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Testimony to the prophetic word “Launch”

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      Greetings saints!

      My testimony is regarding th prophetic word for the month of November titled “Launched”

      I am one of those who is a perfectionist and wasn’t even aware that this character is being used by the devil against me. I read the prophetic message on the day it was sent but was doubtful about its implication on me particularly pertaining the work I was busy with and left aside to “perfect it” for sometime before i can do anything about it further. So i kind of forgot about the prophetic message. Last night I was amazed to see the prophetic message in my email box somehow starring at me to reread it. When i read it again,i found myself and my current project clearly referred to in the message.

      Today…the 02/11/2021 despite what i thought was the imperfect state of my work, i got up and made a consultation call to launch it and just as the prophecy said…now i am back at perfecting it and i will not slumber anymore to think it ain’t any good and stall with it. Besides how i thought it to be, the consultant was extremely impressed with what i had for her already. If it was not this prophetic message, I will not have made the call and will have worked even through December perfecting it till January untill I toss it away.

      And so i so so thank God and the obedience of this ministry.

      God greatly bless you…Thank you. To God be all glory🙌

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      My goodness! God Bless You! Yes and Amen. His word is True. I pray your project will go far and bless everyone who is suppose to see it. May God send out angels to the east, west, north and south calling in all who are intended to participate and buy what you are producing. May it be used to glorify God and bring to you into your season of increase in every area of your life in Jesus name, Amen

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