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      This dream came back to me while praying and reading the Bible verses in the prophetic word for May 2017.

      I had written it down at the time I had it (2014).

      In this dream, I was in Israel (where I have never been) on a kibbutz. I was taking a package and a bouquet of flowers to my cousin (who does not live there in real life). He wasn’t home, and I left the package and flowers outside his door. I was worried that the neighborhood was unsafe and they would be stolen.

      It was very very early in the morning, The Kibbutz was completely abandoned, there was no one living there and had not been for some time. I found myself walking through a bleak empty square. In the center on the ground was a large diamond shape in the earth, like a grave but somehow blackened. I knew the name of the kibbutz: Kel Ol.

      When I woke up, I looked those words up in the Hebrew dictionary. It means Power of Evil.

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      Wow! I see Israel as the place of promise. It is the promise land for all of us in the spirit. It is the complete fulfillment of God’s blessings on our life.

      I think that you are actually Christ in this dream, bringing the gifts and blessings to the believers.

      A Kibbutz is a commune of believers so your cousin could represent brothers and sisters in Christ as well. The sad part is they were not there. They were not in the place of promise. They are not experiencing the full manifested blessings of God because the power of evil had stolen it from them. This is why you were afraid to leave it because you know the enemy that comes to kill, steal and destroy was lurking.

      It is interesting that the shape was a diamond because this could be seen as the pursuit of riches and what looks good in the natural except that it is a grave, a black hole of nothingness. It devoured everything and left desolation.

      That’s how I interpret this AJ. What do you think?

      It makes me sad but I am glad you shared it.

      Join me in praying that we all make it there!

      God Bless

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      What a beautiful interpretation that shows me how to pray. This dream has troubled me since I had it as I did not know what it meant (or that I knew those Hebrew words!) I feel so blessed by your interpretation that shows me the spiritual meaning of this dream, and I have peace about it now, and also sadness for the desolation the enemy has caused.

      I will join you in this prayer!

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      AJ! Your dream post is such a huge blessing for me!where do I begin sharing…?
      About a week ago, i had an apocalyptic dream. Lighting flashed and my youngest son had turned into a zombie in my arms because I had delayed getting into my own “quarters”(in a setting that very much resembled the Kibbutz as i just googled now after reading your post – before, i had no name for the type of settlement i saw in my dream, perhaps save for “village”)….what was i saying..?oh, simply, i delayed taking cover because i waited and tried to make sure everyone else in the ‘village’ took cover – and for that i ended up losing my youngest son to turning into a zombie following the lighting flash. how i knew he had turned into a zombie was because he smelled of someone that had begun rotting as i picked him up to run to shelter/our own “quarters’ in the ‘village”.

      I had felt heavily to begin praying for others, interceding for people around me over and above my own family – because we’ve really gone through a lot over the past year. I guess holy Spirit was just relayig that “it’s time’. time for what?
      Time to guard my city(life) by picking only the righteous to lie with me; i “fell” into Psalm 101 and I was …wow, David was SO intentional about making sure the land, as far as the LORD gave him influence, that the LORD’s name would be FIRST and above every other Name! I noticed God knew the same thing aout Abraham; He knew father Abraham would make sure that his children served the LORD (God mentioned this as He was about to judge Sodom and Gomorrah).
      For me, this is Bearing FRUIT! the Lord may not expressively say it, but it is Expected of us to bear fruit, to be good stewards!

      Long story short; we know the days are evil, and we need to redeem the time. the Lord has a Kibbutz prepared for His people, but we need to be good stewards of all He gives us. there will be some unwise virgins among us and were not to move at their pace. more importantly we are to watch that we dont turn into those evil virgins..”turn”? Yes, As prophesied, great wealth is coming. I in particular have gone through drought financially, and I \’m already seeing God’s work towards the season past tammuz – reading Vav 2017 prophesy is also very interesting to me. Only God could’ve put all these dots together for sure! Hallelujah!
      Anyway, the Kibbutz are to be prepared by the endtime ( i really believe we dont have much time to dilly dally as the beast system will be rolled out soonest). we each need to find our place and occupy it, be as self-suffient as we could (food pantry..). This is so serious, and now so urgent; We need to get ready to leap and RUN with the instructions and substance the Lord is releasing; so many will depend on what we do/neglect to do at this time.

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      Interesting dream shared, Sharon! The mention of zombies reminded me of a dream I had earlier on this year on February 12, 2023. I actually had two on the same date and I’ll share them both but you will notice which of the two reminded me of yours. Although I believe I know the interpretation, I would be VERY interested in hearing your (or anyone else’s) interpretation as the Holy Spirit leads you.

      Dream #1:
      Dreamt that we were on a water body and dad was driving a sea vehicle and I marveled at that. We went under and myself and younger brother resurfaced. I saw sharks and a ? whale, dolphin and I noticed 2 of my glasses featured. I passed on 2 metallic (~ 1 foot by 2 inches wide rods) for my brother and I to clank, to distract the creatures and make noise to direct my parents to us. We didn’t see them (i.e., my parents didn’t resurface) before I work up.

      Dream #2:
      I noticed a bluish with slight orange flame about 1-2 feet high at a distance, outside at night. I went to call others (but they were not interested/concerned) and retrieved a fire extinguisher. When I returned, I saw a yellowish hedge of fire (much taller than the former) and people within were somewhat robotic, then I saw a man (?Jesus) being lowered from a cross!

      BTW- I didn’t use the fire extinguisher at all in the dream.

      I look forward to hearing what yourself and/or others think 🙂 Thank you!


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      One more thing to add to my dream. I wanted to clarify that the people within the fiery hedge were not robots, they were human within the circle in a “robotic” manner. Thank you!


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