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      Sorry to be annoying – it’s me again the girl from (previous dream I had posted on black bird in house/pink hair).

      Is it okay if I could I ask you to please pray for me (again). I thought I’d include it under a separate thread. I’ve been getting attacks – of sexual release nature whilst sleeping/ and as well as sleep paralysis.

      Just this morning I experienced a sexual type and felt so hungry as I woke up from it. I tend to dream multiple things at the same time – not sure if this can be controlled from my end. When I try to close my eyes to get back to sleep, for some reason the first few images pop up are falling under the ground where it’s dark fire, the focus on eyes (different colour each time)of animal/ people coming towards me (it’s like I’m awake when this happens because I’m praying the word “1 Corinthians 3:17”. I also dreamt of someone trying to get me inside a small room of white four walls and it’s like I heard the door/ lock slammed but I think I envisioned myself (which the thought came easily that I’m getting out of it and it’s like another thought came to mind what the intention was me being in that room because as I’m picturing myself exiting a huge white bird but it’s sort of appearing to be deceiving by appearing white but it’s tail looks blackish that of a dragon/serpent & was intending to come at me inside the room that I was to be in). I also saw image of pharaoh not sure if it looked like someone I knew.

      I’ve fasted numerous times, I’ve been praying (even the one that it’s in your page for praying against sexual dreams), I’ve had priest pray over me. But I don’t know what it is. I’ve prayed and asked God to help me understand how to break it but haven’t been getting an answer. When I sin i do confess them.

      I don’t mean to pressure you but do you mind to ask God on my behalf, since you have connections with Him :). It drains my energy because I feel like what else is required of me, this is perhaps not Christian like but I start questioning my faith, specifically how He sent you a message to let me know that I’m loved. But why would He allow me to go through this (have been battling with this for years and years).

      Happy to call if you would like me to.

      Thank you very much

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      Hello F.,
      Thank you for sharing. First, I’m simply a child of God that desires to serve Him and put a smile on His face. I love the Lord with all my heart, not perfect, but He is my #1. A relationship with God is intentional as with any human relationship but the difference is a reverence and awe that cannot be ascribed to a human. God is a Faithful God and you too can have a lovely relationship with Him. Look up James 4:8, Numbers 23:19, Jeremiah 29:13 and Jeremiah 33:3.

      He does not answer at times if we are indulging in sin, known and unknown. Here’s a rhetorical question for you and I don’t need an answer. What does I Corinthians 3:17 mean to you?

      One thing that came to mind was “Check your sexual partners.” This pertains to current and previous partners. Sometimes, attacks come to us based on people we are, or have been associated with.

      As to how He sent me a message that you are loved… First, the Bible is VERY clear about that John 3:16 (logos). However, as for you specifically (rhema) everything about that incident is written in my response the dream of the black bird. You can call it a nudging from the Holy Spirit, but it was persistent “Go up and tell her that she is loved.” I was “interrupted” (chuckle) a few times while making dinner to go up and tell you the things I had mentioned in the same response thread. It was quite persistent and I can’t recall that for anyone else on this forum but there might have been one other. That is also how I sensed this was a matter of “urgency” and you needed to know that (You still need to ask the Lord what the black bird represents).
      I am thankful for my relationship with the Lord and I have come to learn through time, trial, and error the Voice of the Holy Spirit and I’m not referring to an audible voice. You, too, can have a deeper relationship with the Lord. Don’t forgot to look up those scriptures that I mentioned earlier on in this response. I hope that this helps!


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      Hello F.,
      Yes, I have prayed for you. Sing songs of worship. You could start with the one that I shared with you in a previous post. Sing it till you mean it. God loves you and the enemy is trying to deceive you with lies. Repent if needed. Please reflect deeply on what I shared in the post above. Do not be discouraged but remember that the Holy Spirit is your Comforter.


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      Fall on your face before the
      God of Ambraham Isaac and Jacob.
      The One who was..
      The One who Is…and the One Who is to come.
      The Creator of this universe. The one who sent His only begotten Son. That whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

      Cry out to Him. Repent of your sins. Tell him you need his help. Jesus is the only one that can help you get out of this.
      Do not let anyone pray over you. Nor lay hands on you.

      Our prayers cannot help you.
      This is between you and the Lord Jesus. Noone else.
      No priest.. no Pastor.. No church can do this for you.
      This is not a dream. This needs no interpretation.
      This is the Devil trying to take you to hell.
      There is really a hell and you are seeing it. If you want to get out of this.
      Cry out to Jesus!!

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      Hi I’m Steve are you still having this problem?

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      Hi Steve, sorry I just saw this but yes I am, this morning to be precise.

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      Did you check your sexual partner, if any? Forgive me for asking but are you in a God ordained sexual relationship? That is, are you respecting sex God’s way, not engaging in pre-marital sex or not involved in any sexual immoral behaviour? The first question is the most important and you may need to cut off from that relationship if it is not God pleasing.


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