lord, The God Of Your Fathers

JEHOVAH ROHI: The Lord My Shepherd

Adonai: The God Who Rules

Great I Am: The Unchanging One

El Elyon: The Most Exalted High God

Elohim: The Strong One


Prayers for Hope

For Hope

Jeremiah 29:11-13

Other Petitions

Soldier’s Prayer

For Strength

For Confession

The Lord’s Prayer

Morning Prayer


For Thanksgiving

For Enlightenment

Prayer of Jabez

Blessing for Meals

For Help

Of Faith

Short Prayers

Thanksgiving Bible Verses and Prayer

For Easter

40 Days of Lent & Lenten

For Humility

Selling a House

Matthew 5:44 – Praying For Your Enemies

John 14:27 For Peace

For A Christian Friend

Paul’s Prayers: Ephesians 3:16-21

Jeremiah 33:3 – For Revelation of Hidden Things

For Angelic Assistance


62 thoughts on “Prayers”

  1. Please Pray that Jesus would honor his words in Jeremiah 29:11, marriage covenant Max and Brendaly. That his plans were for good and not evil, prosperous and not to harm us Reno/Sparks area and he will provide all our needs: Home in Reno/Sparks us a recompense!

  2. I need prayers for my job place. A new Director of Nursing has been assigned and out of the 7 hours to work, 2 hours is allotted to the dining room monitoring the patients. The other 5 hours is not sufficient to care for the patients properly, plus showers, extra assignments, etc. It is a form of wickedness going on in these places. They refuse to hire additional staffing and have more cameras than
    the city streets.
    I need Father’s intervention.

  3. needing prayers for those who are sick with cancer lord touch them with your healing hands. jamies mom who just had surgery stopped due to a cancer tumer for charles lewis who has a tumor on his left kidney for ralp who has cancer as well and brother dave & wesley. each one is in need of your healing

  4. I really need prayer for a pinched nerve in my neck. I have had it now for over a year. The pain clinic sent me to have shots in both sides of my neck but it didn’t help at all. I have lumbar spinal stenosis and have to sleep on a recliner because sleeping in a bed causes great pain in my leg. Sleeping on a large recliner in the beginning of the stenosis is what caused the neck problem. Now I am sleeping on a smaller one but still can’t get rid of the neck problem. I am eighty seven years old and live alone. Thank you for your prayers.

    1. Hi Freda, i have came across yoir prayer reqiest and i have prayed a prayer of faith for you Dear sister. Please let me know how yoi het on. Sending you love from Bonnie Scotland. Wendy

  5. Hi MOP team tx for your ministry. I was very happy to go through your website posts. I really need prayers to activate revelatory gifts so I can be more effective in prayers and God’s service. I also ask you to support me in praying for my child who has been attacked by depression and sorrow. Lord please and restore your joy and glorious destiny for your child and our family in Jesus. Lord let the blood that was shed on Calvary and the victories you released in your death and resurrection make my family whole again.

  6. Please pray me, I and my family have been receiving alot of spiritual attacks such was the death, backwardness and we live with our grandfather and now my grandfather trying to kick us out in the cold and we have no where to go please pray for God to move on our behalf and make a way and open doors for us. Please and thank you.

  7. Plz pray for the situation with my spouse and I are handling the situation the way we feel is necessary to bring about healthy change.There are many generational issues going on with the in-laws that need to stop.please pray there eyes will be open and see how much pain there behaviors have caused and be willing to take responsibility.plz holy spirit show us if we are to continue to wait or if there are other steps u want us to take and be brave obedient and at peace with whatever it looks like

  8. Me and my boyfriend have been together for six years. We had plan that we will get married next year; however he said I’m pressurising him and now he doesn’t want anything do do with me. Please pray for me and him so that we get back together and be happy again. I love him with all my heart. Please pray for me and him so that we fix our issues, i know satan doesn’t want good things but we have defeated Satan in Jesus’s name.

    1. If you are having sexual relations with this man you need to stop that right away because God is not going to bless sin. The next thing is he is not your husband so you don’t have any covenant with him spiritually that you can use as leverage in prayer. Therefore, you need to ask the Lord if this relationship is His will in the first place. Time with a person doesn’t mean it is the will of God. You need to get a clear answer on that before you proceed in prayer. Otherwise, if you are praying against the will of God and also against the will of another human being who really doesn’t want to be with you, this is witchcraft.

  9. hello, i just want somebody to pray for me and my children, we have been struggling with homelessness for about two years and it has started to take a toll, everything i try to do, it never works out. i want somewhere stable for my kids and i, no more shelters

  10. I’m having problems with my 6 year old at school. Behavior issues mostly. Working full time 12 hours a day being a single mother it can be quite frustrating when you know your child is so smart but the behavior issue over shadow everything else.

    1. Good morning Charea. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that peace will fall upon you and your son, I pray that God will supply all your needs so you will not have to work 12 hours. Whoever is taking care of your son when you are at work will be kind to him and show him love and attention. I speak wisdom, knowledge and understanding into his spirit I also
      pray that you will have patience with him. Amen

  11. in need of job/work prayers. I have been to several interviews/turned in my application and/or resume` and am being turned away from work. i’m pretty sure it’s because of: my age (nearly 60); my previous long list of work history (due to CPTSD); and my not having worked for several years.

    also- I need energy to clean my house and get it put back together again. it’s a mess (due to depression and anxiety).

    thank you. b

    1. Praying for you Bonnie. The first thing you need to do is find a professional person to review your resume and help you rewrite it better. Perhaps there is someone at your church who can help you do this for free and they can give you some tips for interviewing as well.


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