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      Hello Missionaries of prayer. I’m Sophie from Uganda. I can’t thank God enough for connecting me to this ministry, my spiritual life greatly changed after I read a post about intimacy with God and followed the steps that were recommended; praise/worship,repentance,reading bible,intercession,waiting in silence to hear from God. I do this on a daily, my life hasn’t remained the same, I now have the peace I always longed for even my friends notice the sudden change in my lifestyle and attitude,alot of my problems have been solved,there is nothing in the world greater than having a relationship with the Lord. This is exactly what I always asked of Him, little did I know that my prayer would be answered through the internet and by a person I even don’t know.
      May the Lord bless this ministry and continue to use you for His glory.
      Lots of love!

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      This is such a wonderful testimony Sophie. It is a sign of your diligence to seek the Lord. And as He said when we seek Him we will find Him if we search for Him with our whole heart. Thank you for sharing it.

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