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      I was at a bus stop. This truck stopped at my feet and I noticed my mother was driving. There was another woman (same age group as my mom) in the truck and 1 other younger women. I was about to go in the truck but there was a young lady who needed a drive. I moved a side and she went in. She went to sit at the other side at the door.

      Just as I was about to go in the truck my mother pressed gas and I was left outside. One foot was already up on the truck and I held on to the handle to help myself but but my mother pressed gas pedal and the truck drove. I called out to my mother and in a matter of seconds there was an accident.

      The truck hit a car that came out of nowhere.

      My mother flew from the truck and died on the spot. The young lady that went in last was also thrown from the truck and was taken to the hospital by another vehicle that was passing. Another older woman was in the truck, who for some reason was now the driver and died on the spot also. The truck kept driving away from the scene.

      I ran to my mothers body but couldn’t look at her face. I bawled so terribly. Sat at the road side crying. Then a police came and consoled me then took me under a street light and took my photo.

      The other young woman who I taught was driven away with the truck was spared as well she was at the scene after the accident.

      My brother came to the scene but seemed calm.

      Then, a man who seemed to be a sport coach of the young woman who was taken to the hospital appeared at the scene and was in an argument with another. This man seemed to know what caused the accident like he was the driver of the car. Nothings was wrong with him. They started a gun fight (shots fired) and the sport coach died. Then I woke.

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