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      I’m seeking for prayers for my daughter. She is turning 5 years old soon.
      My daughter Janalee is a smart girl, but she’s been misbehaving at school.
      She have a habit of yelling,screaming and kicking her teacher and a few classmates.
      I’ve prayer,fast,cry to God to restore her and changed her,But I haven’t seen any changes in her behaviour.
      It been more than a year almost two years now. Everyday we get complaints from teachers.
      I really don’t know what to do anymore, we keep on talking to her, finding way that will help stop those behaviours but nothing seems to be working.
      I am very tired , physically, mentally, and emotionally.
      I don’t know what else to do anymore.
      I don’t want to loose my faith. I keep praying and hoping, she will behave well and respect her teacher.

      Please please help me pray for Janalee, to be kind and helpful ,respectful and obedient.

      Thank you very much God bless.

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      Joelle, what sorts of correction/discipline do you implement with your daughter? Are there any traumatic or emotionally distressing situations that you are your daughter have experienced that require healing/addressing? Has your daughter met with any spiritual, or educational supports to offer any wisdom or guidance?

      Father in Heaven, lover of the little ones, we ask for mercy upon Joelle and that as your grace is sufficient she be granted wisdom, discernment, revelation, and insight on what her daughter needs to flourish and be well. We ask that Holy Spirit open doors for resources, repentance, clarity and understanding as you say we can call on you and you will answer and tell us things we don’t know. I pray Joelle’s daughter be delivered and rescued from any unclean spirits or doors that have been opened and I plead the blood of Jesus over her and Joelle. Father, you say to let the little children come to you. You say we need to be like children to enter the kingdom so we know that they hold a special place where your protection, guidance, and love are concerned. We lift Joelle’s daughter up to you and ask that she be healed. I pray Joelle be granted repentance and that you continue to enable her to see, hear and obey you. May she stand firm and let nothing move her from seeking you and your way out. I speak peace over this family and that everything comes into alignment with your good, pleasing, and perfect will for Joelle and her daughter. Lord, we take captive every thought, imagination, and or approach that sets itself up against you and we cast it down and replace it with your truth and your knowledge. Do your good work and may Joelle access and activate all that is hers in Christ so her daughter may be well. Amen.

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