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      Y. Powell

      I dreamed I attended an unorganized church morning worship service. The Pastor was no to be found, the worship team was singing off key, the musicians could not play the sound or chords correctly and the congregation was so disruptive talking, laughing, walking and angry because the Pastors and other leaders were not in attendance. I got up to go escort some people in and when I got back to my seat my wallet and my new air pods had been stolen. My air pods were switched to an old pair I had never owned before and no one knew a thing. I was so hurt because this was in the church that I was attending and the Pastors or leaders never arrived.

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      My dear Friend in Christ

      Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give you the correct interpretation.

      The scriptures that comes to mind are:

      Prov. 27:23 (NIV): Be sure to know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to you herds.

      2 Cor. 14:33 (NIV): For God is not a God of disorder but of peace, As in all the congregations of the saints.


      Pastor: symbolizes guidance, support & spiritual growth.
      The pastor being absent represents a place of worship/small Bible study group/actual church/circumstances where there is no guidance, support and spiritual growth prompted by the Holy Spirit. The spiritual needs and desires are not being recognized and attended to (Prov.27:23).

      Then there is the disorder in worship, which is also a result of the lack of guidance by the pastor & ultimately the Holy Spirit. The result is therefor that the entire worship event and team were not flowing with and in alignment with the Holy Spirit.

      The lack of Holy Spirit guidance by leadership resulted also that the congregation acting disorderly and without the reverence of the Lord. All of this have an influence on the congregation (us) not having “eyes to see and ears to hear”. The congregation/the church (us) also then loses the ability to flow in alignment with the promptings of the Holy Spirit. The entire service then becomes a religious and chaotic assembly born from the flesh.

      The ear pods: Ear pods have the ability to let you “tune in” and focus to hear properly from the Holy Spirit and to cut out noise and distraction. Old ear pods might not have the noise cancelling technology that your new ear pods have.
      All the disorder and lack of guidance by the Holy Spirit, caused you to lose focus and get distracted. In the entire process your ability to cut out the noise and distraction and to hear directly from the Holy Spirit was stolen.

      The wallet: Represents your identity since it normally carries your Identity card, drivers license, bank cards, maybe keys etc. The wallet being stolen might represent the enemy’s plan to steal your something from your heart, or revelation and or our identity in Christ.

      Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to point out any habits, situations, physical environments or people where it lacks the guidance and support of the Holy Spirit – areas where there are no spiritual growth, guidance by and alignment with the Holy Spirit. He will direct you to those areas and or situations and physical places.
      Much Blessings


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