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      I would like to request a prayer for my ex boyfriend, Vidath Arnold Guyes to receive salvation from our Lord Jesus Christ. He is sri lankan and from a catholic background. he is 22 years old.I know him from my university days. His parents are catholic too. Arnold has a problem in controlling his temper too.He has drinking and smoking habit. He is very clueless about his life and very immature. He is not serious about life and keep doing the wrong things. He blames others for his mistakes. He often play around with people feelings too. he gives empty promises to change but he does not. he uses people for his own benefits. he lied to me very much. He cheated at my back and had many affairs and was never truthful or loyal to me. i am deeply wounded by a player like him. I have ended the relationship because he was abusing me mentally, physically and emotionally. i waited patiently for him to change and gave him countless chances to change but he did not. I am not in talking terms with him at all currently. However, i still care and love him because i was sincere.i want him to change and be a better person, not for me but for himself and he must come to know the Love of Christ and receive salvation. I hope he will realize his mistakes and be a better man. I also desire that his family and himself to receive salvation. Thank you .

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