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      Fellow bondservants of Christ. I had a dream on 14th February 2018 possibly around 4AM. In this dream I saw a woman crossing a pasture. However in her way was this creature that looked like a cross between a bear and a dog. As the woman was walking across the pasture, the creature started to go after her . I felt within myself that I have to help this woman. I stopped the creature from going after her but then it turned on me. I started to pray and the creature was coming a little closer and menacing me. Just then I heard a voice say use what you have in your hand. Then this stick appeared that looked like a cross and I started to wave it and pray. As I did this the creature just seem to just vaporize. Then the dream ended.

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      You are anointed to help; in particular, your specific cause is women and domestic issues. The Holy Spirit resides in you therefore all of the power you need is inside of you. Do not allow fear to intimidate you. Greater is the God that leads you than anything around you. God will lead you where He wants you to go, and where He doesn’t want you to be, He’ll block access. Follow the lead of the Holy Spirit-you are protected. Ask the Lord to position you where He needs you in order for your servitude to begin. Remember this: where God guides, He provides. Maintain a sound mind in order to hear the Holy Spirit for instructions otherwise, the camp of the enemy will yield you no protection. God’s got you in His hands!! Be blessed!

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