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      I am greatfull to God for what he has done for my family.on the 4th of November at midnight in the midst of prayer and meditation,I was prompted by the Holy spirit to pray for my husbands presevervation I wasn’t sure why but I obeyed I sat up laid my hand on his head while he was sleeping and Prayed preservation.the next afternoon as he was driving through a muddy swamped terrain with atleast 6 family members with him,the car slid and lost control and took a turn to overturn in to the swamp.the occupants shouted the name JESUS!!! and as quickly as it turned that is how it hanged in midair and all life was preserved.the engine was still running when it got stuck to a point that it switched off when the vehicle was finally filled with water to the brim.when I arrived on the scene I thanked God for preserving life and I also asked him to also preserve the vehicle,miraculously it was finally pulled out intact and is in perfect shape we even took a ride this morning to work.

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