Praying your May 2017 prophetic word made me remember this dream, about Israel

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      This dream came back to me while praying and reading the Bible verses in the prophetic word for May 2017.

      I had written it down at the time I had it (2014).

      In this dream, I was in Israel (where I have never been) on a kibbutz. I was taking a package and a bouquet of flowers to my cousin (who does not live there in real life). He wasn’t home, and I left the package and flowers outside his door. I was worried that the neighborhood was unsafe and they would be stolen.

      It was very very early in the morning, The Kibbutz was completely abandoned, there was no one living there and had not been for some time. I found myself walking through a bleak empty square. In the center on the ground was a large diamond shape in the earth, like a grave but somehow blackened. I knew the name of the kibbutz: Kel Ol.

      When I woke up, I looked those words up in the Hebrew dictionary. It means Power of Evil.

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      Wow! I see Israel as the place of promise. It is the promise land for all of us in the spirit. It is the complete fulfillment of God’s blessings on our life.

      I think that you are actually Christ in this dream, bringing the gifts and blessings to the believers.

      A Kibbutz is a commune of believers so your cousin could represent brothers and sisters in Christ as well. The sad part is they were not there. They were not in the place of promise. They are not experiencing the full manifested blessings of God because the power of evil had stolen it from them. This is why you were afraid to leave it because you know the enemy that comes to kill, steal and destroy was lurking.

      It is interesting that the shape was a diamond because this could be seen as the pursuit of riches and what looks good in the natural except that it is a grave, a black hole of nothingness. It devoured everything and left desolation.

      That’s how I interpret this AJ. What do you think?

      It makes me sad but I am glad you shared it.

      Join me in praying that we all make it there!

      God Bless

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      What a beautiful interpretation that shows me how to pray. This dream has troubled me since I had it as I did not know what it meant (or that I knew those Hebrew words!) I feel so blessed by your interpretation that shows me the spiritual meaning of this dream, and I have peace about it now, and also sadness for the desolation the enemy has caused.

      I will join you in this prayer!

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