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      Prophetic word for June Testimony

      A Blessed day Nicol.

      Thank you for the prophetic word. I get to my office early Monday 31st of
      May and l see an emaiL. I tell myself let me read the message before my prayer at work’. As soon as l finished praying,l went into the right gear. l was so motivated.

      I started my prayer in tongues,l was praying for two issues for me but during the day,l felt like l should not focus on the two issues rather pray for
      the blockages,delays hindrances and all that has been stopped by the enemy in my life and my children to be released.I continued praying in tongues from the 31st and on the 2nd of June late afternoon,l felt like
      going into my sons email for his university.I see an email dated 15th of May stating that he has been approved to study BA in Criminology for 2021.This Child applied in 2019 and in January 2020 was given the wrong degree.In 2020 in October was told its full.In April 2021 was told its full he can apply in July for 2022.

      The email stated that the deadline to register on line and pay was 28th of May and here l am opening this mail on 2nd of June.l quickly go and pray in tongues and l believed it was the prophecy that made me want to go into his mail.The next morning he went straight to the varsity and asked if they can register him and praise God …isaiah 14 v 27 no one
      could stop this.May Son is now study and was placed on his second year as he has part of the subjects for 1st year.

      Without this prophecy,this could not have happened at all,never…Thank you MOP..THANK YOU FOR BEING THE VOICE.L appreciate and thank God for being part of ALL OF YOU SAINTS.

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      Come on Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is Good! And He is faithful! So happy to hear this news! I pray your son will graduation with honors! Jesus, this is such exciting news!


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