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      Chris Nihmey

      Hello there,

      I’m requesting prayers for RACHEL S, who has lived in an emotionally abusive home for many years now. She finally found the courage to leave home at the age of 26. She is currently in a women’s shelter and is searching for her own place to live. This was a very difficult step for her, but she needed to do it. She also deals with mental illness and PTSD from past abuse. Please pray that she stays mentally strong and courageous, and that she is protected and guided by Christ and His angels. Pray that she heals from her mental difficulties, finds a nice home, and is successful and fulfilled in her work as this has also been a challenge with everything going on. Pray that she can heal from all of this and thrive. Please pray for a hedge of protection around her to keep her safe from her parents so that they no longer impede her life. They have caused her so much pain. Pray that she finds her way to a place of peace and serenity. Thank you. In His name we pray.


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      Hi Chris, I come into agreement with your prayer for your friend Rachael and also stand in faith with you and ask for our God that restore all thing to Rachael in this time of her life and to give her strength, protection in the blood of Jesus and send his ministering angels to direct her to the right path and home that she is looking for. May he give her peace of mind and deliver her mind from PTSD and keep her under his wings at all times. God bless you.

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      Pastor P

      Hello Chris, We are in agreement in prayer with you for Rachel. I stand in faith, believing our father is her healer and provider. I decree a supernatural hedge of protection around Rachel, so those who want to impede her life and cause her harm will no longer. I pray Abba will surround Rachel with his laborers of love to help her recover from the trauma of abuse and love her to Christ. So Rachel can live the life she is predestined to live, In Yehushua’s name!

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