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      MaryAnn Miling

      Dear God,

      I am asking for help to restore my relationship with my daughter who is now a teenager. We live in my parents house since she was 1 year old. I divorced my husband 11 years ago for cheating on me and I could not accept it. I am a Catholic and so is my ex husband. My daughter just had Confirmation on May 28th and yet she is still in dark place regardless of attending all the catechism and has been pushing me away and shushing me and disrespecting me. I am always and always had been available to her whenever she needed me. She talks to my mom and shares how her days were in school (now on summer vacation). She thinks I am jealous of her talking to my mom but not me. I am not a jealous kind of person, but when someone does me wrong which is pretty much everyone in my family. I need your help. I need to restore relationship with my daughter what we had since she was a child, a happy respectful full of life child. I am wondering what kind of stuff did my mom put in her little naïve head. I have to work because I need to provide and pay the bills something my mom doesn’t know how it’s done. Please, I need my daughter to come out of darkness or wherever she is at and come back to me…I am waiting with my arms wide open to hug me and everything will be how it used to be. I miss my baby girl and her smiles and laughs…I need my daughter back. Please pray for me!!!

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