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      I saw the whole world, the earth, while looking out of my window with the countries illuminating so brightly, then I zoomed in on one place, not sure where and I ended up there at a kid’s birthday party where there was a magician. I knew there wasn’t something right about this person. I prayed over the magician out loud directly for the spirit to leave. It fought me for a bit by trying to put fear in me, then it fled. My alarm went off and the dream was interrupted.

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      Scarlett, please ask the Holy Spirit to give you the correct interpretation.

      The earth that you saw represents the whole earth. The magician represents an evil spirit that is trying to influence actual children and the next generation and it is trying blindfold them and put them under the influence of witchcraft and to be mesmerized by its lies. This influence and or blinders will be removed by praying in tongues and asking the Holy Spirit to show you what to pray for. This evil spirit will not be able to stand against the prayers of the righteous and will flee.


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