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      Chris Nihmey

      Hello there,

      I’m requesting prayers for ANNE M. Anne is a woman I’ve consulted with, and guided, for many years now. She struggles from bipolar and extreme anxiety. This has brought on a lot of suffering over the years. She has very little confidence and self-esteem, and she thinks very low of herself. She also lives with much guilt for past actions that were due to her illnesses. This was not her fault. Sickness was controlling her. Although she has asked God for forgiveness, she continues to feel the burden of guilt. It rests solidly on her shoulders. Although I do everything I can to offer her hope, peace, and direction, it continues to be a challenge for her. I’m doing my best, but certainly need God’s guidance and wisdom here.

      Anne is losing optimism and hope for her future. This is nothing new, but she recently wrote that her only reason for living and going on is her daughters. She certainly lacks purpose and fulfillment in her life. Although I give her direction, she is often reluctant to take any action to better her situation and her life. Please pray that I can guide her in the right direction, that God will provide me with the words needed to motivate her to change and improve. Please pray that she leans on Christ in all of this. She is a woman of faith, but illness has held her down. She says she tries to connect with God, but she doesn’t feel like there’s any connection there. She feels lost. Please pray that she can find purpose beyond the pain she’s going through. That she’s able to find a new job she is currently searching for and find satisfaction and joy in other things I’ve suggested. That she looks at life with a positive perspective. Pray that the depression and anxiety lift and she’s able to find more joy in her own life and with her family. Pray that I’m able to guide her to a place of restoration and peace, and that God will provide me with what to say and when to say it. We ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Thank you. God bless.


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