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vintage suitcase

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      God bless you all! could you please help me with this dream?

      first, I was in a building and I look out to the street and a person is shooting at police in his arm, then another one at another one, and a group of people running in a group-like training.

      then, I dream that a friend of my husband and I, took out of her car’s truck, blue square vintages suitcases and laid them all on the ground, they were at least 10 or 15. I was looking at her and I opened the one in front of me and inside there was some food, and I grabbed like a cookie and I started to eat it and she came and closed the suitcase and she seemed upset about it. Then, I saw that my husband Juan droved away with her husband Miguel. I was waiting on him to come back.

      Thank you so much for your input!

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