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      I was laying in bed with what looked like a cuddle toy. I never liked cuddle toys so I took a closer look at what I was holding. It llooked like a human head… That did not pphase me, I looked around me and noticed that there was red soil on my mistress, lots of red soil. It was also covering me like a blanket. I took some of the wet soil and started plastering it over the human head I was cuddling. I then started eating the flesh off the head and noticed that the head was alive!!! I kept on eating but not swallowing. I noticed that I was pulling flesh off the head then spitting it out. I woke up.

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      Hi Su, this is a very demonic dream that needs to be rebuked in the name of Jesus. Eating is making covenant with something and you just made a covenant with evil in your dream.

      So, you need to pray…I rebuke every plot of the enemy against and my family and my life in the name of Jesus. I sever and cut all ties and evil covenants that I have made whether knowing or unknowing. I uncover all evil plots and evil covenants that have bound themselves to me. I pray the blood of Jesus washed me clean and brings separation form this evil, in Jesus name, Amen

      You need to not only read, but pray out of your own mouth the prayer. That’s if you want to be free from this thing.

      Then I am pretty sure you need to get ready for the uncovering that is about to happen. Every thing that you see that is evil you need to rebuke and renounce it.

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